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  1. New ship. With competition coming from Seabourn and Silversea with new builds and Quarks Ultramarine, this luxury expedition cruise segment will get crowded and prices will go down, A way overpriced cruise.... We did a better cruise from Svalbard through the arctic then around Iceland for 17 days at less the price of Crystal on Silversea. Iceland is a beautiful country but many of the stops being made do not even require an expedition type ship.
  2. Suggest you call or email the Bahamas as they set the requirements... Travel Compliance UnitTel. +1 (242) 502-0829Email: healthvisa@bahamas.com
  3. Most labs will turn the test around in 24 hours. Issue with CVS they have to send it out to a central lab that has many tests to do. Small labs can do it quickly. HOWEVER PLEASE READ THE BAHAMAS REQUIREMENTS (I hate to shout). It clearly states SWAB test.
  4. If it follows Serenity it was 1 hour before, the prices were loaded. How about the 19th around 11pm .
  5. Just google "Houston quick travel PCR test" and you will get several -- including the first that does an RT PCR with next day if you do it before 2pm... https://emergenttesting.com/houston-covid-19-testing/ 5 day antigen is the test you must take in the Bahamas, 5 days after arrival. It is a quick rapid test with results in 30 minutes. It will likely be done on board ship.
  6. Knock on wood it has been a long time since I have had luggage lost or misrouted. I do try to do carry-on for business -- but for cruising kind of hard. Most times it has always been a tight connection in the EU due to delayed arrival, and it would appear on the next flight several hours later. With the new kiosk machine for checking in as there is more chance for error as you do the check in and someone behind the counter is doing multiple tags at once. I was going to Austria and my bag had someones tag for Singapore. Luckily I caught before it went on the conveyor. Definitel
  7. Reported on the news today is that vaccinations will be required.
  8. They did encourage you to change it. So form letter text it was (I did change it) -- but my Congressman already responded in a form like letter too but tailored to the cruising issue. Dear Mr. PaulMCO, Thank you for contacting me in support of lifting the Centers for Disease Control’s (CDC) Framework for Conditional Sailing Order (CSO). Like you, I support efforts to safely reopen our economy. As you may know, the CDC issued the CSO on October 30, 2020. This order established a phased approach to re-initiating
  9. I thought Crystal was planning on a staggered boarding. I think 2pm is more likely the start, especially if they do an extended cleaning between cruises. With Royal also now departing on Saturday, I would think flights might become an issue. But checking Jet Blue from FLL -- the flights seem wide open.
  10. Since this is presumably your first Crystal cruise, you should check out Keith's First time cruiser sticky. There is a lot of valuable info there.
  11. That was the other airline checking frequently. Also checked Delta who does the code sharing. Price was $2600 pp
  12. Internet has been free on Crystal for several years.
  13. Did not say that - the Bahamas government will force you to quarantine as they have a vigorous testing program in place for visitors for arrival plus after arrival at day 5. The US Government plays no role in this. If you wish to comeback to the US even with COVID you can do so by land or port since there is no test requirements. The CDC order applies only to airlines. The host nation may say otherwise.
  14. The last line is interesting..... Letters from investors, expressing an interest to invest in one of the company’s cruise brands were reportedly received.
  15. Yes it is.... Silversea has done that regularly for many of their Caribbean cruises. Now of course instead of COVID we may have to worry about this on St Vincent. The Volcano in Martinique is also rumbling.... Another Mask mandate...
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