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  1. Cruzinram

    Military Discount

    Per the policy statement only active or retired members are permitted. I assume that means if you did not retire but still served you cannot get the OBC? Do you send in a copy of your DD214 to go into records? That is the way Princess does it and you get the discounts without having to produce DD214 each time. Where would you send your DD214 for validation for Celebrity?
  2. Cruzinram

    Who is covered by Celebrity Military credit?

    How to you submit your DD214 for the credit. I have looked on the Celebrity Web site and cannot find a fax number to send it to so it can be added to my profile.
  3. Cruzinram

    Any predictions/wants of new deployments?

    More roundtrips to avoid flying. South Pacific roundtrip, South America roundtrip, more T/A to avoid flying. Greek Isles with overnight in Venice.
  4. Cruzinram

    Distilled Water

    Where on Celebrity's website do you request Distilled Water. I used to be able to do prior to the Cruise, but on the new site I cannot find the on-line request form. Can someone point me in the right direction...
  5. Are these CC discounts only for internet or can they be applied to Shore Excursions?
  6. Cruzinram

    The Porch of Reflection

    What is the current cost to dine at the Porch on the Reflection. Will be open on embarkation day?
  7. Cruzinram

    Trikes Question

    Very confusing. Answers on Tripadvisor indicate insurance is included in the rental fee. However, the response to this question from Trikes via email was insurance is required by law and that they do not offer insurance and I would have to get it from a third party source. I have asked for more clarification.
  8. Cruzinram

    Trikes Question

    Do you you need insurance for trikes and if so what is the coverage and the cost. Any charge for gas or mileage. Will they pick you up at the cruise pier?
  9. Cruzinram

    Car rental at cruise ship pier

    Can some one tell me what the cost of insurance would be for a one day rental at the Hertz Cruise Terminal would be. Full coverage.
  10. Cruzinram

    Huge price drop after final payment

    I got lucky. After watching the price for the Reflection 14 nt this December I decided to pull the trigger and book it. Three hours after I paid full payment the price dropped 350.00 total for the two of us. I contacted my T/A right away, they contacted Celebrity, Celebrity gave me the lower price. I was stunned. I did not think they would have done it, but I guess I was just lucky. Afterwards , the price continued to slide down. I still got a very good deal.
  11. Had anyone else tried to enter the Celebrity Free 7 Night Cruise contest that is posted on Facebook. The photo upload is not working, at least for me. Tried several times.
  12. What should be the best way to go from New Orleans dock to NOLA Airport. Taxi, Uber, Lyft, American Queen transfer?
  13. Cruzinram

    Getting from London to Southampton

    National Express. So simple and very cheap. We actually arrived in Southampton 20 min early. Nice clean bus, comfortable, driver handles all the luggage.
  14. Cruzinram

    late in port or overnight specialty discount?

    We have gotten 50% off several times. Usually on embarkation night and sometimes on TA's. I think you could get 30% off most anytime just by asking. I did...
  15. Cruzinram

    Need suggestions for parking @ Port of Miami

    MIA is a nightmare. So bad, that we may never cruise from there again. Maybe we have bad luck, but traffic is a awful, off site parking site is not reliable. Long waits to shuttle to the pier and long waits for pickup at pier back to parking garage. If we ever cruise from MIA again we will just suck it up and pay the parking fee at the port. Most of our cruises from MIA are TA's , so since we live in Florida we just drive, spend the night, drop the rental car off and take hotel transportation to the pier. We even had hotel staff tell us the last time we were in MIA, it is easier to just get transportation from FLL to MIA.