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  1. klfrodo

    AI in Cancun

    Since we can't cruise, my wife and I are headed to an AI in Cancun in early April. Hotel is offering free Covid testing prior to return to show at airport. We went to Cabo in Feb. The Cabo area was way more safety conscience than around here and I live in a blue area. Everywhere you went in Cabo required masks, hand sanitation before you entered, temp check after the hand sanitation, social distancing, etc. Not only was this at restaurants, but even Walmart and Costco.
  2. Just booked an AI in Cancun for April. Staying at RIU Along with the package is an "Exclusive Healthcare Service" provided by Healix. This service provides a free Covid test at the resort prior to your return to the States. If you come up positive, each guest can stay at the resort for an additional 14 days
  3. That's going to cause some paperwork 😨 Opportunity for improvement 🤣
  4. My Son in law, who is an RN has received both jabs. The first once just caused some minor soreness at the injection site. The second jab made him extremely fatigued and run down. Had to go home from work. Lasted less than 24 hours
  5. I am/was/will soon not be booked on the Epic. As part of the package I got 1 wifi, and 2 drink packages and a couple of other things. Cruise is NOT paid off. Did book thru a TA. A couple of months after booking, I went on NCL and upgraded my wifi package and purchased 2 additional unlimited wifi packages. I also upgraded the drink packages to the Premium packages. I also purchased my granddaughter a beverage package. Fast forward to just now. With everything going on, I anticipate that the Epic will not be sailing in Europe when our trip was scheduled.
  6. Makes sense. This is such a new field of science in regards to general public safety, that new information and changes should be expected.
  7. That's my dilemma for this summer vacation in Europe. That is IF we can get to the UK and EU by this summer. Granddaughter will be 15 when we leave the US and enter the EU, but turns 16 during the trip. 16 is the cutoff.
  8. I "assume" you can move a recently cancelled by Carnival cruise to a Carnival cruise that has already been booked for 2022 and had deposit only made and still retain the $600 OBC offer from the Carnival cancelled cruise? Am I correct?
  9. My April Panorama cruise is still active on Carnival.com
  10. Not just "anybody". When somebody passes away, the court assigns an Administrator (Executor) to the Estate of the deceased. The Administrators job is to gather all the assets and debt's. The attorney and the administrator work out all the fine details. IF there are any assets left, then the court will have to approve how those assets are divided. Priorities are Court and Attorney fees, Executor fees, debts, then distribution of anything remaining.
  11. I apologize for the assumption then I agree with you 100% regarding fellow Americans spouting their personal politics. This has not been my experience on my 2 cruises. (1 was an Eastern Med out of Venice, the other was a Baltic). What I've found more surprising is when people from other countries would ask questions about our political situation. It would seem they were more informed about American politics than I was. It goes both ways though sometimes. I had some friends fly over for a cruise. They were Brits. As much as I didn't want to talk about 45,,, they didn't wa
  12. I'm going to assume that you're primary concern is the potential language barrier you anticipate running into while doing a European cruise. I've done 2 European cruises so far. Both on Royal Caribbean. As an American, we were probably somewhere in the 40%-60% demographic. Bottom line though,,, English is the go to language in a multi cultural situation. Yes, families or groups from all over the world speak their native languages when speaking to each other, but anytime someone from another nationality joined the group, the language defaulted to English. Almost all activities on the
  13. Now you're talking Insurance Fraud. I know Bo mentioned 75% but some policies are even less. TravelGuard is only 50% last I checked. I "think" NY recently (like in the past 6 months) changed their laws about CFAR. I would double check
  14. You may be correct but you don't have to show your arse about it. When visiting or speaking to people from other countries and cultures,,,,, always, always, always remember that you are a diplomate and representing your country and culture.
  15. Do you have any family members NOT traveling with you that have pre-existing medical conditions that could interrupt your travel plans. Grandma, Grandpa, mother, father, brother, sister, son, daughter, aunt, uncle,,,,,
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