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  1. I would never trust the ships wifi to be able to securely connect, stay connected and maintain the bandwidth for something as important as what you need. I would look into taking my own mifi and taking the test while in port with good connection speed and bandwidth. Also, trying to take this test in port at a free wifi location would not be ideal either. You're going to be competing against 100 other people for speed and bandwidth. I have taken this with me twice while on a European cruise. Worked great everywhere I used it. It will not work while at sea on the ship. You must be able to connect to a land based cellular network. https://www.skyroam.com/solis-x-new?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIupT-qdvQ5AIVxB6tBh1uswOrEAAYAyAAEgL9EPD_BwE
  2. Very simple solution. Stop booking with the big box TA
  3. 🤦‍♀️ I'm glad there's an ignore list
  4. I'm going to go a different route. Alaska is bigger than many EU countries. In my opinion, cruising to Alaska and saying you've been to Alaska would be like me changing planes at LHR and telling people that I've been to the UK. I tell people that I would recommend that they can cruise North or South, it doesn't matter, but also do a 4 -7 day trip inland to Denali National Park. Most cruiselines or tour companies offer this as a combined package.
  5. Thanks for peeing in my Cheerios 😨 The other way to have handled this , assuming one just had to chime in and voice their unsolicited opinion was,,,,,, Dang, way to go. Hope this works out for you. This scenario is not how Royal used to handle things, then again, maybe the stars aligned and a passenger gets the benefit this time. Then again,,, in todays world of social media it could have been much worse.
  6. So, you're saying I should just give it back? 😵
  7. I went to a cruise travel website, saw that there were still a CL available, called my TA to see if what I was seeing correct, she called her contact at Royal,,, called me with Royal on hold and asked if we wanted that cabin ., I said Yes. She called back after it was all done and said we would get a $400 refund to our cc. I don't know the hows or the whys,,, it just did.
  8. never heard of it nor was I able to find it on Google. Even went 5 pages deep on Uncle google.
  9. How does one cancel their RoyalUp bid? I had a GS booked, received the email to RoyalUp, I bid $200pp for a CL. Then today, I was looking around, called my TA, upgraded to CL for a total of $400 less than what I had paid for my GS
  10. I wear glasses. How does that work with the BOSS scooter?
  11. Get ahold of a local travel agent who specializes in cruises. Otherwise, you are set up to fail. By going through the TA, that leaves you out of the money and other obstacles that will pop up. Here's what happened to my wife. She announced we were going on a cruise and everyone within earshot wanted to go. She spoke with the cruiseline, had the dates all selected, had everyone put down their group deposit of $25. She self taught herself html code and developed a website just for our group (this was 15- 20 years ago). Had parties to discuss things. Next thing you know, somebody spoke to somebody and "they" could have gotten a better deal. "They" announced that "we" are screwing them over. Price is too high, nobody said anything about airfare, etc. Why didn't you get us group airfare? Time to pay the rest of the deposit, half the people dropped out. We haven't got the money, can you pay for us and we'll catch you later? Time to pay off the cruise, half the remaining dropped out. Now, we no longer had enough people to do a "group" cruise. The rest of us went and had a great time, but never again. Now,,, we just say hey, we're going on a cruise,, here are the dates,,, here is the name of our TA,,,, you're more than welcome to join us.
  12. I hope you don't have to use it either. That's why I use a broker though. I use Trip Insurance Store instead of Insure My Trip. Either way, should you have to file a claim, the broker is there to help you do that.
  13. I agree with most that I don't believe you are due any compensation from nationwide. However, since this bothers you enough that you not only posted a thread here, you also posted a thread on the insurance board, have you received the denial of claim from Nationwide verbally? or in writing also? Nationwide has not denied you anything until it's in writing. Their phone people are no more official than Royal's phone people. File your claim. If it gets denied officially, then file a complaint with your States Insurance Commissioner for them to investigate. https://www.mass.gov/file-an-insurance-complaint
  14. If the cruiseline is offering OBC or a % off on a future cruise, the insurance isn't going to pay you again. You can't double dip. Also, the cruiseline isn't changing your port of call. It's just changing the duration. If Nationwides decision still doesn't sit well with you, then make a claim. When you receive the denial letter, file a complaint with your State Insurance Commisioner who regulates all insurance sold in your State.
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