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  1. Uh oh, this does indeed have an impact on May and June NE/CA cruises.
  2. I wish there was more communication by Princess on why this delayed disembarkation is happening, and if this is the “new normal”. The only thing I can find in my Princess documents is the statement that departing flights should not be scheduled prior to 12:30. Even that can be cutting it close with 1-2 hour delays disembarking, especially considering the ride to LAX. Were taxis readily available at the port when you disembarked?
  3. I’m with you..... I read all of the Princess postings, but I always want to know the situation, what people are really experiencing.
  4. Hmmm, now I’m wondering about disembarking in LA. Our usual, including in LA, has been to self-carry off our luggage in the first group.... off the ship by 8:00, through customs, grab a taxi, and be at the airport by 9:00. I’m getting the feeling this may no longer work? On top of that, the airline just notified us our flight out of LA has been moved up earlier to 10:30 (yikes). I’m thinking these CBP delays and the involuntary earlier flight change might necessitate changing to a later flight?
  5. I appreciate all of the responses that are coming through. I’m learning a lot about satellites, and am encouraged by the great experiences some have had. And yes, we did advance purchase the unlimited internet packages. We will be on the Emerald going to Hawaii and the South Pacific.
  6. Wow - that’s great to hear. Beats having to download music, movies, etc, before leaving home. Thanks!
  7. We will be cruising in a few months, the first time with Medallion Net. I’ve looked for experiences using Medallion Net for streaming shows and music, but haven’t been able to find discussions. Princess says streaming will work for shows and music, but I’m a bit leary. Has anybody REALLY been able to listen to streaming music such as Apple Music or XM Radio?
  8. Sharing information in case it will be helpful for others: Using the online calculator, it gave us a total price of $666 to ship two bags, 50 lbs. each, from the East Coast to Los Angeles (San Pedro) and back.
  9. Thanks everyone for your replies. So a few used it, but prices seem to vary some, so I will probably call to ask about our specific needs. The EZ Check is great, but does anyone know if that is offered when leaving LAX to return home after a cruise?
  10. We recently received a letter from Princess about using “Luggage Forward” to have our cruise luggage shipped from our home to our cruise ship, where it will be delivered directly to our cabin. Has anyone used this service, or heard anything about it? Sure sounds tempting.
  11. And I’ll fifth and sixth that motion. On our last cruise it was crazy just trying to get a call through. So many people wanted to change their mini bars. They were so busy we couldn’t get ours switched out until the third day. Even without Medallion, perhaps a way to order the change similar to how you can order a case of water, fresh fruit, etc, when checking in online.
  12. Is Ocean Medallion on Emerald Princess? In the News Center article on the Princess website, it says Emerald has it. When I go to the ship descriptions on Princess, it says Emerald will get it in August 2020. Unless I’m reading something wrong somewhere.
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