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  1. Thank you. Interesting articles. Not something I have ever thought about since I don't "pay with miles".
  2. I know that you know what you are talking about so I wonder what surcharges you are thinking about.
  3. The virus can also mutate and become less dangerous. That is what I hope for. It may not happen but it can happen!
  4. Without knowing the reasons for cruises vanishing from the website I can't say much about that. If they raise the prices they must be satisfied so far and the passengers must have liked it too, no point in raising the prices if they don't feel that it has been good so far.
  5. My father made fantastic photoalbums when be was young. He draw pictures around the photos which really gave the photos great surroundings.I will defenitely take them without asking my siblings first and hope that they don't remember them!
  6. MSC started with a very big ship and my guess is that NCL will do the same. Someone may know better but I assume that the newer ships need less staff to operate, at least compared to their size. Do they need more or less staff in the engineroom on a modern ship? Do they have more effective kitchens on a modern ship? Are modern ships easier to clean?
  7. It's surreal to hear how the situation is around the world when everything is normal here! Our schools have been open for a month now after the summer break and still no signs of a second wave or any new spreading among children. Too many people have absolutely died in Sweden but for me personally life hasn't changed at all.
  8. It shouldn't make a difference but I understand that it might.
  9. I booked directly with MSC so their customer service in Sweden has helped me.
  10. MSC have still not contacted us but I contacted them and just as I expected they were very easy to deal with. They gave me three options: 1. Keep the cruise and cruise with Fantasia and get €200 onboard credit. 2. Book something else and transfer all paid money to that booking. 3. Cancel and get all money back. For us it was an easy choice to book something else. We are now booked on Grandiosa July 10 instead of Seashore July 9. We also got a better price so we are very happy!!!
  11. I should prefer that it wasn't included because I will probably not use it. It's obviously not free but included in the price so without it the price could be a little lower. I still think that the YC give excellent value for the money compared to NCLs Haven. The only thing I normally use internet for on a cruise is to check-in for our flight home after the cruise. Our next cruise will be within the European Union and we have a portday the day before we disembark so I can do that on my phone without any extra cost.
  12. I think that it has been a grand restart so far. I have heared about very few problems and it seems like the cruises have been okay for most people.
  13. I don't know about rest of Europe but MSCs office in Sweden is excellent and one of the reasons why we love MSC. Of course that doesn't excuse bad customer service somewhere else.
  14. We got engaged on Norwegian Jade, in our aft suite. Our second cruise on the Norwegian Epic was a part of our honeymoon.
  15. I think that this is the reason. It's economically challenged times for the cruiselines too. I don't say that is a good excuse but probably an explanation! MSCs customer service here in Sweden is very good so I only have good things to say about them!
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