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  1. As Hank stated, evacuation from the cruise ship done by specially trained Navy or Coast Guard personnel and is not charged to the evacuee. The expensive part comes when you are on land. and need transported to a major facility for emergency service or evacuated back home for continued care. Someone in your group had to keep their head about them and be in contact with your insurance provider. The insurance provider, if in agreement with the practitioner, will arrange for payment for travel expenses. As a side level of protection, I have MedjetAssist. MedjetAssist will come and get you anywhere in the world and take you to any facility of your choice at your direction. HOWEVER,,, you MUST be in an in-patient status at a HOSPITAL. An ER Clinic will not do.
  2. another question to ask Do they pay for repatriation of remains? Mine said No I also asked if they would send payment upfront if necessary to receive inpatient medical care if the provider demanded payment upfront for major procedure. Mine said No. My employer provided insurance also has an international rider for coverage outside CONUS. However, after speaking with them, I decided that having an additional travel insurance policy for medical, evac, was in my own personal best interest.
  3. That is a question that doesn't have only 1 answer. A 13 yo who grew up in a community of 100 people would have a different answer for a 13 yo who grew up in NYC and took the subway by themselves to school every day. Different environments, different culture, different levels of self awareness. Only you know your child.
  4. I'm going to recommend that you go a different direction than Deb suggests. If you went 3rd party thru tripinsurancestore or insuremytrip, I'd call them first and get their recommendations. Even if you went direct with a 3rd party company, I'd call them and get their guidance to ensure that the proper procedures are followed for a smooth cancellation. Yes, you will eventually have to call the cruise line directly to officially cancel.
  5. Maybe If security sees it, they will inspect it. If the person who inspects determines it's safe, then maybe. If the person who sees it, doesn't determine its safe. it will be confiscated. However, as noted above, it is a restricted item.
  6. Technically, you must be playing. Even with that the servers are far and few between when it comes to getting drinks on the DOU card. Unless tipping very well.However, since you have Cheers, why sweat over it?
  7. I was on the week before as a lowly Suite guest. I can only imagine how it was this week. 😲
  8. I get that kind of price because I am foregoing trip cancellation, trip delay, and other niceties that I'm willing to risk and/or self insure For any single trip policy, I just put the Price Per Person of the trip at $500 (Not the true price). That gives me medical and evac. (If legal in your state, it also is good enough for pre-existing condition waiver) I choose $500 because for me, the price of the insurance is the same from $0 - $500. The price increases at $501 -$1000 and so on and so on. (Again, this can vary based on your residency)
  9. from Uplift Financial home page under about us https://www.upliftfinancial.com/about-us/ Uplift Financial - 1770 Massachusetts Ave #138 - Cambridge, MA 02140 - (617) 463-9016 - info@upliftfinancial.com Disclosure: Uplift Financial is not a lending partner and does not represent lending partners as a loan broker or in any other capacity other than as a loan referral source. Your submission of information and any request for quotes through Uplift Financial is not an application for credit. Any applications for credit must be submitted directly to a lender. Uplift Financial uses the information you provide to identify financial solutions that appear to be the best fit for your situation, based on the information that you have supplied, using the financial parameters that lenders have provided to Uplift. Uplift Financial may receive a referral fee from a lending partner in certain circumstances. Uplift Financial matches borrowers with financial solutions that appear to be the best fit for their situation. You must apply for credit directly with the lending partner with which you choose to apply. Uplift Financial may share your information with a lending partner if you have permitted us to do so; any credit product for which you apply is solely the product of the lending partner. Interest rates used as examples on the Uplift Financial website are typically for borrowers with prime credit; actual interest rates, terms and conditions, and APRs will vary depending on the loan type and lending partner. There is no charge to use Uplift Financial's service. Filling out a form on the Uplift Financial website does not guarantee approval for a loan. For our E-consent please visit www.upliftfinancial.com/loans/esign-consent. Disclosure: Uplift Financial is not a debt settlement company and does not represent debt settlements companies in any capacity other than as a debt solutions referral source. Uplift Financial may receive a referral fee from a debt settlement company in certain circumstances. Uplift Financial may share your information with a debt settlement company if you have permitted us to do so; any product for which you apply is solely the product of the partner. Terms and conditions will vary depending on the partner. There is no charge to use Uplift Financial's service. Filling out a form on the Uplift Financial website does not guarantee you will receive a debt settlement plan. For our E-consent please visit www.upliftfinancial.com/loans/esign-consent. Copyright 2019. All Rights Reserved.
