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  1. I lean on the side of pessimism as I would rather be wrong and pleasantly surprised than being optimistic and being disappointed. With that said I hope you are right not only for those who are looking forward to getting back to cruising but especially for those who are fighting at the front lines and are now getting sick themselves. I have too many friends and family in the medical field who are still going to work each day and trying to stay safe. I would love for cruises to start up again if only for the threads about over priced cabanas, drink packages and even the dress code. I really miss those live threads because even though I won't' be cruising for a while it's nice to see others enjoying themselves.
  2. Thank you. If you open that map and don't enlarge it it looks like the entire country is a disaster area. For the Record I'm a registered Republican Since 1978 living in a Democratic state. Maybe you should take your agenda elsewhere.
  3. I'm not a travel agent and 95% of the time I book direct so no conflict of interest. I will also add that I'm not loyal to one cruise line and I call it as I see it. If people are so optimistic and want to tie up their money why would any business turn that down especially during at time when they have little cash flow. Personally I think these people who are booking for the end of May and June are in for a big disappointment. Even the President has extended the quarantine date and he has been conservative all this time.
  4. Ken If the OP is able to use the FCC from the 5/10 canceled sailing towards the 5/30 and that cruise is cancelled, will the OP receive the same amount of FCC back or will they perhaps lose any extra FCC that they received with the first cancelation? This is a new situation and after reading all of the rules from other threads my head is spinning.
  5. My son was scheduled to graduate college on June 6th in Orlando. He received notification that the ceremony was canceled and they refunded him for his cap and gown. Disney may be planning on opening but things change daily. We are just living day to day now.
  6. Well that will never be an issue for me. A suite is never even a consideration.
  7. The cookies are never on the shopping list but somehow they make it home.
  8. I find Royal Caribbean is least expensive the earlier you book. Did you book further out last year. $400 increase doesn't sound all that bad.
  9. There are sure to be a lot of new first time posters as this is the first place they find and come to complain.
  10. They know that most won't stop to think it through, especially those who don't follow CC and really don't have a clue how this works. They just look at it as getting more. I'm active on CC since 2008 and the FCC rules are new to me. I would have never thought about how they are credited and how they would apply to a future cruise.
  11. No surprise there. I'm getting a real education on FCC's reading all of these posts. I never book non refundable and I never will unless booking a last minute deal after final payment.
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