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  1. My guess for the boat on its side Costa Maya The sun deck is on Celebrity Edge?
  2. The site I looked at shows it colour purple which is an inside cabin. Perhaps a call to MSC would be best before you book this cabin.
  3. wow, I am surprized that no one even mentions the wonderful perks that MSC Yacht club offers. It is trully a ship within a ship. Your own restaurant, your own pool, your own barbecue, by the pool and all the free drinks you want, beer, wine and hard liquor and your mini fridge filled daily all included in your cruise price. We have cruised on MSC in Yacht club and it puts all other cruises to shame, For us it has been on the Seaside out of Miami and Meraviglia.
  4. We not only get the Amazing race US but we get a Canadian show they race around Canada, same format, Hope we soon get to see these shows again Sue
  5. RCCL serves only Star Bucks if you Pay for it. It is an extra charge RCCL regular free coffee is very good, The only way we cruise Princess and drink that terrible coffee served in Buffet or Dining Room is to buy a coffee card that you can get drip coffee from International cafe.
  6. thanks for all the help re 8 night cruise Sue
  7. Ken we have an 8 night Nov 14/20 on the Empress. There are no other 8 nights showing in Nov 2021 what can we do re lift and shift. suedotdonatlivedotcom
  8. having been on Hal K, Celebrity Edge and MSC Yacht Club in the past year. MSC wins hands down in the YC The YC is a ship within a ship, has your own dining room, own pool, own sun deck, BBQ on the sun deck, FREE drinks any where on the ship at any time. It is by far the most all inclusive cruise. Lets add a production show every night in the main theatre.
  9. Yes, you will just speak to the C&A rep on board during your first cruise and he/she will make it happen for you. Enjoy your Diamond perks.
  10. loved your report and all the pictures. Yes, I am sure Wine sales will be up with the crazy summer everyone will be having and entertainment of children with nothing to do, no place to go.
  11. We to should be on the Star right now out of Southampton for 12 day cruise.
  12. Thank you for your review. All the wonderful pictures and more info on the Joy than we have been able to find. We are currently waiting and hoping our cruise in October 2020 will be a go. Sue
  13. Yes I believe that you would enjoy a Carnival cruise, we cruise alot every year(close to 3 months a year on all the major cruise lines) and we always get off a Carnival cruise smiling. But like others have said take at least a 7 day or longer cruise. Also our cabin location is that we love it in Spa area and that includes going to the thermostic pool and heated beds and all the various sauna room this is included in the price of your room. Usually on Carnival it is 3 generations of a family all there to spend fun time with grandparents and cousins, aunts etc and they have lots of laughs and seldom do we hear people complaining. The food on Carnival is good and of course Guys burgers are the best on the high seas. Go on Carnival, they even have a pool deck for adults only and they police it so it really is for adults only.
  14. so glad to hear you are well and look forward to more chats. We cannot wait for cruising to begin again.
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