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  1. Thank you for sharing. Doing an Expedition on Quark, so fingers are crossed for a BA/Argentina opening.
  2. If you have a VPN (and you should have) -- just set the server location to Australia.
  3. Yes the charter is a new thing. We were originally set to meet a their provided hotel in Ushuaia, Now it is to meet in BA get tested and head to Ushuaia together in the so-called bubble and go to the ship.
  4. I posted a similar comment on the Quark roll call... Quark has made the decision. They will only have one ship for the 2021/22 season. That is the Ultramarine. Diamond and Adventurer cruise have been canceled. Some have been merged and some guests offer cabins on other sailings. They have doubled down on Argentina and did not go the Chilean route. All passengers are to meet in BA with Charter to USH. So no on your own to USH. Providing a one nights stay in BA. All of these changes remain predicated on Argentina opening to cruisers on 20 October. (iffy IMHO)
  5. Interesting article about Ushuaia https://en.mercopress.com/2021/09/15/back-to-earth-ushuaia-admits-much-uncertainty-about-the-coming-cruise-season Quark told me a decision is near and they will communicate it to all by end of next week.
  6. I would also consider the comfort of the suites. On the Insignia B/A rooms your are dealing with a much smaller cabin (200 vs 300 sq ft) and particularly unusable bathroom. You would have to bump to a PH to get similar space. You might also consider the December Marina sailing to the Amazon too.
  7. https://d1io3yog0oux5.cloudfront.net/nclhltd/files/documents/Shareholder+Benefit+Request+Form.pdf
  8. Except maybe the quarantine requirement in your hotel in Santiago.. I am sure details will follow as the rules are negotiated with each cruise line.
  9. Yes and I would include Egypt and Jordan among them.. Being of the same faith I have never had any issue traveling to any ME country (except maybe Yemen)
  10. You can add the question on whether the Falklands is open to tourism or requires a quarantine. Better if the Falkland is at the end of the cruise then you have the quarantine met by being on the cruise.
  11. Very rare in the Summer. But there was a super size eruption from the sun and the Geomagnetic storm limited high frequency communication... Sunspot numbers are on the rise so look for more frequent events in the coming years.
  12. Please check with Silversea. They announced today that Silver Wind and Cloud will now leave from Puerto Arenas. Therefore you will be booked on a Charter from Santiago to Puerto Arenas.
  13. The good points are Japan is a convenient restart point for Muse as they have multiple trips doing circumnavigation, then on to the Alaska season. The other point is they have not wait listed the Japan sailings and still selling cabins. Japan is accelerating their vaccination efforts too. Our fingers are crossed with Silkismom that this happens.
  14. Wonder if it applies to the Wind departures too??
  15. Really sorry to hear, but Asia and Australia are locked down.
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