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  1. We are not very experienced cruisers, only 7 cruises on NCL and 2 cruises on MSC, but our experience is defenitely that MSC is MUCH better value for money. They are cheaper and better!
  2. I don't remember when it was but it's not something new, maybe it was in April. Seashore was replaced with an older ship for our cruise in July because of the delay but we were able to change that for a cruise one day later on Grandiosa. The change is okay for us but right now I feel that we probably won't cruise next summer, especially since we won't enjoy a cruise if we have to wear a mask so if that's the case we rather cancel and loose the $1300 we have already paid.
  3. We have been told by MSC that Seashore has been delayed so the program is changed and Seashore will not be completed in time for the 2021 summer season.
  4. Agree with what you said. Most infected don't need ICU so that's an even smaller problem. If a cruise should have 10 infected at least 9 should probably have mild symptoms and 1 at most may need medical care and most likely not ICU.
  5. But a few extra cases make absolutely no difference. I don't think that any of the countries in my example (Italy, Spain and France) should refuse a cruiseship to dock with a few cases as the situation is now. (I said think so it's not something I know.)
  6. You are correct that it's not widespread in every country and I think that thoose countries will say no to international cruises until the situation is completely different than now. I'm thinking that for example a cruise between Italy, Spain and France shouldn't necessary be a problem because they already have the virus widespread in thoose countries.
  7. Now when the virus is spread almost everywhere there is no reason that a cruise shall cause a mess. In February countries said no to cruiseship because they didn't wanted the virus but if they already have it widely spread it's not the same thing.
  8. We are not loyal to a cruiseline but we are loyal to the experience we want. We had a few reasons to start with NCL and liked the experience so stayed loyal to that experience and saw no reason to try something else until their prices became ridiculous and we tried MSC instead. Now we see no reason not to stay loyal to that experience.
  9. I can also see a possibility of a vaccine required for cruising and international flying even if I'm not as sure that it will happen as many others seem to be. Here a vaccination will not be required for concerts, domestic public transportation, school etc. so for my daily life it won't matter if I vaccinate or not. If the virus is here to stay I might vaccinate but not as soon as possible.
  10. Are you saying that all citizens in countries requiring Yellow fever vaccinations for visitors are vaccinated for Yellow fever? I'm absolutely sure that vaccination will not be mandated in Sweden but it's still possible that the European Union will agree that people arriving to the European Union must be vaccinated, even if I doubt it.
  11. That is probably what will happen if the countries in the European Union can agree about it.
  12. Maybe correct but even if the needed doses are available it can still take time to vaccinate everyone. We also don't know yet how many doses every person need to get a satisfying protection.
  13. That rule already exist when someone enter the European Union but when someone already is within the European Union there are normally no checks when travelling. I know that borders have been closed and checks have been done now under the pandemi but the travel has been very linited so it has been easier to do it. I can't see that they can check every person travelling over borders within the European Union when more people travel.
  14. I wonder what will happen where there is no, or very limited, border control between countries if vaccination should be required for travelling. For example within the European Union.
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