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  1. Me too! I like RCI's soda package (much prefer running to the soda machine instead of trying to get a bartender's attention) and would love specialty coffees (I've been cruising for 10 years and haven't had good free coffee yet!) and sparkling water rather than alcohol.
  2. We were on the Gem sailing 10/18-10/25 and enjoyed hearing the show band pianist in Magnum's. I'd like to compliment him in our Post- Cruise Survey, but my husband threw out all our Freestyle Dailies almost as soon as we got them! Anyone know his name? It wasn't Nathaniel Reed...Thanks!
  3. Thank you all! I did try to research this, but wasn't having any luck. I'll be calling tomorrow to move us into a Boardwalk Balcony!
  4. After looking at our vacation budget and done some research, DD and I have decided to change our CP view room for a Boardwalk Balcony. We've enjoyed our Promenade rooms and noise isn't a problem for us. I grew up in the city so the privacy thing isn't a factor either. My question is that I think Deck 9 would probably be good for people watching but I don't know how far the view is cut off by the slides the Oasis class has. Any suggestions on good Boardwalk views (don't care about the Aqua show views)? I was thinking either 9305 or 9315. Thanks!
  5. I feel for you - I’m lactose intolerant too (and I used to love cheese on my cheese -sad really) and Lactaid doesn’t work for me. I’ve generally found Almond milk (must ask for it) on my cruises as well as soy milk. I usually carry single packets of powdered coconut milk for coffee JUST in case. To get an official answer to your question the best thing to do would be to contact NCL: “DIETARY REQUIREMENTS Special Medical Dietary Requirements and Diabetes Guests with food allergies should contact the Access Desk to discuss Norwegian Cruise Line's policies and procedures concerning special diets and your specific allergies prior to your cruise. Because the vessels are supplied all over the world, it may be easier to meet your specific food allergy requirements in some countries, but very difficult in others. Special dietary requests should be submitted at least 45 days prior to sailing. Any requests inside 45 days cannot be guaranteed. We can arrange to have no sugar and low sodium meals for guests with those specific medical dietary restrictions upon request. Refrigerators are available in many staterooms for storing insulin. Contact us for accessible travel via our access link, call our dedicated toll free number (866) 584-9756, or have your travel agent contact us.” If you do that, you should be able to meet daily with someone from dining to see what they can do and to choose a menu. Because I don’t have much trouble with cross-contamination (and the galleys do have a “safe area” for preparing food for allergies) I just choose carefully. I check the dining room menus and go to the buffet if it looks like they don’t have anything. For breakfast in the buffet for example, eggs over hard always work, for lunch and dinner, a plain hamburger, hot dog or grilled chicken breast all work. Not exciting, but hey! I didn’t have to cook it!
  6. @Ken -and @ fletch - Thank you for posting the photos. I know it may be odd to some people, but I like the look of the neighborhood. The variety of views on the ship sounds great since for us the destination for this cruise is the ship itself. We’re pretty sure we’ll be quite happy with the view!
  7. LOL It did get a little confusing there...I’m still a little torn as to whether or not to go into a balcony, but we’re looking forward to experiencing both the sea and the park (and everything else!) I am a Maine Coon lover. They are just the BEST cats! I hadn’t seen Vito. He is just stunning! What a great face! Thank you for showing me ☺️
  8. I think it depends on the type of person you are and what you’re looking for. I have a friend who plans her Disney trips for months, has a notebook with a timed schedule, plans her Fastpasses and generally hits everything at a run. We, on the other hand, have been often enough that we have no plan whatsoever and just go with the flow. Her plan suits her and mine suits me, so I could do Epcot in 4 hours and just enjoy wandering around there. There are computer sites that will help you plan and have statistics to tell you what the crowds will be like at any given time. An actual Disney vacation will give you time to experience more and a cruise excursion will let you dip your toe in the magic. Just go with the expectation that whatever you get to do you’ll have a good time.
  9. Thank you Rolloman. We will definitely look into this!
  10. I’m hoping someone will answer this one! We’d like to go to Disney Spring too on our Oasis sailing but not at all interested in the outlets. Our last NCL cruise had an only Disney Springs excursion, and we enjoyed it very much (so did my credit card company! 😆😆😆).
  11. I wasn’t able to get to the photos, but It’s good to hear you’d do them again. Thank you 😊 (I know what you mean about the food 😂😂😂)
  12. Thank you - We knew it wasn't a balcony. I don't like a true inside cabin (MUST have a window! 😊) but I do like the lower price. Having a window seat overlooking the Promenade or some trees and walking paths works for me and my wallet!
  13. To be honest, having cruised in a number of different cabins including Promenade cabins and ocean balconies, I like having a different view. I can usually find a spot on the ship to read and watch the water, and I’m looking forward to the variety that the Oasis offers...although, if the prices come down we may just switch to a CP balcony...! Thanks for the tip on the aft CP balconies. The farther cabins also have the advantage of upping your step count and working off the calories 😉 😆 Thank you!
  14. Thank you! I appreciate it. We had decided not to do a balcony this time, so this gives me an idea what to expect.
  15. I tried researching this but no luck... I did post a question awhile back but no luck either so I thought I’d try again. We booked an Oasis CP view cabin (not balcony) for our sailing in 2020 but I’m having trouble trying to find out if we’ll have an actual view of paths and gardens or will be looking at a roof! We have cabin 9195 booked. I’m not adverse to changing to a Promenade room instead if there would be more unobstructed and interesting views of walkways and people. Thanks all!
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