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  1. Azamara is 90 days according to their website and the cruises I’ve taken with them more recently bear this out. It used to be 60, but they changed it a while ago. What you are talking about is a different cruiseline and special terms that were offered at the height of the start of covid so it is irrelevant and confusing the question asked here to be honest. Phil
  2. I come here every so often just to see what's happening. It's sometimes useful to hear what is going on if one doesn't keep up to date on the news all of the time. I don't read all of the opinions as they get pretty detailed at times. I suggest you do the same or don't click on the link to the thread at all. But closing the thread as you suggest spoils it for everyone. Phil
  3. No it can’t. Not in my case at least. Phil
  4. My learning point recently with all that is going on with covid? In future and unless I get a great deal through a travel agent is I'll book direct with Azamara and be bound by their 90 day prior to sailing rather than 120 days with the agency. I'm still waiting for deposit funds from that agency for a cruise which was cancelled back in June. Thank goodness it was just the deposit and not final balance. Phil
  5. They've added amenities to the worst placed balcony cabins on the ship in my view to sell them more easily. $130 value internet vs a quiet cabin, no contest. There are some on deck 8 that are better placed than others. Look at the deck plan for what is overhead, but yes, deck 7 or 6 is safer. Phil
  6. Unless you particularly want the amenities (which to me don't have much value) I would avoid the V Plus cabins on deck 8. Many of them are under public areas that can be noisy. Phil
  7. Barb, I hope we do. It's always a pleasure to cruise with you and Graham! Phil
  8. I just reread this. AFAIK it's Glasgow. Belfast is not correct. Or have I this wrong Odd? Phil
  9. I'm not forgetting the legacy. I don't think anyone is. I'm just saying that nothing ever stays the same and from the moves that Azamara made with personnel they have done a very good job. All the people are quality. Not one can I say "I don't think much of that choice" and I've met all of them except Gianmario. He went up hugely in my estimation though when I saw how he handled the crew and covid when it was all going horrible. Phil
  10. There are still many originals and long serving. Johannes, Magnus, Carl, Heike, Ryszard, Eric, Tony. And more importantly they have hired and promoted some amazing quality people like Antonio, Gianmario, Tomasz, Elisabeth, Ernest. Nothing ever stays the same. Some of those you mention have moved on for personal reasons. Some because of circumstances. Am I right in saying that Bonnie has left for now, but as and when cruising resumes then so will her role? Phil
  11. Which ones? Because I don’t see that at all. Just the opposite in fact. Phil
  12. Of course it was, Odd. Silly me. Coz that's where I flew home from! Yes, as soon as it's safe and there isn't a raft of medical procedures in place when it does restart. If it's onerous then the joy of why I cruise on Azamara will be lost. Phil
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