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  1. SeaDream may be your best bet. We chose it for our first luxury cruise because of its younger dynamic. The few older people on our three cruises with them were very young at heart. It’s really marketed to couples, and we ran into honeymooners your age. Azamara might be worth a look, too.
  2. Well, if you ever do get to sail on Hebridean Princess, I hope you're there during a cruise Dave subs on. He is one in a million! I heard that he was the purser when Queen Elizabeth sailed on Hebridean Princess the first time and she liked him so much that she specifically requested him the second time she cruised. I can see why. He's never met a stranger.
  3. Just got the news today that Dave is stepping down from purser duties on Hebridean Princess, although he will still do the river cruises on Royal Crown and possibly sub on Princess when he’s needed. I have to say, he’s truly an awesome guy, so I’m sad that he’s moving on after fourteen years. But I also think his retirement is well deserved. I know Iain Gibson is a purser now, and he’s also great. I hope whomever fills Dave’s shoes is worthy of the job. I wish him Godspeed. Maybe I’ll get around to doing a river cruise now, although most of the places they go are within driving distance for us...for now, anyway.
  4. Our first time on Hebridean Island Cruises, we did a back to back. The purser booked us a cab and sent us to see the Burrell Collection in Glasgow. While we were gone, they did our laundry for us, free of charge. All of this was paid for by the ship. Later, during our cruise, we stopped at Sanda Island, an uninhabited, privately owned property where there are seals and wild deer (the deer were imported by the owners). We walked the island, checked out the natural arch and lighthouse, watched the seals play-- they had pups at the time-- and when we got back to where the tenders were picking up and dropping off passengers, the purser was there with a hamper full of treats, coffee, tea, whisky, and Bailey's. I enjoyed hot coffee with Bailey's while taking in the views of Sanda, and its amazing natural beauty. Hebridean only takes about 50 people per cruise, so it was very intimate.
  5. Thank you! That comment makes my day! Not everyone appreciates bloggers, so it's really nice to get a compliment like that one! Thank you so much for reading and for the praise! And if you like your gin, Hebridean can definitely hook you up. I'd rather drink gin myself.
  6. I can answer the question about loungers, I have never seen anyone hog them with books. There has never been an issue for us finding a place to sit anywhere on the ship. it’s been a few years since my last cruise on SeaDream, so I’ll let someone else answer the rest.
  7. We have sailed in November, March, August, and September. All were great and surprisingly mild.
  8. Those of you who are interested in Hebridean's whisky cruises may want to have a look at these two posts I've written. So far, my husband and I have been to 16 different distilleries, thanks to Hebridean Island Cruises. We've been to two of those 16 distilleries twice! I wrote these posts mainly because I live in a military community in Germany and a lot of Americans over here want to visit the distilleries while they have the chance. Since they're related to our cruises, maybe some of you will want to check them out, too. Bear in mind, the first one was originally written in October 2017 for my original blog, which I have since moved. Part one https://thetravelingovereducatedhousewife.blog/2017/10/15/whisky-distilleries-i-have-known/ Part two https://thetravelingovereducatedhousewife.blog/2019/11/29/whisky-distilleries-i-have-known-part-two/
  9. You’ll see there are a few of us in the Hebridean forum. I know some don’t consider Hebridean Princess to be luxury, but after five cruises, I can say that the experience was more luxurious than SeaDream, which I’ve sailed three times and loved. Hebridean is unique and once you’ve paid, everything is taken care of. That, to me, is very luxurious.
  10. The first time my husband and I sailed on Hebridean Princess, we did a back to back. On turnaround day, they booked a cab for me, my husband, and another lady doing a back to back. We went to see the Burrell Collection in Glasgow and had lunch. The ship paid for the taxi and our lunch, and while we were gone, even did our laundry for free. 😄
  11. It's great to know people enjoy the blog. I try to be honest and candid, as well as charitable. It's hard to believe three months have passed since we were onboard. Seems like so much has happened in that time. With any luck, we'll be back onboard again before too much more time has passed! I'm ready to try a new itinerary, or if not that, a new theme other than whisky.
  12. On Hebridean Island Cruises, every room has its own private decanter of scotch. 🙂
  13. Awesome, isn't it? I still use the leather wallet they gave me on our last cruise with them in 2013. It's perfect for credit cards!
  14. Aww... that is adorable. I am surprised you didn’t have the stuffed Highland cow around for tea!
  15. I'll give it some thought. My husband's company's contract is in negotiations right now, so we're not exactly sure where we'll be in a year. But I am always game for a Hebridean cruise. 😉 I hope you and your wife were able to make some new friends on your trip. I have found that Hebridean cruises are great for that, too. Really nice people who have fascinating backgrounds! I especially like talking to the very elderly, because even though they're so old, the ones who cruise on Hebridean are usually still spry and have long memories. We have met some incredible octogenarians on that ship, including several men with fascinating military backgrounds. On our first cruise in 2012, we met a man who was in World War II as a young guy. He was amazing to talk to, since he still had a lot of memories of his time in the war. On another trip, we met a man who served thirty years with the British Army, then did another fifteen for the Canadian Army, and lived in Baden-Baden, Germany, not far from where Bill and I used to live until last year. On our last trip, we met a man who lived in Rhodesia (Zimbabwe) for twenty years as a public health officer for the British Army. One of my degrees is in public health, so he was very interesting. And, like me, he's a musician!
  16. I think they do have some books on where they’re going in the library, although to be honest, I don’t spend a lot of time looking for reading material when I am on the ship. I did notice the books when we sailed in August, though, and I don’t remember seeing a lot of fiction.
  17. You had some great staff members! We sailed with Egon and Iain in 2016 when we did the Spirit of Scotland cruise. At that time, Iain was not yet a purser. I am so glad to see he was promoted and is doing such a fabulous job. And Egon is an excellent bartender and really knows his whiskies. Sounds like you had a wonderful cruise! Thanks for sharing! Makes me want to book again.
  18. My favorite SD Caribbean itinerary was to the southern Caribbean. We started in Antigua and went to Barbados. I loved visiting all of the different flavored islands. Barbados was a real treat, too. Such beautiful beaches!
  19. We had a wonderful time visiting the Piedmont region of Italy, up near Turin. It's beautiful there, and not overrun with tourists. There's also wonderful wine. Find a nice, small town, like Pinerolo, and get a taste of the real Italy.
  20. We used Rome Cabs to get from the city to the pier. It was money well spent!
  21. Sounds like your Edinburgh digs are a lot better than ours were in August!
  22. If you like seafood, you're in luck. Here in Germany, we don't get as much fish as I'd like. I always overdose on Hebridean Princess. Especially when they do the fabulous cold seafood buffet!
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