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  1. And if you can't find the PDF, your TA can get it for you, or if you book directly, your Regent rep.
  2. Thanks for the great numbers. Something to note that's forgotten about SARS--many survivors of the disease were left with lasting impairment to their health.
  3. I understood all this just to mean that travel regulations vary between North America and across the pond. We know that deposits are handled different, I just assumed that in some places, the FCC supplementary compensation might vary. This would account for some people saying that had to book their FCC cruise within the year, others saying that they must *take* their FCC cruise this year. Am I wrong? This is nothing to do with Regent, per se, but to do with the industry regulations of the pertinent country.
  4. As to the question, how could anyone answer that? As to the second, yes, it's worrying. We are on next year's world cruise and final payment is in July. If the virus is still endemic them, we will have to consider. But I also believe that Regent would keep us out of harm's way and re-route us appropriately, as they have done with this year's WC. That might not impact a world cruiser as much as someone who is doing a segment or two. Missing Asia, for us, would be disappointing, not devastating, since we're really only hitting Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore.
  5. Too true. Try finding coverage for the cost of a world cruise--can be quite tough. For me as a Canadian, almost impossible. Any kind of cancellation insurance.
  6. A very expensive option, and one that usually must be purchased when you book.
  7. Hmm, this makes me think that when we have the pre-cruise gala for the 2021 world cruise at the Ritz Carlton Key Biscayne, that we should cab it the next day to the ship. I wonder whether the 'normal' pre-cruise passengers (non-WCers) will be housed in the same hotel--that would make a difference. Or if they'll treat the WC pax differently somehow.
  8. This is the only one I can comment on. Our version was a Choice excursion, meaning it cost some $$, and was a small group (no more than about a dozen.) And I believe it mentioned hiking through a rainforest explicitly so it's probably different than this one. The Mendenhall is definitely worth seeing, it is very majestic. There were lots of different excursions going there. We were on a smallish boat later, and indeed were whale-watching, although I think we only perhaps saw a tail or two (humpbacks), and a colony of some kind of seal. If you get seasick, take your meds.
  9. It'll be interesting to see how they redeploy Voyager, and when.
  10. Tell us what other excursions you are interested in, and perhaps some of us can comment on the specifics. We did the sea otter boat trip in Sitka, and loved it. Did a rainforest hike to Mendenhall Glacier, then whale-watching in Juneau, loved that too.
  11. Interested to hear what you did in Burnie, if you'd care to share!
  12. It'll be interesting to hear whether they manage to replace this event with another one. Gardens By the Bay is wonderful, I was jealous of this one, since the special events on our WC next year are different than yours.
  13. Next year's World Cruise has one of their full-worlders special events on Rapa Nui on the first afternoon, and perhaps after sunset. Then we're there overnight. So I suspect that we'll stick with the shore excursions organized by the ship, especially since the second day we pull anchor at 4pm. If we get to land at all, of course. I've always thought that the way to see Easter Island is to fly there from Chile.
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