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  1. I saw an update on Twitter saying people have been offered a way to get the luggage that was collected last night. Is that true? If yes, sounds like they are getting ready for another night at sea.
  2. Planning to book Uber XL for port transfer for 3 people with luggage. Pick-up point is the Grand Floridian and destination Disney cruise terminal in Cape Canaveral. I think it costs over $100 for the ride, but is that a good trip for Uber drivers or are they likely not to accept? It will be mid-morning on a Monday, so there should not be significant traffic congestion, but there may not be anyone to pick up to bring back to Orlando since all returning passengers would be off the ship by then. Just wondering if anyone has had experiences with this? Will it be a long wait? My husband likes Uber so not willing to consider other transfer options unless it’s an emergency and Uber is not available. We will take the Disney bus back.
  3. Thank you, these are great suggestions, assuming their online check-in system does not have the ability to verify information? Her old passport under her maiden name is at the passport office being voided, as part of the process of them issuing a new passport. She is a U.S. citizen, and this passport will definitely arrive soon - just perhaps a few days late for the 75-day online check-in. If DL is allowed for online check-in, she could certainly use that as a placeholder. I think we will call DCL the day prior to check-in if the passport has not arrived, just to make sure we are doing the right thing. I'll be doing the online check-in on her behalf as soon as this is possible at midnight EST.
  4. The screen still looks like that, but since it has an * noting required info on the number and expiration fields I took it to mean it will not allow for bypassing without these details. I'm already checked in and don't want to mess up the info by backing any information out. If her passport does not arrive on time we will call DCL to find out what the options are.
  5. Are you saying the other identification options allows her to completely bypass entering identification? That would be great!
  6. Wondering if anyone has had experience with the following scenario: I already checked in online with my family for our upcoming cruise and secured a good port arrival time. We are all set. However, we have a person in our party of 6 travelling in a separate stateroom with her husband and kid. She has applied for a passport, but it may not arrive by the time online check-in opens for them (first-time cruisers). It is my understanding she could not complete online check-in and get a port arrival time without a valid ID that matches her name on the Disney reservation. She does have a passport, but it was issued under her maiden name (= last name does not match her name on the DCL reservation) and her birth certificate also has her maiden name. Could she use her birth certificate to complete online check-in, and present passport when checking in at the port? If not, can the other two family members in the same room go ahead and check-in and get a PAT...but would she then not be allowed to board with them if her PAT is e.g. an hour later? Just trying to figure out what the impact is if her passport is delayed. We would like to all board together and make it to the embarkation day sit-down lunch, which I believe means we have to be at the dining room door by 2pm (Disney Dream).
  7. First time sailing from Port Canaveral. There are 3 of us, and we will be taking Uber from WDW to Port Canaveral on the sailing day. However, we were assigned to 2nd seating for dinner, which means breakfast at around 8am on the last morning and off the ship by 9am. Our flight from Orlando is at 12:25pm. Will there be lots of Ubers around at 9am, or will it be safer to book seats on the Disney bus to the airport? Do the buses run frequently (depart as soon as full) or do we risk a long delay waiting to board a bus and then for it to leave? We would like to get to the airport by 10:30ish to be safe....and prefer not to skip the dining room breakfast if possible.
  8. Update: It currently takes them 24-48 hours to call back. I finally received a call after 25 hours (I followed up 3 times as I did not trust their queuing system and 2020 sailings had very low availability).
  9. Just received a cancellation notice from RCYC regarding a spring 2020 booking. They are running more than 4 months behind at the shipyard! They had a private charter booked at the end of January plus mostly sold out voyages all spring...not good for this new line! Waiting on a callback from an agent on possibly rebooking later. Still no guarantees the new schedule will hold either. https://www.seatrade-cruise.com/news/featured/ritz-carlton-launch-is-set-back-to-june-on-shipyard-issues/
  10. Has anyone talked to RCYC reps recently about whether they will launch on time? They have a private charter sold at the end of January, followed by a sold-out inaugural cruise....it is certainly in their interest to keep the schedule. https://www.seatrade-cruise.com/news/news-headlines/ritz-carlton-assures-ship-will-keep-inaugural-date-despite-reported-delay/
  11. Booked the Monaco Grand Prix sailing in May but we are on the fence about whether to keep it or transfer deposit to a later sailing. It would be nice to have some more details available. Also wondering when they will post early 2021 itineraries. 🤔
  12. Has anyone else booked with the new Ritz line yet? They emailed priority reservation numbers to Marriott Rewards members yesterday and I called as soon as the phone line opened this morning. I had short-listed 7 specific rooms and the first 2 were already taken about 5 minutes into the reservation process! The voyages seem quite popular.
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