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  1. candylover enjoy you cruise If you go to Komodo Island go to Pink Beach for a snorkel as a early tour, which is worth it, then go back to the ship to see the dragons in the afternoon
  2. Stickman if you were referring me as we were on the same sailing as you there is a little more to your comments like getting a cash refund if the price drops etc etc These are the facts of what happened with us We did a cruise with Seabourn Dec 2017 and due to poor weather Seabourn gave everyone on that cruise a 10% discount of what they had paid towards another cruise which was not expected surprised everyone I talked to as Seabourn can not control the weather. I can not see any other cruise line offering that which is one of the reasons we like Seabourn. Also while we were on board this cruise we paid a future cruise deposit of AU$400 each giving us 5% off another cruise When we booked and paid the deposit for the cruise Bali to Sydney on 5th March 2018 I thought the price was a little high but with our discounts I was okay with the price When the time came to pay the balance I saw that the price of the cruise had dropped about $4 thousand each from the original price we were quoted without our discounts so after a few phone calls through our TA Seabourn accepted we should pay the lower price than the price we were quoted originally in March. It was a bit hard to work out what I actually ended up in paying through all these discounts as I didn't know what the discount was for the poor weather discount along with the deposit I paid originally as I paid airfares at the time as I just got a finish price without spending a lot of time with our TA of which I was happy with Don't forget we had only paid a deposit not the full price which makes our case a little different than if we had paid in full in my opinion I am looking at booking another cruise for March next year and quite happy to pay a deposit now as I know Seabourn will look after me if the price drops in the mean time Hopes this helps you a little candylover As a PS I have always looked that if the price of the cruise goes up after I have paid in full I am not going to pay anymore money and if the price drops that is my bad luck as I can not have it both ways. I was happy with the price when I had booked otherwise I would never had booked in the first place
  3. A couple we know bought some friends on at Sydney for dinner with drinks and he was surprised there is no charge by Seabourn where when they have bought friends on with Crystal there was a charge
  4. Never had my shoes checked, came back to NZ last Saturday, only maybe if one mentioned they have been on a farm one might be asked. Now going through security especially America taking off ones shoes is a different story
  5. I just emailed help@cruisecritic.com 2 days ago and got a email 2 days later saying they have changed my email address
  6. From what I gather one has to wait for the site to become "live" early July https://www.immigration.govt.nz/about-us/what-we-do/our-strategies-and-projects/eta-new-requirements
  7. Here in New Zealand some river boat companies offer free flight from here to Prague to start the tour, then for a cruise which starts a couple of months later the flights are 2 fly for the price of one With both of those deals one could end up with a coach trip due to the water levels. Why does one get things for free? ๐Ÿ˜€. We paid the full airfare. For a second trip we might think of one of those deals as to see the area in a different season But never for a first trip Another thing to remember is to be fully dressed when one pulls back the curtains in the morning is that the neighboring boat will get a good view of you if you have little clothes on as the boats all raft together overnight๐Ÿ˜Ÿ
  8. Navis having done both Alaska and Antarctica I would do Alaska first as Alaska would be then more impressive. I don't know if you have looked at Seabourns Video Gallery which gives you a good idea of different places which might help you make up your mind? https://www.seabourn.com/en_US/video-gallery.html One of the advantages of sailing with Seabourn as compared to some other lines is that Seabourn have Zodiacs to get you real close Another cruise we enjoyed was Singapore, China, Philippines then back to Singapore 30 days I think Also sailing around New Zealand was good as long as the weather is good and I live there ๐Ÿ˜€
  9. There has been a lot on Cruise Critic about Scenic Tours https://www.abc.net.au/news/2017-08-31/scenic-tours-lose-class-action-over-bus-travel-europe-flood/8859668 We sailed with APT Tours with AMA Waterways ships from Budapest to Amsterdam a few years ago who were very good The big thing to watch with River cruises is if there is too much water the boats can not get under the road bridges, not enough water and they can't float turning the cruise into a coach trip which is why Scenic are having all sorts of trouble There were a lot of bridges where the captain lowered the handrails and the wheelhouse on the top deck so we were able to pass under the road bridges
  10. Just out of my curiosity I wonder if someone picks another country/cruise if they could mention if they have sailed Antarctica or not in their reply? People who have cruised Antarctica could understand what I mean as to being a top cruise designation
  11. Antarctica on Seabourns Quest would be the best we have ever done and we have been around It one of those places which photos dont do it justice. Just to go ashore and meet Happy Feet and his friends was tops Antarctica is one of those places one has to go and see for yourself to understand what Antarctica is about
  12. Did you inquire about Seabourns Referral Coupon of $400 OBC as a first time cruiser with Seabourn before you sailed? This helps with things like internet charges. The Referral Coupon only works if you have not any other OBC credit from Seabourn
  13. We were actually at the christening of The Encore at Singapore as we were sailing on The Sojourn and Seabourn had both ships there. Instead of rent a mob for the christening we were invited to make the crowd look large The Encore sailed to NZ and we headed to China. Have been on the Encore twice since then. Do prefer the Sojourn and The Quest over The Encore though. We were on The Quest to Antarctica in Seabourns early days of going there which sold us on Seabourn for cruising. Maybe back on The Encore when it comes down this way next year
  14. We spent 3 weeks with Tim Roberts and we remember his midday announcements starting hello Tim here then he would say oh Captain Tim. He was always very visible having breakfast most mornings at The Colonnade with a few of the other officers, staff meeting maybe?
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