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  1. Well I'm sure they got a lot of angry feedback about charging for room service and I understand from what I've read on this site that they have since reversed or at least delayed implementing that policy. That could be either a result of survey feedback or perhaps a lot of negative press from sites like this one...who knows? But it shows they are listening...
  2. I stand corrected then... Thank you.
  3. I'll probably get shelled for this but I'll say it anyway... If they are going to have "formal night" as a designated theme, then "formal" ought to mean something. Letting everyone decide what formal means on an individual level, while quite a popular practice today, kind of defeats the purpose of calling out a dress code at all. The idea that formal means "I wear pants instead of shorts" is laughable! Simply wearing long pants does NOT and never has constituted formal attire. Formal has traditionally meant tuxedo or dark suit (w/jacket and tie) for men and some sort of evening dress (not slacks) for the ladies. I want to be very clear that I am not slamming nor do I have an issue with anyone who does not want to wear formal attire on their vacation. I respect that. I just hate to see things constantly dumbed down to the point of irrelevancy. If the vast majority of cruisers on your line don't want to dress up for a formal night then just get rid of it entirely. Respect their wishes... As for those few of us that do enjoy a more formal ambiance on occasion, maybe make one of the alternative dining options formal and enforce it. Just my 2 cents...okay let the shelling commence! Don
  4. Okay all of you experienced cruisers out there.... What are some checklist items (beyond the obvious ones) or things you've learned to expect that would not be obvious to someone who is new to cruising? 1. I've only been on 1 cruise and it was awhile ago, but one thing that is now on my checklist that wasn't there the first time is change for the on-board self-serve laundry. 2. Our next cruise is in Mexico and someone gave me a tip to have quite a few $1 bills for tipping at the ports. 3. I've also heard that if you plan to venture off on your own in the more depressed areas to pack a "Dummy" wallet, with old credit cards, an old DL, even an expired passport and then "just enough" cash for your day. Keep your real ID and extra cash stashed somewhere else on your person.
  5. New Carnival cruiser here... I just made a reservation at the steakhouse on the Splendor for my wife's birthday. Our cruise is not until August, so we obviously have some time to wait. My question is: Can I pre-pay for my steak reservation? Or is simply accomplished by pre-paying into your onboard credit account? Our only other cruise was on HAL some time ago and they had a similar alt dining venue with a $20 surcharge, but with them you prepaid it similar to a shore excursion. Don
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