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  1. Because the pampering can be nice for a while but not necessary for two weeks. I also want the better restaurant, priority boarding, less crowded sundeck, almost stressless disembarkation etc.
  2. And that's what I love about the ship within ship concept. I can be in the special area and get 100 % attention and when I'm tired of that I can leave and be a part of the masses without the pampering.
  3. The flights from the US landing in Europe in the morning often arrive early so that part is probably not a problem. To land in Athens 4.10 seems late but if NCL book it that way it should be fine.
  4. That's Ink48, right? That is the hotel we will choose. Amazing view from some rooms. Maybe not the most interesting area but walking distance to lots of things and as you said very close to the port.
  5. Even when the thread has nothing to do about cabins it may be relevant to talk about suites. Booking a suite is not only about the room. We should be perfectly happy in a standard balcony cabin if we should get all the suiteperks because we don't book a suite to get a better room.
  6. I should pick two weeks in a suite because one week is too short! If that's not an option I rather take one week in a suite than two weeks in a "normal" cabin.
  7. The OP asked about "personal bag", not "personal item". Is that the same thing?
  8. The offerings may be the same but the quality of the food and the service is probably much better in the YC.
  9. Is that a "covidthing"? Normally there are plenty of towels in the YC and no need to "change".
  10. Do you know why? (Or did that serve lunch but decided not to eat there?)
  11. After reading the whole thread I must admit that I don't know what the OP mean. Is "personal bag" the term some airlines, or a specific airline, use for the bag which must fit under the seat? If yes, I have not done that.
  12. We have done it once and it was a five nights cruise + one night at hotel before the cruise. We had clothes for formal night with us, including extra shoes.
  13. So you also prefer if they ask you when you prefer to board so that you can say that you want a late time, at least from some ports.
  14. That's exactly why I think that it's important that they ask when people prefer to board. I understand that if you embark in Civitavecchia you prefer to spend the night before the cruise in Rome and will be very disappointed if your assigned time is 10 am. For me the cruise is the most important part of the trip. That's why I want to be the first to embark and the last to disembark.
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