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  1. I have never seen a water fountain either.........ever on any cruise ship I have been on. Water dispensers for sure. :)
  2. When going to port Holland is really good about what is and whats not allowed. :)
  3. My first cruise was in 2010 on the Noordam!<<<I have been on this ship the most since I started sailing with HAL! Noordam is my favorite ship! :D Made many friends, the crew is great. So many great/fond memories! :D I luv the Quote!! "Listening to AC/DC Thunderstruck":cool:(y)
  4. Oh my! I got thank you for cruising HAL and a Welcome back<< I put a deposit down on a future cruise. What you received could have been SPAM.:o Hey Sail7seas! notice my 4th star??!! Took so long to get there LOL I luv you sail........u r my fav on CC! *bigHugs*
  5. I know what you mean! I am on the Noordam by the Sea View Bar AFT part of the Ship. Looking out <<< at the big blue sea, taking a sip of my wine, ear buds in my ears listening to Sailing Take Me Away by Christopher Cross....thinking to myself.....I am living the Dream! :D *Big Sigh**. Like rkacruiser, "my mother taught me too the love of travel/cruising and thanking God I am still able to sail on another cruise" There is no feeling like it.(y)<3:ship:
  6. I miss POA1:( Always enjoy reading anything when POA1 has anything to post/say. Could use POA1 knowledge right now re: Wine prices and sound advice on whats best :D Cheers POA1!
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