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  1. Friends of ours did that. All week they were complaining how their teeth and gums were so sensitive when eating and drinking.
  2. I wonder what will happen as those 125% FCC expiration dates start to come around?
  3. This is one statement that I would welcome fake news or hoax reply.
  4. Bottom line is that the CDC isn't going to allow cruising until this is under control. All they see is the possibility of the number of hospital beds and morgues that may or may not be filled as well as if the infection can't be controlled on land how will it be controlled at sea.
  5. I have switched my searches to land vacations. My son has turned my attention towards AirBnB. The Key West thread has peaked my interest. It was always on my bucket list but I never made time to plan a trip because cruising was always my first choice. I thought one day we would sail a Mediterranean itinerary but now I considering a land tour. I was never overly optimistic about the time cruising would start up again but I never thought it would turn out to be what it is today. There is plenty of time to research and plan because U.S. citizens won't be welcome to some places in our own country for some time.
  6. California is doing a moderate shut down. NY is registering visitors and making them quarantine. There is a $2000 fine if caught breaking quarantine. My son lifted and shifted his June Hawaii vacation to August. Now Hawaii has a 14 day quarantine again. Thankfully he was able to get a refund from Air BnB. In terms of Cruising it's not happening this year. Florida needs to change their behavior. The mayor of Miami is the only one taking action that I have heard of. Are any other counties making changes?
  7. In the early days of cruising we purchased hundreds of dollars worth of cruise photos plus ones we took ourselves. Almost 30yrs later I couldn't tell you where any of them are. I guess we will find them when we adventurually move. Now we take pictures with our smartphones and save them in the cloud.
  8. There is no need to be paranoid about leaving your home. Business can open slowly with protocols to keep everyone safe. In your first post you mentioned that some wear masks and some don't, even if they are traveling together. That's where the problem lies. There needs to be a standard the everyone wears a mask in public places. The State Governor needs to make it a requirement. I don't care about freedom rights. Your freedom rights are outside of any retail or restaurant establishment. I know you can't wear masks while eating and drinking but you will still need to maintain social distancing especially indoors. The issue is that the owners of bars and restaurants aren't always limiting capacity which is also supposed to me mandated by the State officials. If eating and drinking in public is going to be an issue on land, you can bet it will be twice as bad on a cruise ship. Herd immunity hasn't been proven yet and we don't even know if someone who has already had the virus can't get it again. I wouldn't be rushing out to a covid party just so you can get it over with because we also don't know the long term damage it could bring. You may be thinking that you are getting back to life when in actuality you can be left with devastating damage to your lungs or heart.
  9. It sounds like a place that I would want to spend more than a few hours visiting. We visit Florida quite often. I probably need to plan a few days there.
  10. Taxable for Federal and State where I live. Many PT minimum wage workers wouldn’t come back when we started to open. Many weren’t Making $600 a week to begin with. These would typically be high school and college kids who still live at home. On a positive note there were plenty of opportunities for those who normally are only looking for a summer job.
  11. Cruising won’t begin until the United States can actually unite as one country to stop the spread. Almost 6 months in and people are having Covid parties because they still believe it’s a hoax. Do you really want to be on a ship with these people. Florida is the key player for the cruise industry. It’s not looking good for this year.
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