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  1. My comp cancellation experience: Called CasinoRoyale yesterday to get a refund on two comped cruises. The rep I had was both pleasant and professional. I can only imagine how overwhelmed those folks are right now. I'm sure they are dealing with MANY frustrated and even angry customers, but you wouldn't know it by talking to their rep. Was I bummed that we will miss a couple of cruises? Yup....Did they offer me another "free" cruise? No. It's all good. I was offered either 125% FCC or full refund (had upgraded both cabins). As a note, she did advise it could be up to 30 days before we received a refund on the credit card - No surprise with the volume they are dealing with. There WILL be more cruises. Hopefully we will all remember these times and enjoy them that much more. I understand peoples frustrations at losing their "free" cruises, but again, let's put it all in perspective. There are thousands of crew members that are losing MUCH more than many of us are. I applaud the cruise lines for cancelling. I'm sure it wasn't a desired decision. What if they opted to "sail at your own risk"? Then folks who were afraid to sail would simply be out everything. It sucks, I get it - but it is what it is.
  2. Last cruise (January), Chops was open for lunch.
  3. Definitely check onboard. Last time we did it, we weren't able to book until then. Also, you can book on the Royal App onboard as well.
  4. https://www.royalcaribbeancertificates.com/ I then usually follow up with an e-mail for confirmation.
  5. Just curious to see if anyone had been to the new beach club yet and what your thoughts were?
  6. Great review so far! Thanks for taking us along - Do you know if Chops is open for lunch on the 3 day trip for embarkation?
  7. Hello, we're taking my folks on the Mariner next month and have been assigned Muster Station "A1" - Both are limited mobility and I was hoping to see if this was a seated location or outside. Any information is greatly appreciated.
  8. Has anyone ever done this event? We're sailing the 9th of December on the Mariner - Sounded like a fun trip. Wasn't sure what to expect for the casino events? Anything worthwhile?
  9. I'm going to take a different approach in my reply - Thank you to OP for saving me money on a cabana (going this weekend)- No doubt I would have been disappointed if I had to smell dead fish all afternoon... That being said, I agree with many other posters that IF RCCL could resolve the problem quickly, then surely they would. Things happen - BEYOND their control. I have no doubt that I can enjoy the Island and its many amenities without being beach-side. A better use of my $ at this point would be to get to know someone on the Island or boat that IS from the affected area and tip them accordingly.
  10. @orkaren1 - Found this article for you: https://spintheglobe.net/dir/2019/07/29/wheelchair-accessibility-cococay/
  11. Log into the RCCL website and select your cruise - Documents can be downloaded from there.
  12. We were just there and I would say it's pretty easily accessible for either a wheelchair or electric scooter. Lots of paths are as sand free as they can be. https://www.royalcaribbean.com/faq/questions/are-there-services-for-special-needs-guests-at-perfect-day-at-cococay A
  13. We were just off the Mariner with Nassau and Coco Cay the weekend of the 23rd - Always opened a 5:30.
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