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  1. dateacher

    American Express OBC

    Call American Express's travel department. It may only be through a Platinum card.
  2. dateacher

    On Board Credit Usage Suggestions?

    Not sure if anyone answered your food questions. If you eat in the Main Dining Room (MDR), the buffet, the outdoor grills, the food is included in the cost of your cruise. If you eat in the speciality restaurants, there is an additional cost that you can use your credit for.
  3. dateacher

    American Express OBC

    We had an OBC from AmEx on our September cruise on the Reflection. Don't remember how much it was but we didn't use it and got it back within days of our return.
  4. dateacher

    What to do In Ft Lauderdale for a morning.

    We have rented at car at the port and went to the flea market for the day. The other suggestion of Sawgrass is good too.
  5. We like the fact that without fixed seating we can choose and we rarely have to wait long. We just get a pager and go to the nearest bar.
  6. On our last two cruises, we joined new friends who were two couples and another time it was three couples and had no trouble finding larger tables. We usually eat around 8PM
  7. Actually it is pretty good. I hate the term foodie but food is very important to my husband and me. We usually don't mind what it costs as long as it is great. We consider the food in the MDR great sometimes, good others. The few times it was a real miss, we just asked for something else. We go in knowing it is not the best meal we will ever eat but we don't go on cruises for the food. We only eat in the buffet for lunch (we don't eat breakfast). We also don't eat in the specialty restaurants because no one has convinced me they are that much better than the MDR and we have great restaurants at home. We may try one of the specialty restaurants on our next cruise but so far we have been fine in the MDR.
  8. dateacher

    Did you know?

    Maybe Disney will decide to just do two days at their private island instead of stopping in Nassau, a complete waste of time.
  9. dateacher

    Did you know?

    Too many stay on the boat and don't spend money because there isn't a lot to do. I have now been to Nassau three times and haven't done too much. After spending so much on a cruise, I really don't feel like spending money for a day pass at Atlantis. Maybe there are things I am missing but a quick walk around the port and I'm back on the ship. Nothing much to even buy.
  10. dateacher

    What is that restaurant...?

    Thanks all. I do think it is The Porch although the menu was certainly substantial enough. It was very Mediterranean but we were on a Mediterranean cruise so it may have been trying to stick with the geography.
  11. dateacher

    What is that restaurant...?

    Thanks any input on how good it is?
  12. dateacher

    What is that restaurant...?

    We were recently on the Reflection and there was a specialty restaurant that we wanted to try but the night we wanted to go we hit a hurricane. I don't think it is the Lawn Club. Am I confused and it is the Lawn Club or is there another one there? We are going on the Silhouette and would like to get in on some of the early discounts. If it's the Lawn Club, I'll buy that. I don't see any other restaurants that it could be and I feel like it was a "pop up" restaurant. The menu looked better than what I am reading about the Lawn Club.
  13. dateacher

    Temperatures on the ships

    Glad to see it's not me who notices a change from ship to ship and location to location. I'll bring my extra covers.
  14. dateacher

    Temperatures on the ships

    Yes they usually are. This time I never even needed anything more than a short sleeve top.
  15. dateacher

    Temperatures on the ships

    Real helpful. Of course I can bring a sweater. Just trying to see if others have noticed a change in the temperatures on the ships.