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  1. Weird for them ha ha. Thanks for the reply 😉👍
  2. We are in a similar cabin on Preziosa next December. It may be a stupid question 😁 but is it a walkway past the window or is it closed off? I don't want to scare anyone when opening the curtains in the morning. Thanks
  3. I just upgraded to a suite with balcony for our sailing in March 2021. I quite like the idea of priority boarding plus the bottle of sparkling wine on embarkation and a few other benefits that I can't remember off the top of my head but they are listed on their website under onboard experiences/concierge.
  4. We sail on March 10 and received cabin details today. We booked an Inside Bella Guarantee and received a Fantastica balcony cabin so very happy with that.
  5. We are about 5 short for our repositioning cruise from Rio on Fantasia March 9th. Just three weeks to go.
  6. I'm going to have to look again now 😁 Did you travel as a couple and did you find socialising onboard easy enough as I noted they said the passengers were 80% greek?
  7. Coincidentally I was watching them Friday night. It's very different to the kind of ships we are used to but, as they say in the video, it is the itinerary that we are going for rather than the ship itself. The ship looks fine but the bars reminded me a little of those on a ferry across the Irish sea and rather brightly lit. It may have been like that just when they were filming. We are not going to watch the Egypt one as want to keep some things back for when we travel 😁
  8. I'm not sure it does. I think I read somewhere it is only S, SB and GS that qualify.
  9. We always eat late but generally miss the shows because of the getting ready thing especially on port days 😁
  10. No, apologies I wasn't clear enough, for a 6:30pm seating the doors will close around 6:45pm. They will get a bit sniffy if you walk in after that. I know where you are coming from with the teenage girls so you should be able to switch to the late seating as soon as you get on board if you go to see the Maitre D in the restaurant. The problem you will have is the early show time is likely to be 6:30 I think and so you still have the issue of getting the girls ready as what generally happens is late diners go straight from the theatre to the restaurant.
  11. Hi, The restaurant doors will be closed around 10 - 15 minutes after the scheduled dining time as it is not like anytime dining. We were late once due to a friend we were travelling with getting lost on the ship and were given a lecture at the table by the Maitre D. The shows are on twice to accommodate the two dining times.
  12. Only any good now if you are ok with one beer choice, a couple of house wines, a handful of cocktails and non premium spirits for the duration of your cruise. Obviously it suits some and sometimes budget dictates your choices but I got bored very quickly of Heineken and the two house reds on my last cruise. That said I would personally still go for Easy over pay as you go as I know I would exceed the 5 or so drinks a day that covers it.
  13. I have just paid £51 per day for Prem + on a 16 night repo from Santos to Barcelona. That seems a bit higher than most of the quoted prices I have seen but I wonder if they take the 9 sea days into consideration when consumption will probably be much higher.
  14. I was watching a youtube video 2 nights ago from a person that sailed on Fantasia in the last month or so. The video indicated that it was the Captain's Dinner that evening and the persons posting the video were nicely dressed at the table in a suit and dress, however just behind them there was a man being shown to his table just wearing shorts and a t-shirt. I wore a dinner suit on my first MSC cruise and was in a small minority. I just take a dark suit now and sometimes wear a tie, sometimes not.
  15. I just wanted to come back to say that I have had confirmation that the included Cairo/Pyramids excursion is still going ahead. The one with the Nile cruise has been cancelled as it was felt that there wasn't enough time in the day for this to be done. I'm perfectly happy with that.
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