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  1. Upcoming recession is going to affect a lot of companies in various industries. People are going to lose their jobs (even when indirectly employed by supplier/vendor) If rational thinking prevail (and it is in short supply lately), cruise line industry is way down the totem pole for the critical importance to the country. (as CC members our own preferences notwithstanding)
  2. Filing bankruptcy for reorganization is not same as going out of business. It may or may not happen in the case of the cruise lines mentioned in this thread.. In any case your FCC while at risk, in practical terms, will be safe. So should be your loyalty points. What may happen is that cruise lines may return with limited schedule and may not offer an itin. that you may be interested in. Unfortunately premium offered by Cruise lines is not enough to forgo cash. But if you take 3-4 cruises a year with the same cruise line, then it make sense to take up FCC. For the rest of the people, fair advice would be to take the cash. Some kind of help from US Govt to cruise line industry is inevitable. Not because they represent an important integral to American society industry (like Banking and Auto) but Trump seem to be eager to help them based on his recent utterances. The fact that they dont pay taxes will come into the picture only to the extent some liberal politicians will object. Cruise line industry adopting US laws is actually viable (just look at the case of NCL in Hawaii with POA) but unlikely to happen. To answer OP: - 99% probability that your FCC are secure (irrespective of bankruptcy/bailout happening or not) - If you are very frequent cruiser with the same cruise line then taking FCC make sense - For the rest, FCC option does not offer enough premium to justify taking it. Cash is advisable option
  3. Can someone conform the location where 19 crew members who were tested positive are kept? Most media reports as well posts on this board seem to indicate they were one of the first people taken off the ship. Subsequent reporting (SF cbslocal, time, BusinessInsider) seem to indicate that Trump admin will not let them be taken to any medical facility off the ship and those 19 sick crew members are still on board. Which of the two stories is the correct one?
  4. Are they doing the right thing for the crew of Grand? (especially those who are already tested positive)
  5. In the past when I earned FCC and tried to apply towards another cruise I had booked, I was told that it can be applied towards remaining balance and left over credited as OBC but they will not refund any money already paid towards that future cruise. Dont know if they are applying same rules this time around as this is highly unusual scenario.
  6. But we know that come April, this virus is going to miraculously disappear anyway. Leader of our country promised so and he never lies. So decision of cash vs FCC can be taken accordingly.
  7. Stock was UP 2.44% (79 cents) AFTER the announcement. It ended the extended session at 33.12 (NCL jumped more)
  8. From a financial adviser point of view, Option 2. Premium offered for option 1 is not enough for the risks you are taking: (not being able to use up credits in timeframe given especially if ships/itin of your choosing may not be available)
  9. Has there been any statement from anyone (Princess or any govt agency) that they are "lifting off" 19 sick crew members? (make sense) Will remaining crew be tested? How the logistics of future "lifting" of crew will work? VISA can be issued within hours (after all just a bureaucratic process). Arent they doing that for 19 crew members assuming they will be indeed taken off the ship?
  10. You need a tiny percent of total crew to sail the ship away. Very tiny. So that certainly cant pass as an excuse for not providing those humans with same care as passengers.
  11. Has anyone given explanation for the decision of taking passengers off the ship to prevent repeat of Diamond Princess but leaving crew on the petri dish? what about 19 who are known to be sick? No medical treatment other than what ship doctor can do?
  12. Hopefully, you will be able to enjoy all your cruises without an incident or inconvenience. But kindly do take into consideration the cost to the taxpayers in terms of not only money but valuable medical/logistical resources diverted whenever this "very low risk" event happen. We are not there yet but at some point "I want to cruise" may be viewed as anti-social desire while pandemic is in full swing. On percentage basis, cruise ship passengers have drained lot more national resources than any other demographics.
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