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  1. What I would like to know is whether this dumping in the Bahamas of plastics etc was an accidental act by a badly trained low level employee, or part of systematic criminal acts ordered by a high level ships officer? We learned from the oily water dumping case several years ago ( disgruntled officer whistleblower brought that to light) that ships officers can earn bonuses for all sorts of cost saving measures , legal things like reducing fuel burn for example, and other measures like reducing land based disposal of oily waste via ocean dumping through the Magic Pipe. It seems that the company are only interested in the cost saving, will pay bonuses to senior officers who achieve it, and don't ask hard questions about how it was achieved. Is this a further example of greed taking precedence? When this news hit the stock market yesterday stockholders lost much much more than the $20M fine as the share price sharply dropped. Yes it will no doubt come back like it did even from Costa Concordia disaster, but the shares have been having a rough time recently. $1 up some days, $1.50 down the next, I am down about 3% this year and didn't buy anywhere near the top. And I am not talking 100 shares.
  2. $1 a gallon - is it limited to 20 gallons? So that would be $20 max on $1000 GC? Don't think I ever saw any of the stores you mention here in Central Fl.
  3. If you have a Sam's Club credit card - no annual fee - then you get 3% back on travel and dining, do not think there is a limit, I am told it includes buying Princess gift cards from Princess. We will find out soon I expect as we bought $4000 on the Mothers day promotion.
  4. Can't say I ever had a problem with the booking process, however all my problems and unanswered letters and emails started from problems once on board, I agree Cunard should do a better job rather than rely on past glory. I have not sailed Cunard for 5 years after a less than stellar T/Atlantic on QM2 but are giving them another try soon after a $65 a day balcony offer came my way.
  5. No one seems to have mentioned the 4 berth interior cabin with the 2 upper beds that come down? Often the 3rd and 4th passengers in that cabin just pay a very much lower price than the first two. Sometimes $99 plus taxes. It depends what you can afford. Personally I would rather not go on a cruise than share a 4 berth interior with teenagers. or anyone. But I would also rather not go on a cruise in 2 cabins where the debt incurred would cripple my finances for years afterwards. If you can comfortably afford it then the balcony/interior opposite works so well.
  6. Speaking as a diabetic I can easily self select what is suitable and what is not from the menu, what can a Head Waiter do to improve on that? Also I do feel that with statistically at least 20% of passengers being diabetic Princess should have more suitable food and drink items openly and easily available, so many are incredibly unsuitable and should be avoided at all costs. The socalled orange juice and lemonade for a start. If you knew the added sugar content of those two items you would realize they are unsuitable for most people let alone diabetics. Even fast food outlets in many countries now state on their menus the calories in their products, with knowledge of the ingredients this can give more than a hint to diabetics to the glycemic index of them.
  7. I had 3 rejections on my same card which Portia then subsequently successfully used for a purchase of 4 gift cards . So I would say that they were not correct telling you that the same card wouldn't work. I had to use the same card, its my Sam's Club card and gives me 3% cash back on travel. Its the same ole same ole. Speak to 4 employees on the phone at Princess and get 4 different answers. if you get one you like then get it in writing.
  8. After 3 failed attempts online to order gift cards I called today and in one call the duration of which was 1 hour 6 minutes I was on the phone to 3 different Princess ladies. the first one told me that it was not possible to buy them on the phone, I persisted and she transferred me to someone else who knew nothing about it, she transferred me to a helpful lady who relayed all my info to someone called Linda who went to lunch halfway through before finishing the job. The helpful lady then found Portia who fixed it all in 5 minutes. I had previously mentioned Portia but they could not find her in an internal phone directory. Hopefully that's it now, not that we have the 4 cards and/or bonus cards yet of course. Is it really worth the aggravation?
  9. Of course you may all board at the same time, just get in the regular line not the priority boarding line.
  10. If a US passenger's cruise is on an AUS$ ship is it still the same number of dollars or inflated by the exchange rate?
  11. We also noticed that and just avoided those areas. Going to be somewhere like that on every ship if you look hard enough.
  12. I have seen the crew refilling the coffee machines in the buffet on Royal P. with a big bag of ground coffee. its not a secret or hard to see, the machines are in plain sight there and its obvious. No need to ask anyone. I don't think those machines could use syrup.
  13. Could I ask if you noticed how the sale was described on your credit card account - Princess Cruises? or Gift Card? That would make a difference on our Sams Club credit card - 3% cash back or 1% cash back.
  14. Aren't they all Stewart? Like George on Pullman sleepers? Maybe I've been doing it wrong all these years?
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