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  1. Has anyone ever done this event? We're sailing the 9th of December on the Mariner - Sounded like a fun trip. Wasn't sure what to expect for the casino events? Anything worthwhile?
  2. I'm going to take a different approach in my reply - Thank you to OP for saving me money on a cabana (going this weekend)- No doubt I would have been disappointed if I had to smell dead fish all afternoon... That being said, I agree with many other posters that IF RCCL could resolve the problem quickly, then surely they would. Things happen - BEYOND their control. I have no doubt that I can enjoy the Island and its many amenities without being beach-side. A better use of my $ at this point would be to get to know someone on the Island or boat that IS from the affected area and tip them accordingly.
  3. @orkaren1 - Found this article for you: https://spintheglobe.net/dir/2019/07/29/wheelchair-accessibility-cococay/
  4. Log into the RCCL website and select your cruise - Documents can be downloaded from there.
  5. We were just there and I would say it's pretty easily accessible for either a wheelchair or electric scooter. Lots of paths are as sand free as they can be. https://www.royalcaribbean.com/faq/questions/are-there-services-for-special-needs-guests-at-perfect-day-at-cococay A
  6. We were just off the Mariner with Nassau and Coco Cay the weekend of the 23rd - Always opened a 5:30.
  7. Also just got off Mariner this morning- No up-charge for us with the package. The only thing I will say is to make sure you tell them up front you have the package. Went to all three restaurants and all but Chops we had to have the bill adjusted to indicate the package.
  8. We'll pick up where you leave off on Friday! Happy cruising!
  9. I would agree with everyone else - As a Florida gal, it can be a bit nippy sometimes in the evenings on the exterior of the boat, daytime is usually great and I've enjoyed the weather at all the ports. We usually take at least one cruise in January just to get away from the "cool" weather in North Florida.
  10. JT - Just reading your last post - Another consideration for you may be trip insurance that would cover any medical visits? Hopefully someone who has used something can chime in. My only experience was with a friend who had to go to medical for something minor and it was VERY expensive. (Most insurances aren't accepted on the ship I believe- May be wrong here as well). Anyway - As stated before, it sounds like your family will have a fantastic time no matter what extras (if any) you decide to go for. Save travels and have fun! A
  11. Yikes - That is a bit high - Not sure what dates you're going, but the thrill waterpark and cabana's are going for $573 the weekend of the 13th (we will be on that one) - I have to agree - $788 is a bit spendy - Last cruise i think we only spent $400. I hope I didn't get your hopes up for nothing. A
  12. If you're living frugally, I would agree with Hogsbay - There is so much to do on this ship, he will most certainly enjoy exploring everything - You mention that he may tire quickly, I might suggest using the $$ for a Cabana on Coco Cay - These come with some pretty cool perks like food being delivered to the cabana's (kinda like room service), lounge chairs, and a somewhat dedicated attendant - It would also allow him an opportunity to rest between activities if needed. Also, just as an FYI, you can always order room service for a nominal charge to any room. I WILL tell you the downside to a suite... You'll never want to downgrade in the future! :) I will also tell you that no matter the decisions you make on rooms and such, I have no doubt the memories you make on this trip will be awesome and you should all have a fantastic time!
  13. Anyone seen this after a bid was placed?
  14. Trust me... WHATEVER you do... Please don't try to redeem for RCCL Gift Cards!
  15. Success! Funny enough "Carlos" actually called me back after I copied Bayley on the e-mail (I'm SURE that was just a coincidence... NOT), but still had no update and told me that it could be another 5 days. Again, I expressed my disappointment and sent another e-mail. After that I was immediately called back by someone from who could actually assist and within 30 minutes, the issue was fully resolved including an e-mail confirming. All in all, I'm satisfied with the resolution - But it really shouldn't be this difficult. I wouldn't recommend RCCL GC's for anyone.
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