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  1. Do you carry the card with you and have it scanned like atypical gift card and the amount reduces? Or do you credit it to your account and the dollars deduct?
  2. I know it's been a while, but did you use Johann and Sandra? I am thinking about booking with them. Myself, my dh and kids can all walk with no issues, but my mom can't. And honestly, if it includes all alcoholic beverages and food, it will be easier on me anyway, with three young adults. How was it?
  3. This is a great thread for me. My dh retired in July, but I plan to work another few years. But I work in education and have a highly specialized assignment and I love my job. I'm almost like a consultant within my large school district. California has a system for people nearing retirement to reduce their workload but still get full benefits and credit towards retirement. So I reduced to a 90% contract. So I essentially work from 8-3ish, with 17 weeks of vacation a year (true, 9 are in summer) plus another 6 holidays. So I feel like I get the best of both worlds......I'm accumulating a significantly larger pension and will then be able to buy into the school district insurance as if I worked full time for the 4 years after I retire, until I reach medicare age. I went on three cruises last year and have three cruises planned for 2020. I now do about 4-5 vacations a year (one to two weeks each) and probably 10 long weekends. I always appreciate reading what other people have done, because it helps me reflect on and redefine my choices.
  4. So my dh thinks seeing some Beatles related attractions is the best way to spend our day in Liverpool.......I want to see Chester! Is this realistic at all? We are there 8-5. While I'm happy to be as early off the ship as I can, we definitely want to be near the ship by 5. I assume all aboard is 4:30. Thanks
  5. This. We were in Vancouver in June and essentially never needed cash. I think I bought one small item for a buck or two that I didn't charge (maybe a couple of postcards?) I figured I could lose .25 cents.
  6. I definitely tweaked items. I don't wear skirts, so I bring more pants. I think most "templates" target the same thing.....bring a limited number of items that can be coordinated together. Which system works for you just depends on how your brain works, I think. Panda
  7. I took my first Princess cruise in June and we loved the demonstration and tour.
  8. Just off the Statendam. The Jack Knife was yummy!!
  9. Does the Amsterdam have a dedicated Club Orange dining room? We were just on the Statendam and my mom really enjoyed it. The room was much smaller and quieter. We have a suite booked on the Amsterdam and I am hoping we will have the same option.
  10. My favorite mixed drink....the best I’ve had on any ship......a Lemon Drop
  11. Dinner in Club Orange on Tuesday i had the apple and cucumber salad (good and interesting), a cesear salad (mediocre-Princess makes it WAY better) and wonderful mac and cheese (on everyday menu). My mom had the veal chop which she said was great. Dessert was a chocolate thing and we added vanilla ice cream. Again, i have to comment on how much we enjoy the Club Orange dining room. It’s so quite and the food you receive is so hot!
  12. Tuesday dinner (gala night #1) i had the shrimp cocktail (sorry no picture) which was average. I had the Club Orange special which was short ribs and polenta. Short ribs can be very fatty but these were not. Very rich, though. The polenta was excellent as well. For dessert i had the chocolate soufflé and it was also good (forgot to do picture) My sister and mom had the cannelloni and risotto which they both liked.
  13. Dessert was the apple tart. Good but not spectacular.
  14. Dinner on Sunday in Club Orange I had the Bay shrimp tots, tomato soup and the special of the day, the shrimp fettuccini. All were very warm, even hot, when served to us. I liked all of these. The fettuccini was delicious.
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