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  1. I have had a look at the deck plan and it is indeed obstructed. You can see that it is next to a lifeboat and it also has the symbol for ‘partially or fully obstructed view’.
  2. Probably best if you avoid visiting Norway on Norway Day then!
  3. She hasn’t sailed yet. But CMV have posted lots of photos on their FB page if you want to see what she looks like.
  4. It is an electrical gadget for boiling water to make tea and coffee. Essential for most Brits!
  5. We have booked this excursion with RCI and it includes a buffet lunch. I wondered whether anybody else had done this tour and could comment on the lunch? It would probably be the same whichever cruise line you were with, as they use the same operators.
  6. I don’t think it matters so much if they change the times. What is important is that (a) they stick to the same times on board as stated when you book and choose dining, and (b) that the onboard activities times are adjusted to suit the new dining times.
  7. The cruise terminal is just before the Gustave-Flaubert Bridge if you want to look at a map. It is a bit too far to walk into the city and shuttle buses are provided. Free or at a charge depending on fare booked. We did the road train tour and enjoyed it. Rouen is a lovely city.
  8. Question 3 - if you mean ‘can I have two breakfasts?’, the answer is yes. Question 1 - nobody does take their own luggage on board. I doubt it would fit through the scanning machine at security, unless you only have hand luggage. There is usually an option to take off your own luggage if you want to get off very early.
  9. I think it means they are offering either no or reduced single supplements. But they do always have meetings and dining tables for single travellers.
  10. If you go in to ‘manage my cruise’ on CMV’s website, the excursions should be there, though it is pretty close to sailing now. Failing that, click on ‘shore excursions’ and input name of port, then ‘filter’. Don’t rely on a travel agent to know anything!
  11. I suspect lunch will be served in the buffet at least, as some people will be on back to back cruises and will need to eat lunch. If you aren’t getting off until after 1.30, I think it is reasonable for you to expect to be fed too! Dont take travel irons or kettles with you. 4 plug adaptors will probably be ok as long as they don’t have surge protectors. That is the thing cruise ships object to as it causes interference.
  12. Sorry, no, but probably something unheard of, not a well known brand like P&O. Just something basic.
  13. Wow, you are brave! All those firsts at once! I am not familiar with the Azores, so cannot advise on those. In the Caribbean, the worst port for hassle is Montego Bay, but you are unlikely to have time to do anything ashore if you fly in and set sail the same day. In the other ports, there is less hassle than in Jamaica, but I am not 22 any more, which is a complicating factor! On the ship, they should hold get-togethers for single travellers and I would suggest you attend to see if you can link up with somebody else to go ashore with, even if they are much older than you, it will be company and a ‘chaperone’! I would also also look again at the excursions and try to find something which you could do, as this is obviously the safest way. Or else, as you come off the ship at each port, locals may be offering group tours on the spot which you could join, but they tend to be beach trips. In Antigua, are the ship offering a tour to Nelson’s Dockyard? That is a lovely place to wander around and certainly no trouble there, more like a National Trust place in England! I hope you have a great cruise.
  14. We have used the coach twice. CMV will tell you the time the coach departs. As stated it goes from inside Victoria Coach Station. There are monitors to tell you which bay and there are representatives from CMV to assist and check you in for the coach. It is all very easy, don’t worry!
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