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  1. I have had the same problem. DW will not fly economy. We have to many very uncomfortable flights in this Class. So, in my search for PremEcon I have found prices to be over the top. Online and through Choice Air. Choice Air never volunteers when I call to help search for a lower price. Their attitude this is the price, take it or leave it. Econ price from Orlando are very low. We would love to the Silly T/A this fall but DW will not fly Econ. This is why we also try to take the QM@ either going or coming to avoid the flights. We often get a Balcony on QM2 for about 700-800. I would much rather return home on a pleasant 7 day crossing than in a packed Econ seat for 10 hrs that will cost me a whole lot more.
  2. We are trying to find reasonable airfare from either Orlando, Tampa or Fll/MIA to London. We live in Tampa but can easily fly from these cities. Norwegian is by far less than anyone else for Premium Economy but Norwegian is having financial difficulties. All other choices are 2k plus PP. I have checked with Choice Air and other booking sites, and they are all very expensive. This alone is more than likely going to prevent us from sailing T/A on Silly from Southampton in Oct of this year. Any suggestions on anywhere else to look?
  3. YES!!! Bring back Formal night. I have started to sail on Cunard just for the traditional feel of a Cruise the way it used to be. I don't buy into the notion that it takes more baggage. It just takes a Jacket and Slacks for a man, one nice Gown for the ladies. It really does not take an extra bag. The Celebrity ships used to take on a totally different feel on Formal Night. Everyone looked to so fine. Bring it back.
  4. With air travel being so awful and costly, I would certainly like to see Celebrity offer more Rdtrip T/A and Rdtrip Pacific to Australia and back. I sometimes I'm able to match dates with Celebrity or other lines with Cunard for a T/A back or T/A over. So much more pleasant spending the days onboard a Cruise than flying.
  5. Please bring back the Daily Newspaper that was published in multiple languages at Guest Relations. It is a very small item that always brought me much pleasure. I always looked forward to picking it up in the mornings and reading the current news over a cup of coffee. I like to disconnect from the world and prefer that I do not have to carry my phone with me while on board to keep up with daily events on board. If cost is a factor just add it to my fare. I will gladly pay for these small pleasures.
  6. Is this Hotel close to QM2 at Red Hook? Anyone stayed their pre or post Cruise?
  7. 1. In order to receive OBC for Military Service is it necessary to submit proof of Service prior to each sailing, or can you submit at any time for future sailings. 2. How to find my World Club credits and level on the Cunard Web site. Do I just tell my T/A each time I book that I am a member?
  8. This is why I always try to match up whenever possible Queen Mary 2 for either coming or going. I have had some luck. I.E. We are planning on taking the April 2020 T/A to Southampton. Arrival date May 1., Queen Mary return to NYC May 6. Price on QM 2 is almost always less than flying. We are retired had have the time so for many that can be an issue. Many time's a Balcony Cabin will run about 800.00 PP. And if you take an inside I have seen them as low 399.00 PP. Seven days at sea beats flying anytime. Also I hear Norwegian Air, a low cost in'tl airline has very good pricing.
  9. Wow, thanks for all the Great Information. Certainly makes my Journey easier. Renting a car is out of question. We are Americans and my Wife does not trust me to drive on the left side of the Road. So that option is off the Table. I believe we will take the Train to Bath and book the Madmax tour. It looks perfect. Thanks again!!
  10. So is it safe to assume there is not a Train from Bath to Cotswolds and a return to Bath. I have found confusing information on the web. One site said no trains. another said yes trains? Would you recommend an overnight in Cotswolds or will a day trip suffice? Thanks for all the great information.
  11. Is the train from Southampton Central Station our best option to go from Southampton to Bath and return to Southampton? Doing a T/A from FLL to Southampton and plan on spending a few days in Bath/Cotswolds and return to Southampton to board QM 2 to NYC.
  12. We have experienced long waits after ordering drinks and noticed areas where there was shortage of wait staff. So, we reported it to Guest Services, next day, problem fixed. Not only was there more help, but plenty of supervisor's watching to ensure the lounge was covered.
  13. Need a recommendation for Lodging in Bath. We plan on staying two or three nights. Would like to be within walking distance of sites, restaurants, pubs etc. Close to train station would also be nice. Looking for something along the lines BnB and more authentic British old world feel. Traveling from either Southampton after debarking Cruise and returning to Southampton for our Cruise back to NYC.
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