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  1. I have taken the 15 day cruise from either LA or SF about 7 times. I go for the sea days. There will be 9 full days and 1 partial day.
  2. There will be a notice in the Patters a few days before of a place to sign up and pay. It is in the evening a few days later.
  3. I have gone twice and each time I received the light waffle bathrobe, not the heavy terry cloth one. On my first tour I also received a chef's jacket.
  4. i have a 20 oz Yeti that I was considering taking on the cruise but I decided not to. What do I do with it when done with the drink? I would have to carry it all over until I returned to my room and then remember to take it when getting more coffee. There would be a good chance of losing it. I did bring a collapsible water bottle for port visits.
  5. Look here. https://boards.cruisecritic.co.uk/topic/2712186-egg-drop-contest/?tab=comments#comment-58826891
  6. What about the income tax you will have to pay on the prize?
  7. The only time I have seen them wait is when due to weather a few planes will be late. They will not wait for one couple.
  8. You basically can purchase the future cruise credit for $100 and use it on the new cruise immediately. There is really no advantage. You can always just purchase the future cruise credit and use later.
  9. The Grand Princess to Hawaii. The hallways doors off the elevator were closed with a sign indicating they would not open until 1.
  10. On my cruise on Dec 3 they would not even allow you in the hallways until 1pm.
  11. It would be best to put this question in the forum for the cruise line. The procedures are different.
  12. Each of the lamps in my room had a USB outlet on the base.
  13. On my last cruise I used the free 250 minutes rather than pay for Medallion Net. I used it on my iPhone and had very fast response. I did not try streaming. I still had over 60 minutes left at the end of the cruise.
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