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  1. Has anyone taken the Acadia National Park & Lobster Bake tour? How uneven is the ground? Can you choose not to walk around as much? Are there steps with railings? Finally was the Lobster bake really worth it? Thanks!!
  2. My favorite drink from there is the Lavender Martini and our favorite Bar Tender was Ashish. Hope he will be there for our September 6th cruise!!😍
  3. tinker1bell

    Cabin Door Decor

    The latest I have heard about decorating the cabin door is that only magnets can be used, no tape at all. Now granted, I have only sailed Disney when I started decorating our doors, but I have a feeling it would be the same on most other ships because with magnets, the room stewards don't have to worry about cleaning the door. This upcoming cruise that my BFF and I are taking, we will not only decorate the door but we are going to be included in what is called a FE exchange. Beside our cabin door is a fish that is used to put mail in such as the daily navigator or any correspondence from guest services. It also shows our cabin number which is also on the door. Since she and I are on the DIS discussion boards a lot, we try to meet anyone who will be sailing on the same cruise. We have done that with our friends who also would be in WDW at the same time in past years. Makes for fun times since we post almost every day on the DIS. The last two times on the Disney Wonder, there was a large group (Mouse Fest and last year WDW Reunion) and we already knew about the gift exchange and wanted to participate. On our upcoming cruise, we have a website to register on the roll call and will have groups of 25 for the FE exchange. I even made my FE for the exchange and would give just little things, candy, keychains, pencils for the kids. Some folks really get into it and make the little gifts. It is such fun coming back to your cabin to find something in your FE. Here is what a FE looks like. http://www.disboards.com/showthread.php?t=1219607
  4. tinker1bell

    Who Celebrates Their Birthdays By Taking Cruises?

    My BFF Stephanie and I will finally be able to celebrate our turning 60 while on our upcoming Disney cruise in September. This will be the first time we will be traveling for both of our birthdays on one trip. We leave Barcelona on Sept 18 which is Stephanie's birthday and on Sept 28 we will be in St Maarten for my birthday. We have been planning this cruise for almost two years. :D:D
  5. tinker1bell

    What to do with wedding dress?

    That is a cool idea. Thanks for the info. Was trying to figure out where to put a formal, semi-formal and my pirate costume while on a fourteen day cruise!!!
  6. Disney does not sail out of Baltimore. here is a great website to look at everything you would want to know about Disney World and Disney Cruise Line http://www.wdwinfo.com/
  7. tinker1bell

    Any Other Adults Only Sailed Disney?

    My BFF and I are sailing in Dec on the Wonder for four days and we cannot wait as we did this same cruise last Dec. We were there for Mouse Fest and there was a lot of events for us. We had a mantra before the cruise--- 'Deck Chair, Cabana Boy, and Fru Fru Drink' That changed to-------------- 'Spa time, Spa time, more Spa time and where is that Drink of the Day'????:D We got an unlimited pass for the Rainforest Room and spent a lot of time there. We are counting the days until Dec 6!!!!:) We are also planning for next year for the Sept 18 WB TransAtlantic. We both are turning 60 while on the cruise. I highly recommend Disney.
  8. tinker1bell

    Blue Lagoon Island Dolphin Encounter

    My BFF Stephanie and I did the Dolphin Encounter and absolutely loved it. I would do it again. As you can see from my signature, I could not have smiled any more!!!!
  9. I am thinking of doing a cruise next year, but I do love the spa. Hope someone can give me a good answer.
  10. I am curious about the Spa. Does anyone have any pricing information on the services provided? Is there a site I can go on to check? Are there sometimes specials offered on a given day? Thanks in advance for your help.:)
  11. tinker1bell

    My first Disney Cruise!

    The Spa is fantastic. My BFF and I paid to use the Rainforest room any time we wanted. They gave us a package deal of $65 for the two of us for a four day cruise and we were there every day. Otherwise, it is $15 a day per person. There is heated tile loungers and different rooms. A dry sauna, wet sauna, lavender room and eucalyptus room and a shower. Near the dressing room is another two showers and lounges to relax on while you use a little foot massager. Every day they have specials. We took advantage of the Ladies Night. $125 for a mini facial, scalp massage, back massage, foot massage. Then another day I got the Cleopatra special. That was devine. I cannot wait for our Dec cruise, I already have lots of $$ set aside for spa time.:D
  12. tinker1bell

    Disney Cruise Line Tip Thread

    For those of us that need our cell phones, you must remember to put it in Airplane mode before you turn it off. Otherwise if you get texts or get a lot of voice messages from friends and family, you will see charges. Check with your wireless company to get more information. My friend did that and found out that with her I Phone, she can take her sim card out and do a few things without charges.
  13. tinker1bell

    Would I be happy on a 4 day?

    Before doing a 4 day on the Wonder, I had only done one other cruise. Way back in 1987 a 7 day on the NCL Norwegian. It was with my DH and we really loved it I really liked the 4 day and my BFF and I booked again for this Dec. But now we are also booked for the Sept 2010 WB TA and I cannot wait. I think the 4 day is nice for a quick trip.
  14. tinker1bell

    Disney Wonder 4 day was a wonder

    you can try to look for your photos but they also have a few stations where you can swipe your room card and look at your pictures on the screen. that was nice because it sure was crowded in shutters
  15. tinker1bell

    Dolphin Encounter in the Bahamas

    My friend and i went on the Disney Wonder with the Mouse Fest cruisers and did the Dolphin Encounter. We had the best time. you can purchase a whole package and get lots of interaction time with the dolphin. you can purchase the video or just a picture. We each had a camera and took pictures. It was so worth it.