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  1. Thank you for the feedback. I decided to go ahead and make our reservations. I'm thinking that since all the 2020 reservations got cancelled, most of them will try to just move to 2021. I better get my name on the list now.
  2. However, you are buying consolidator tickets. (which is why they are cheaper) Now, there's nothing wrong with consolidator tickets as long as you're aware of the possible pitfalls and make your purchase with that knowledge.
  3. Good for them. The locals should have a voice in the decision making process.
  4. Guess I shouldn't be too upset that the Catholic church received Covid-19 relief money. So did the Church of Scientology, Latter Day Saints, and other religious organizations. Just don't understand how they can be tax exempt and get federal bail out money. If part of the reason is because they donate to relief organizations or their employees pay federal taxes, I'm not why why cruiselines like Carnival or Royal are kept out. They donate millions to hurricane relief efforts. They probably did more for Puerto Rico than the current administration did. Their US based employees pay US taxes. Just don't understand the distinction. I was just going to let this thread go to bed but someone resurrected from page 3.
  5. I haven't heard that argument. Is this fact or opinion? Would like to see a link backing this up as fact for future information.
  6. Do US parishes and dioceses pay taxes? Offsets their losses and payouts to molestation victims too.
  7. If foreign companies can't and cruiselines can't and companies who don't pay taxes can't, the why the Catholic Church? https://www.cbsnews.com/news/catholic-church-coronavirus-aid-lobbying/
  8. Did any of the major players in the cruise industry receive Corona Virus bail out money?
  9. No response is an acceptable answer. After 14 hours of not 1 answer, I made the decision that this question was a new one and none of the experts here knew the answer. No responses, in and of itself, was an answer.
  10. 1. Vueling not an option for me just as Southwest is not an option for me. For personal reasons only. 2. Yep. Considered. Ruled out 3. Spending 10 days in France prior to sailing out of BCN. (Assuming there will be ships sailing out of Barcelona at that time) ***** I realize this will sound bitchy of me, but I really enjoy explaining my reasoning for my choices in life to complete strangers, while at the same time, nobody answers the original question. While at the same time, I understand some people are just trying to be helpful. It's the dichotomy of an anonymous chat board *****
  11. For flights about to be purchased from France to Spain for a planned trip in 2021. I was searching what their current cancellation policy is, if in fact there is still a travel ban in place in 2021 and came across that policy. However, it doesn't clearly state what the "90" is. Worse case scenario would be 90% of fare. Or it could mean 90 Euros per ticket (which I could accept)
  12. Doing a land vacation (holiday) prior to a cruise in 2021. *** I hope**** Assuming this pandemic situation gets under control by then*** Anyway, I will be renting (hiring) a car in Nantes to visit friends near Chateaubriant. Our entire trip is 5 weeks out of the US so luggage is going to be an issue (we could argue that, but on some things I don't argue with the wife) So, 3 people, 3 large pieces of luggage, 2 medium pieces of luggage, and 3 small backpacks. Do I go with a Peugeot 308 SW or a Renault Grand Scenic I would go to a local dealership and look but none around. YouTube reviews can be a little deceiving. Thanks
  13. Allowed at any time with a penalty of 90, except in the case of not showing up for the flight (no-show), which does not allow reimbursement " with a penalty of 90, " 90 what???? 0.90 cents?? (doubtful) 90% of fare 😲 €90 This is for Business Class
  14. Nope But, the evening departure flight on BA from SEA to LHR will be on a 787-10 next year. (scheduled to be anyway. Lots of things can change between now and then)
  15. Didn't think of that but I'd bet that's a ding ding ding for correct answer
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