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  1. Mrs Waldo Thinking about your comment about "classism" made me think about the 70 odd days we have had with Seabourn I can remember only a couple of passengers who have mentioned that they are in an "upper" class suite. The conversation to which cabin type people have got never seems to comes up unlike other cruise lines we have been on
  2. Personally I believe one wants to move around the ship so you can get an all round view We didn't stay on our balcony as we thought we were missing too much
  3. Hello MrsWaldo That Antarctica cruise we did together is still the best we have done Didnt one of the wheels fall off one your 4 wheel drive 😀
  4. barcrab when we went a few years ago our travel agent organized the insurance as we carried on to Vegas after the cruise then back to New Zealand but I don't think there was any extra charges for the Antarctica part of the cruise as the insurance price didn't seem to cost anymore than any other holiday we have had Also it may pay to talk to an insurance company to see what they actually cover. I believe in NZ we are covered with Acts of God with our policies Have a wonderful cruise and hope the weather for you is as perfect as we had We would love to join you
  5. Isn't anybody using Seabourns Private Air? 😀
  6. A couple of years ago we had Tim Roberts as captain for about 3 weeks Singapore to Singapore on the Sojourn and we thought he was the most visible along with other officers we have ever had. We joked each morning there seemed to be a "staff" meeting with all the officers along with Tim, who were sitting on the stools in The Colonnade having breakfast
  7. Haven't been on SS but over the last 5 years we have found that Seabourn only half full the coaches for tours on all the shore excursions we have done with Seabourn and never had a complaint with the way the tours are run
  8. As a first time cruiser with Seabourn you may be able to get a Referral of US $400 OBC from someone here which would then make the internet free. In 6 or 7 cruises we have done with Seabourn we have always used this method to acquire the internet for "free"
  9. They reckon there is going to be a Bumper cruise season in NZ Part of it is here https://www.nzherald.co.nz/business/news/article.cfm?c_id=3&objectid=12257887
  10. Also when we are going ashore we ask the girls is there anything they need in case their shop doesn't have it and we could pick it up for them
  11. This popped up on my phone https://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/21374-seabourn-launches-seabourn-private-air.html
  12. Yes it wasn't quite summer at Banff when we were there as we did The Rocky Mountain Train along with an Alaska cruise. We also got to stay at The Fairmont at Quebec on another trip with the weather cool but no snow. I would love to see both of the Fairmont hotels covered in snow but too far to travel from NZ again just to see the snow
  13. I would love to see some of those Fairmont hotels in Canada which look like castles covered in snow which I reckon would look really neat, I might not like to get out of the car though, just to look as I have only seen them with no snow Never get snow where we live and do not understand the issues with living with snow.
  14. The cruise we did to Antarctica we didn't have any snow on the decks just a few fluffy bits. The cruise following us the passengers were making snow men on the deck around the pool. A lot of the Americans were saying it was warmer at Antarctica than where they lived
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