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  1. It looks like they have cancelled another week of cruises and are raising money and finding supplies and volunteers to make trips over to Freeport and fix stuff like the power grid. Kudos to BPCL and the private sector folks who are behind this. I can't fly down but will donate more to one or the other of the groups. https://www.bahamasreliefcruise.org/
  2. We need Chengkp75 to respond to the Bat-Signal here. I think this is a legitimate technical/business question. We know a few facts. One is that the NFL is very fussy about their paid broadcast rights. There is no free lunch. The second is technical- is there a live feed available to a ship at sea? And on any sea? I saw a number online in the US it cost $2000 for a small bar and $120,000 for a hotel to get NFL games via satellite annually. If I was NCL and it was possible to get a live feed, I would put it (if possible) in a sports bar aboard and not spend $1m for the whole fleet for every room TV since my ships already sail full. And the idea that they want you to use the ship's Internet is not right- personal live video streaming uses a lot of scarce and expensive bandwidth- 200-700MB per hour per person or more.
  3. Me too. It looks like the BPCL related group https://missionresolve.org/ is buying stuff and loading it on the ship + aircraft and getting it there. This problem will need a lot of outside money as the Bahamas are poor. I love the idea that we need to get in there and restart the tourism engine. My sense is BPCL will try to go back to Freeport ASAP vs trying to find an alternate port. They should be so glad the Classica is on a full ship charter for a while. Cruise line operating costs are almost all fixed. And so many of the service staff are paid largely on tips.
  4. Some friends drove around Iceland by car. This sounds more sensible. We are already missing lunch in the Golden Lion and the Latin dancing. Have a great trip.
  5. Are there any outside cabins with a couch/love seat? Is the library quiet? I'm super old and I read. There a rule on many ships that elevator music is played everywhere, always.
  6. This is probably a Chengkp75 question, but is there a place megaships can dock on the Gulf Coast of Florida, south of Jacksonville? It seems like Port Miami closed pretty early in anticipation of the storm. I think some of the misery of cruise schedules this week could have been avoided if the ships could at least dock and use a fleet of buses to get passengers back to Miami, FLL etc. I think the actual cruise terminal in Tampa is pretty small for the largest vessels and so is Key West.
  7. I love the idea of them going back to try and help out. The nice people of the Bahamas are really paid by tourism and need the money. Hopefully the repair of basic facilities (beach bars etc.) can be quick. On the other hand a new (Bahamas) port for a while might be interesting. The key is to get the ports open again.
  8. The Captain/Staff Captain is still though in direct charge of the Engine, Medical, Hotel and Deck departments aboard? So this is just a renaming of the Hotel Director job?
  9. On the smaller, older ships there may still be a dance floor and combo in Ocean. On the newer, larger ships this seems to be a no.
  10. Mr. HH is my hero with the naps. Somebody needs to set the example. I think whole passage/shared experience thing starts for me when we are outside of helicopter evacuation range in mid ocean. Thanks for the great report. I felt for a moment we were back aboard. BTW if the Wi-Fi in your cabin is hopeless you can prop open the door a little and some signal may wander in. Steel is remarkably good at blocking radio waves.
  11. There has been recent environmental publicity, legal action and even protests focused at Carnival Corporation in particular and the impact of cruising in general. The problems range from stack emissions, sulfur, plastics, to sewage, etc. They may be some people interested in purchasing a "lower impact" cruising product offer. It would for the moment be filled with compromises, and there are not a lot of breakthrough technological tools on the shelf, that are not already in use. This has been validated by our local experts and fact checkers. The modern cruise experience uses a lot of electrical power. Power is used for propulsion (85%+), and hotel loads. And space aboard is limited. The idea would be to design and or rebuild a modest ship that would use a mash-up of technologies. This has been done recently, at least at the design level. Not much new ground has been broken, but it should be considered a 1.0 effort. http://ecoship-pb.com/technology/  The big problem, as has been pointed out by ChengKP75, is the propulsion load. The ship needs megawatts and the solar and wind arrays produce kilowatts. The propulsion issue is significant. After decades with a five ton, 13 hp sailboat, I think massive motors are not required, unless you are in a big hurry. Think cruising not crossing. World War II vintage Liberty Ships were 410 feet long, 14,000 tons and had a single 2500 hp. engine. The top speed was 11 knots. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Liberty_ship#Propulsion There was an interesting number in Wikipedia - 2500hp = 1900kw. The latest Tesla commercial Powerpack provides around 200 kWh per chest freezer sized battery module (if I am reading it right). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tesla_Powerwall#Powerwall If you had small engines, could you leave the dock with and or make along the way, enough energy for a modest cruise, from say Miami to The Bahamas? The cruise line would store up and or buy solar or wind at the ports for charging. You could add in help from Flettner rotors, sails etc. We cannot of course support 3000 passengers, ice skating rink, etc. But it can be a cruise.
  12. I am not sure if this project is still moving ahead, but they are taking a wholistic view of total shipboard environmental/carbon impact. There is data that younger people are more interested in all things environmental = future passengers. http://ecoship-pb.com/technology/ And there is reference to a term I have not seen before from the world of shipping- EEDI http://www.imo.org/en/OurWork/Environment/PollutionPrevention/AirPollution/Pages/Technical-and-Operational-Measures.aspx
  13. As a reformed extension cord and power strip smuggler this situation is like water bottle filling stations. A collective groan comes from the engineering and finance staff at Cruise Line HQ- what is the business case (poor), what is the new revenue (none), what is the hassle factor for adding outlets to cabins (high.) But guest preferences are changing. Free business advice- cruise on us we have more outlets per cabin 🙂. If they get 1000 forms every cruise requesting an approved cord- a good solid measurable message. ChengKP is right (again) though- why risk starting a (smoky electrical) fire? Home made 115V wiring- OMG. I bring the tiny $1 Euro round pin (and or UK 3 pin if Cunard) to 115V plug travel adapters and thereby pick up an extra cell phone/laptop outlet (read the fine print on the back of the device) or two to use on every ship. And remember it all has to be unplugged leaving the cabin.
  14. In Santo Tomas there are a couple of cute restaurants a few blocks away, around the navy base. You go past the craft market, out the gate, straight then right then right then left. At one you dine out over the bay. I bought two nice handmade belts in the craft market. In fact, yes, the ship is docked at a busy container port.
  15. I am looking at the Horizon - out of Malaga. It says the ship arrives at 8AM- what is the earliest flight I could book? There is an amazing flight at 10:50AM. Most of the US lines would arrive at 5 you would be walking off by 7. The airport looks close by.
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