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  1. No, I booked way back in January of this year, before it seemed like we were all heading for this. Will be keeping a close eye on the cruises that do go forward, and the payment due date. Thanks for the heads up on the tour company. My original plan was to fly back via Iceland Air & do a stop over there for a couple days. A golden circle tour was the only thing I've booked so far, I better cancel it until I'm sure.
  2. It is so tough. I don't think you are lacking in compassion. It's just human to feel some distress over a vacation you looked forward to for so long, now being totally up in the air. My cruise is set for August out of Dover. I have no idea if it will go forward or who knows if the cruise line needs to change the embarkation port to elsewhere. Bucket list cruise, very reasonable price for Baltic but it's still a lot of money. It all seems a huge gamble.
  3. I am so grieving the loss of the 4K french door cabins on Spirit Class. They still have them, but it's now a picture window rather than doors that open for fresh air. What a deal for an inside cabin price.
  4. I typically make plans for every port, a cruise ship excursion is typically my last choice - but if its all that's available (only happened once in all my cruises - could find no private excursions at all offered in La Coruna) then I'd do a ships excursion. I am moving away from itineraries I've done many times before, with my age & budget I am focusing more on bucket list cruises. So fewer cruises, but hopefully to places I really want to see. Although I did do a Mexican riviera cruise last fall - my 3rd time on this itinerary. And in Puerto Vallarta we made it to the Bota
  5. Wow. I never thought of that! Tough times. If people smoke where they shouldn't, I suppose they could be hit with hella fines. One instance where your odds of being kicked off the ship are low!
  6. Rx meds, I'd say 3 weeks worth beyond what you think you need for the trip. A kindle loaded up with way more books than you think you will want to get to. And this isn't something to pack, but I tend to book balconies and if you are stuck - having access to light and fresh air I think would make things so much more pleasant. I saw in the news where the couple ordered wine brought to them by drone. LOL.
  7. I understand it sounds silly. I'm not sure I'd even choose to be on a cruise ship right now, with the wildfire spread of the virus even in the midst of quarantine & infection control measures. What we know about this coronavirus is based on what is effective on other coronaviruses, but it is too new for there to be studies. Hence the "novel" designation. As for it already leveling off in China, they have taken extreme measures to limit the spread. Travel bans within regions that are heavily infected - preventing their citizens from leaving the area. Also a high degree of testin
  8. Hand washing is so important, and more effective against viruses than hand gel. It isn't easy though, getting from a sink to the MDR / seated & having your food with clean hands. I know it is advised to not touch a hand rail, but if seas are rocking I'd rather grab the hand rail & get sick than have a broken leg, wrist or pelvis. And then you need to pull your chair out, and pick up & read the menu. Unless they are going to paper / disposed of after each use - avoiding the hand rail may be of limited value. If I were about to go on a cruise in the midst of this, I'd wash my
  9. I think it's a good idea to offer something tangible like this. With all the negative news now regarding cruise ships, it's necessary to reward passengers who don't bail. Should be happening across the board with all cruise lines. I'm hoping this doesn't do lasting damage to this industry.
  10. It was really handy all around. In the hotel for the day before the cruise too.
  11. The free coffee I've had in the lido or MDR has been ok. The coffee in the bistro a little better, but being on a budget last cruise I didn't buy any there. I brought packets of organic instant coffee sticks. Handy for morning room service coffee - I just asked for hot water (like I was going to make tea). Their room service coffee is generally hideous. I liked my coffee better than anything they have on board, even the bistro. Available on amazon, instacart, etc.
  12. https://www.cnn.com/2020/02/27/health/us-cases-coronavirus-community-transmission/index.html
  13. There are now cases spread through the community here in the US, that had no contact with other people who were known to be infected. An issue is the low number of tests done in the US and how our labs are just barely getting up to speed. The 1st case in California took 4 days of the patient being ill & officials wanting to test, but there were no labs in the area that could do it. The CDC would not, because at that time their requirements for being eligible for testing were not met. (They required the patient to be so sick they needed intubation). Also, obviously you can't treat or
  14. To me it didn't sound like it was a 10 day waiting period to cancel, but a 10 day time limit on how long you could cancel & get a refund. Which makes sense - my 3rd party insurance has a 14 day period where a cancel with refund is possible. After that you cancel if you like, but no refund is available.
  15. It is a pricey outing, but to me it was worth it. I wasn't on a cruise stop, I found a vacation package with Iceland Air. We also did horseback riding before hand. It's been several years since I visited, but it was the big highlight of my trip. It pays to be prepared - you can save a little money bringing your own towel over renting one there. And make sure to wear a tight fitting swim cap - put your hair full of conditioner before getting in the water. The water is heavenly but will make your hair straw otherwise. There is lots of Blue Lagoon top quality shampoo & conditioner in
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