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  1. On Royal now and my OM has my name on it - and the screen by my cabin door has my name on it. So just walk the corridors until you see my name and bingo my door will unlock.
  2. Someone mentioned the rather slow internet speed we are experiencing, we are currently near Puerto Chacabuco Chile, I just ran a speed test, results below. Its been poor for the last week due to position of the ship.
  3. Do you know whether the International Café on Royal has just run out of large coffee cups to take away or whether its now Princess policy to supply only the smaller ones from now on? The crew were not forthcoming about this and didn't see a problem with it, even though when we bought a coffee card and paid for 15 cups of specialty coffee we were told it could be the larger ones. All they would say is "No more large"
  4. It wasn't free but it was economical, and we would have asked if we could have a different cabin at an early stage and probably would have been accommodated. Knowing what we do now about this cabin we would not accept it again if it were the only choice we had, and would rather miss out on this cruise and see what else came up, there is always something as we don't cruise just Princess.
  5. Unfortunately we can't really complain much as we received a concessionary fare, don't want to jeopardize the future similar fares we may be offered. And we have been very fortunate with GTY cabins in the past. I suppose someone has to have this cabin so we are the obvious choices. It would be fine for someone with more loss of hearing than we have - unfortunately my hearing loss is all in the higher registers, not the lower ones like this drumming.
  6. Quite likely for your noise but not for ours. There is absolutely no doubt where it comes from. The drummer in the theater. Actually the volume of everything musical in the ship seems unnecessarily loud. I know we are old but we are not all totally deaf, but we might get to be that way with the volume they use on board.
  7. When I received an email from mutual friends about this there was absolutely no mention of norovirus.
  8. As I mentioned previously it only really seems to affect a very limited number of rooms and those are interior rooms which are directly above the stage area adjacent to what may be a ventilation duct and with no decks or cabins below Even in the corridor outside our room you hardly hear anything. So you will not be affected.
  9. The more passengers who get free or prepaid beverage packages the less the bar staff feel they have to work for their gratuities on drinks in my opinion.
  10. But no cabins or decks between our cabin and 3 decks down the back of the stage area where the band play and where there are speakers blasting out. Just one big fairly empty space sounding box. No doubt has various theatrical stuff hanging from the ceiling ready to lower as required.
  11. Absolutely not coming from another cabin, although in the past we have had that when an entertainer who works evenings has occupied a cabin next to ours on a ship and played videos very loudly during the day. That is quickly fixable. Where the noise comes from there is no other cabin, the label on the door to the space next to our cabin says "Electrical Locker" and I have never seen anyone go in our out. Your cabin on Deck 9 cannot have been under our cabin as there is no cabin under ours, as you can see from the deck plan on this thread, just the void space above the stage.
  12. Thanks for posting that deckplan, our cabin is one of those adjacent to the white space bordered by Cabins C 134 and 135, and C203 and 204. The noise comes from the wall in our cabin bordering that white space. From talking to our neighbors in a balcony they don't hear much at all. And there are no cabins directly below us on decks 8 and 9. It may well be that only 4 cabins are affected by it on our deck, maybe the cabins directly on decks up from those 4 are also affected if that white space is a ventilation duct?
  13. GTY but never had a noisy cabin like this before, and thought sound insulation would be adequate but it really is not.. Posted this also as a heads up to other people who might want to avoid Deck 10 inside cabins in the 100's or low 200's on the Royal class ships, which are as far as I know the same design ship in most respects.. Maybe they improved the sound insulation on Regal and Majestic after this problem on the Royal.? IDK. Passenger Services didn't feel the need to come listen , I got the impression they already knew all about it when I told them what cabin we are in. They offered us a different cabin for a few days but not for the whole rest of the cruise as they said there just wasn't one available. They were helpful but I know the ship is heavily booked out.
  14. Princess won't lose, their ships don't sail with empty cabins, they will sell it to someone else and maybe to a new cruiser who often tend to spend more on board which is where the profit comes in these days.
  15. Hi, we are presently on Royal P and have an inside cabin far forward on Caribe Deck, Deck 10 - which we think must be above the theater stage as we hear loud drumming most afternoons and evenings. Its enough to make the floor vibrate and the bed resonate. We have asked for a change of room but there is not one available for the rest of the cruise we booked. We asked one of the theater tech guys and he told us they set the sound level at 90 decibels, its mostly the bass sound we hear from the drums, not much else but its pretty loud in the cabin. The drummer seems to practice in the afternoons, and currently they have 3 shows each evening - the noise usually is finished by 10.30pm. Is this a well known problem in this location? I wish we had known earlier and we would have rejected this cabin.
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