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  1. They did this on Princess as well. I realize that there probably aren't that many who want to eat at 5:00 but by adding a second early traditional seating it now pushes the few MTD who would have been there between 5 and 6 to go at 6:30-7:00. Now MTD is backed up. I didn't have an issue with my 6:30 reservation but there was a line up for those who didn't have one.
  2. Celebrity has turned booking a cruise into a quadratic equation where finding the value of X takes on an entirely new meaning.
  3. Not if you agree to the terms and conditions of the cruise contract. Read it next time before you check the box and agree to the terms. There is full disclosure so therefore there is no misrepresentation. If I was retired and living in Florida I would welcome being bumped by a charter as they offer you compensation for switching. One Caribbean Island is no different from another. I understand the OP's situation being different as I would be in the same situation if it happened to me and would be expecting a full refund of my non refundable deposit.
  4. I think it should be prohibited as well. However, when you book a cruise and agree to the terms and conditions of the contract you have to accept anything that happens. It's not likely to change because there aren't enough passengers who are affected by charters, although it seems to be happening more and more on Celebrity. Also when this happens the cruise line will offer you some monetary reward usually in the form of an on board credit for your inconvenience or refund your deposit even if you booked NRD and offer you a future cruise credit. This is the first time that I have ever heard of not getting a deposit refunded.
  5. The only thing disreputable is the cruise line keeping the deposit. If you read the cruise contract you probably would never book a cruise. Charters, missed ports, technical issues, whether issues and itinerary changes are all part of cruising and the cruise contract.
  6. While I agree with you they are within their rights to bump you for a charter. At the same time if you book a refundable deposit you have up until final payment to cancel. Passengers canceling 90 days out happens in greater volume than charters that bump us.
  7. Well if they all get 10's for providing mediocre service they don't have to work as hard. All of these bleeding heart passengers who give out 10's for the sake of the staff are the ones who are causing the standards to be lowered. They provide basic service get 10's and management thinks wow the passengers are pleased lets cut the budget for food and service again. I do think that the scores do effect them in some way. They probably get reprimanded by their superiors. The cruise lines are cheap I doubt they get rewarded. Maybe it holds weight when they are up for a contract renewal. On Royal Caribbean the service in the MDR was horrible. Couldn't get a drink refill of coffee with dessert. By the 4th night I had it. I went to the bar and got drinks for myself and my wife. On the way back I informed the desk staff as I returned with my drinks and Head waiter of whoever was in charge of that dining room came to apologize and he even gave me his card. Well the service didn't improve the rest of the trip. I wish I could have given them a zero. The room steward wasn't much better. Our soap dispenser was broken off of the wall in the shower. Everyday I had to wave him down and ask for shampoo and soap. This was the first time in 30 years of cruising that I didn't leave a tip on top of the auto gratuity. All in all we did enjoy the cruise but nobody receive any 9's or 10's from us. To be far nobody asked for 10's nor did they make up stories to make us believe we should give them 10's. One night we did have an excellent team waiting on us which is probably why I expected the same treatment on other nights. I wrote out a positive comment card and turned it in to guest services the next day. That probably holds more water than any fake 10's they receive.
  8. I don't book non refundable deposits because life is unexpected. In your case you booked the cruise in good faith with a nonrefundable deposit. Unfortunately Charters happen but there is no way that they should be keeping your deposit. We have the same issue as you do with vacation time which is another reason I won't book NRD. I hope someone at the travel agency or Celebrity made a mistake. If the other itineraries don't work for you than you should get a full refund. Don't give up until you get it.
  9. I ignore all. It’s not like the service or product will Change one way or the other. It’s basically lip service.
  10. I never looked at the compass because we had reservations. I guess MTD doesn’t open before 6:30.
  11. On the Royal Caribbean surveys they ask you if anyone asked to be scored 10. I'm happy to report on the Anthem they did not. Perhaps Celebrity has requested the same from the staff and this is their way around it.
  12. I have a bridge for sale that connects Brooklyn and Manhattan. Any takers?
  13. In 1994 my son was only 3 and the second one wasn't even born yet so I wasn't watching cruise prices in fact I don't even remember having a computer yet. It seems like they must have stopped as I really haven't seen it advertised until now. Maybe I just ignored it because it didn't apply to me. As far a family cabins I'm sure they were limited and needed to be booked at time of launching the itinerary.
  14. Be sure to post here when that deal is available for booking....LOL
  15. That's my thinking as well. We sailed on Princess when the kids were school age. They are on par with Celebrity as far as not being designed for families. My sons enjoyed the kids club when they were in elementary and middle school. Royal Caribbean had just started to design family friendly ships and I would have loved to have tried them but my kids were sold on Princess. Now that they are 24 and 27 they want no part of Celebrity or Princess. The 24 yr old planned our last trip together on Royal Caribbean. He paid his own way. That's the closest I got to KSF.
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