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  1. You can not go on the White Pass Railroad to the Yukon without a valid passport. Which means you will not be allowed to board the train. Fantastic excursion by the way.
  2. I prefer to be one of the last ones to board the ship. Zero lines, as we usually are the only ones in line. Cabin ready. Luggage usually arrived. Best part is a great lunch on shore and a chance to explore the port for a few additional hours.
  3. Best cabin I have ever sailed in, mainly because of the balcony. That being said...we were in Alaska which was cold and the heat did not reach to the back of the ship seemed like. We were cold the entire trip while in our cabin.
  4. Good excuse to be hammered. But I would bet that that probably you will hear chairs being drug around at times. This ship has not sailed yet with the first passenger but if you want a quiet cabin, book one with cabins above you and beneath you.
  5. If I wanted to spend that much money on a cruise it would not be on Carnival. If you want that level of service other cruise lines would be a better choice for me. Plus..............none of those balconies or cabanas look private to me as it looked like on the video there was a walkway in front of the balconies/cabanas. I want a balcony that I can look out at the water, not at people walking by or in a pool. To each their own I guess.
  6. Having a smoke free casino would cost me money as I would not have an excuse not to go there.
  7. Sure I will never receive any casino offers because I do not gamble much. Mainly, because I do not like the smoke in the casino. Sometimes do not even like to walk through the casino much less sit down and play.
  8. The few hotels that I have stayed in this past year have all had coffee makers of one sort or another. All have been in the southern US.
  9. The few hotels that I have stayed at recently provided no housekeeping service and required masks at all times inside. Breakfast was also limited. These were either a Hilton or Holiday Inn.
  10. Amen to that. Same thing has happened to me.
  11. Cove balconies are fantastic in my opinion if you enjoy being close to the water. Not for everyone. Being under the galley would be the least desirable of this type of cabins as there can be much noise. Depends on your level of tolerance and how much movement goes on above you I guess. I would never book another cabin below the galley myself, even if you gave it to me. Way too much noise. But, will always book a Cove Balcony otherwise.
  12. Any suggestions as to what would be an acceptable "initial tip"?
  13. Amen to that. The situation in ports of call would be even more fluid.
  14. I also have never been in a Havana cabin but agree in this Covid age I would never gamble on being locked up in an inside cabin. I prefer a balcony always.
  15. Thank you for the good suggestions from someone that has not cruised on Oceania yet.
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