  10. It could be that the price point is set at such a high level as to make it prohibitive to those who would purchase to get "sloppy drunk" in their cabin then go out to use their Cheers package vs. those who just enjoy a beverage or 2 in the cabin before heading out. Do we sell 100 bottles and make $2500 margin? or do we sell 25 bottles and make a $2500 margin?
  11. Just know that a "table for 2" means that a table for 4 has been split up and the 2 tables will be about 3 to 6 inches apart.
  12. Clarify please. Are you asking about family style cabins that have actual bunk beds? Or are you asking about cabins that have murphy style beds that pull out of the wall or drop down from the ceiling?
  13. from TripInsuranceStore https://tripinsurancestore.com/travel-insurance-pre-existing-medical-condition-lookback-period/ The Pre-Existing Medical Condition Lookback Period is a period of time, usually the 60, 90, 180 days prior to the travel insurance policy’s coverage effective date, that defines a Pre-Existing Medical Condition If the person with the condition has any symptoms, appointment or visit or consultation with a medical professional, test, diagnosis, medication adjustment or change, then this condition would be considered pre existing. The Pre-Existing Medical Condition exclusion can not only apply to you, the insured, but, for some coverages, can also apply to your traveling companions and traveling or non-traveling family members. Click here to learn more about who is defined as traveling companions and family members. Here’s an example: Let’s say you have high chloresterol. You’re fine now. Your condition is completely controlled with no diagnosis, care, consultations with any medical professional, treatments nor any changes in medication within the time frame required by your plan. Therefore if the condition has remained stable, and all insured’s are medically able to travel when the coverage is purchased it would not be considered a pre-existing medical condition. Medically Stable means that in the 60, 90 or 180 days (depending on the provider) prior to, and including, the day you buy travel insurance, there can’t have been any medical condition which: Manifested itself, became acute or exhibited symptoms which would have caused one to seek diagnosis, care or treatment; Required the taking of prescribed drugs or medicine, unless the condition for which the prescribed drug or medicine is taken remains controlled without any change in the required prescription; or Required medical treatment or treatment was recommended by a legally qualified physician. If 1, 2 or 3 apply and you’re past the first 14, 15, 20 or 21 days after you made your initial trip deposit or more than 24 Hours after you paid your final trip payment, you won’t have any coverage for claims from that pre-existing medical condition.
  14. Well THAT statement is BS in my opinion. Carnivals insurance is what it is. The price is the same if you're 5 or 105. 3rd party insurance prices will increase as you age. Carnivals price includes Cancel For Any Reason coverage. 3rd party will add CFAR for additional cost. CFAR is good up until scheduled sailing whereas most 3rd party CFAR stops at 48 hours prior to departure. What is less optimal is that Carnivals policy has low medical coverage, low evacuation coverage and does not cover pre-existing conditions. All insurance policies vary. YOU must find the best policy that meets your needs. The smart traveler has some type of coverage. Even if you choose to self insure, at least you've made an educated decision.
  15. Just returned from our cruise. One of our stops was in Costa Maya. We wanted to do a Mayans Ruins tour. We decided not to go with a cruise line sponsored tour for various reasons. We ended up with The Native Choice. https://www.thenativechoice.com/tours/chacchoben-ruins-tour The tour was GREAT and filled with local history and knowledge. I highly recommend it and a big shout out to Hugo, our guide. The price was reasonable. If I had one thing to change about the web page, I would change the "Difficulty Level" from Easy to Moderate if like me (early 60's, out of shape, carrying about 40 pounds more than I should).
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