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  1. Will Cunard provide Distilled Water if requested. If so what is the process for requesting it?
  2. Thanks to everybody. Ordered for this weekend. Nieuw Amsterdam here we come.
  3. Is Distilled water available on the Nieuw Amsterdam. How do you request it?
  4. Anyone stayed here recently. If so, how was your stay.
  5. We are not affected by this change, however, the rapid fire changes that LLP is making and has made has forced us to move on. Other changes that have been made did affect us, but we were loyal and hung in there. No more. Color us gone.
  6. Is the Lawn Grill staying? What are the changes they are making?
  7. Thanks to everyone for such valuable information. It is less to purchase the entire voyage as opposed to individual segments. We were ready to pull the trigger until I researched Travel Insurance. 900-1500 USD. Which would have been ok, except if for some reason we had to cancel, we would lose the entire amount paid for the Travel Ins premium. This happened once before and we decided it was to much risk. So back to looking at something different. Thanks again!
  8. How do you see availability? Yes I am in the USA. What does M028 etc mean.
  9. Considering the August 2020 New York, Norwegian Fjords and back to New York 21 night in total. This is three segments so never doing a three segment Cruise before should I book now or wait for the price to drop. I don't know how popular this particular trip is and how fast it may sell out. Also what are the chances of getting the same stateroom for the entire voyage. Are cabins set aside for passengers booking the entire trip?
  10. New to HAL and have two questions. I know you can bring one bottle of Wine on board. So if it is a screw top, no cork, what is the corkage fee in the MDR? Assuming you can bring this bottle into the MDR. Also I assume it should not be already opened and if it is what happens?
  11. I heard HAL has a nighty Happy Hour. True? If so where is it held, time and some sample drink prices...thanks
  12. Interesting considering how they flood your stateroom with paper. I must fill up my waste can everyday with paper from Marketing. I guess that's ok.
  13. Don't know about electronic version. I had planned on an X cruise this fall, but changed to HAL after I heard about dropping of free movies. I don't think I will go back Celebrity, at least for some time. Just to many things have changed that used to bring us so much pleasure. I have cruised HAL twice and liked the experience very much. I am looking forward to the B. B Kings Blues venue on board.
  14. Last December on the Reflection. I talked to the Cruise Director one night, and he said between the TV and Smart Phone Celebrity felt like you could get all the news you wanted. They looked at it as a cost that could be cut due to I suppose the news source contractor and paper. I will miss it and I told him and Guest Relations I would gladly pay a little more to have it every morning,.
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