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  1. Vouchers, like frequent flier miles, have no cash value in the eyes of travel insurance. Therefore, not insurable. Even if it did slide through, your plan constitutes insurance fraud. If you do not use the voucher, I believe you can file a claim for reimbursement under your original trip insurance (maybe) Also, I believe there are articles out there that talk about even if the airline offers a voucher, you can request a cash reimbursement anyway under the Covid-19 situation.
  2. That could also include a requirement for valid passports
  3. Here's a screen shot of what I just received (Only on CruiseCritic) occasionally. This was with the Edge Browser using Windows 10
  4. In most instances, No. Travel Insurance is not refundable. Sometimes there is a free look back period and you can get a refund. Sometimes there is an opportunity to not get a refund but maybe get a voucher or such to move that policy to a different travel plan. Or, sometimes there is such a wild event that throws the entire world into a new and unforeseen mess that nobody knows what is refundable and what is not,,,but in general, no, no refund after you have been in coverage for a while. I know,,, But I wasn't in coverage. Well, yes you were. Even though the travel had not started yet, the insurance was in full effect in that instance that something out of the ordinary happened before the trip and caused you to cancel the trip for a "Covered" reason, then the insurance would have paid off. Just because you cancelled a month before final payment does not mean the insurance wasn't in effect.
  5. Come on now Chief. I respect your knowledge and your ability and willingness to share your experience in the marine world. However, there is no way you can sit back and say that leadership in the cruiseline world has no culpability and no knowledge as to how they may sometimes delve into the grey area when it comes to evading environmental laws and or regulations. As Mike stated, it can be in some instances cheaper to just pay the fines and keep raking in the dough. If that is the direction leadership chooses,,, they cannot then come back during hard times and expect a hand up or hand out.
  6. https://www.msn.com/en-us/money/companies/cruise-lines-were-shut-out-of-the-coronavirus-stimulus-heres-why/ar-BB12juok?li=BBnb7Kz What I found interesting was the statement alleging that the cruiselines find it cheaper to just pay environmental fines as a cost of doing business rather than making the financial investment to comply.
  7. This is where your 3rd Party Travel Insurance will kick in. **if you included the costs of your excursions as part of your non-refundable Trip Costs** edit to add that there is probably some credit card protection/recourse for reimbursement.
  8. Interesting. I can see a lot of legal challanges within these recommendations. But I do understand the intent.
  9. It's called savvy business decisions. They didn't feel guilty when the economy was good and pricing was in their favor.
  10. You get your engineering and design information from CNN? 🤔
  11. Nope We all have dreams, we all have aspirations, and people are forgiving. Corporations and Governments have done much much worse and they see their way through bad times.
  12. HUGE difference Refundable vs, Non-refundable
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