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  1. Ours was so-so, weather-wise. Itinerary got altered because of a big storm, and there were days when it was not nice enough to sit outside. As you know, it's a crapshoot.
  2. I know what you mean about the pocket packs, but they're handy for excursions.
  3. I don't know what type of tissue (dare I say the word kleenex?) that Viking uses, but I find that most cruise ships provide a fairly light, thin variety that's not too easy on the nose. If you're a chronic sufferer, you may have a favorite brand (for me, see above, of the "Ultra" variety.) So if it's important, bring some of your fave, and yes, bring portable packets--I'll be packing several cartons of these for my husband when we do our WC in a year or so.
  4. That's fairly normal. We went to St. Anthony last year and did the bus trip. The guides were very nice. There's nothing at all really at L'Anse aux Meadows anyways. St. Anthony is small, but at least you can walk around if you like. Good luck at L'Anse aux Meadows. It was very windy and chilly last year at this time (almost exactly a year.)
  5. There's also a nightclub kind of attached. It's usually vacant when I'm awake, ha ha, but it looks very nice in there.
  6. I don't think Rouge is bad for fairly short flights. My son has flown them YYZ-TPA a couple of times. Of course, he's young.
  7. I hear you. I'm just thinking we'd have to hang it outside. We had an accessible cabin on Mariner, which didn't have a walk in, but trying to visualize the closets on Voyager and Navigator, I think there might be something behind the door that prevents hanging it inside.
  8. Everyone I have met who sailed on this ship has had the same kind of comment. As for the PG, Ponant claims they will not be changing things much. (We were last on two years ago, and the ship was very well maintained--refurb and drydock will happen next in the spring of 2020.)
  9. Here's the type of shoe holder I was talking about earlier. Not sure I want to have something hanging over the closet door, especially if it has to be on the outside (I'm talking Regent Mariner here): https://www.amazon.com/mDesign-Soft-Fabric-Closet-Organizer/dp/B06XMYPTHT/ref=sr_1_52?keywords=closet+shoe+holder&qid=1568829774&sr=8-52 And we're not really shoe people. I'll be hard-pressed to convince David to bring more than two pairs with him. I like my evening sandals, a pair of evening flats, my walking shoes, sports sandals and flip flops but no heels for me, and my evening sandals are changeable (switchflops.) Oh, and water shoes, but they don't really count.
  10. Is Ponsardin the standard Veuve Cliquot you can find for sale everywhere? If so, $69 is a decent price. About $40 on sale in Florida in the supermarket.
  11. Thanks for the encouragement. A couple of sets of ten?
  12. I did the survey yesterday. Interesting, although since I know so little about Ponant, some questions I just couldn't answer properly.
  13. I so agree. The snobbery factor really shone through and got quite disgusting. I hate to say it, but the English seem to be still very class conscious and the new class system is wealth. (Sorry if I'm offending anyone.) "Most Expensive Cruise Ship", yuck! We also met a guy wearing overalls during a block party long ago--he was our neighbour, and a genuine farmer from the midwest. Didn't notice him anytime otherwise, so he must have been dressed appropriately.
  14. I'm doubtful magnets will work on our ship. I've been told that the wallpaper is now too thick. Still I'll probably take a couple for the doors. But can't count on being able to up family pictures. Guess I'll just use my laptop for that. And social media. I have a shoe tree that hangs in my closet (cloth, collapsible). It's only 6" wide, 3" velcro strap around the closet bar. I'm thinking I'll just bring it with me! And yes, a couple of plastic hangers is a good idea, since I tend to rinse things out myself that I do not want dried in a dryer. Travelwell, I wouldn't worry about it. Your suite looks amazing, although I admit, I'd give my eyeteeth for a PH right now! Aungrl, I can see using the compression cubes for socks and underwear, and a couple might even be useful on the ship, since drawer space is apparently at a premium. Thanks.
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