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  1. Our email was from the TA. My communication with Cunard has been non existent even though they said they would be in contact on Saturday evening to arrange our travel!
  2. I had an email overnight re our cancelled 15/3 cruise and as we want a full refund, it states that Cunard could take up to 10 weeks to refund! I do feel for you having all that money outstanding! They are all very quick to take our money but very slow giving it back.
  3. Thanks for the information. Luckily we could arrange our own transportation and accommodation or we would still be waiting. They specially said they would be in contact Saturday evening. Everyone here seems to be worried about cruises in the future, ours was cancelled wIth less than 24 hours before sailing,!
  4. Here we are Wednesday morning. Still no communication from Cunard re our cancelled cruise on 15/3. Why did they have to say in their cancellation email that they would be in contact with us Saturday evening to rearrange our travel plans..?
  5. We certainly can’t either! They said they will cover accommodation etc for us but at this stage I do not think so as their has been no communication. I also booked thru a TA, Princess have said that they will pay all agents fees, but I haven’t read that from Cunard, hopefully I also don’t have to pay a cancellation fee.
  6. Totally agree with you BAZZAW. Cunard cancelled our cruise Saturday afternoon for Sunday sailing. Still waiting for the representatives to contact us as per their email. our TA advised this afternoon that refunds could be some time as they are difficult to communicate with. we have friends who had their cruise cancelled just before they sailed on Saturday and already have had communications re their refunds with another cruise line. We have had 3 very long cruises with Cunard but unhappy at this moment. .
  7. Morning, Well, I have some questions for everyone here and hope someone can answer for me. We were on the QE sailing 15/3 that was cancelled. As per Cunard emails, I would receive a call from a Representative Saturday evening, which did not happen. This morning I will try and contact the TA that I booked thru, but I guess with all that is happening, that will not be an easy process. My questions are: 1. Should I email and request full refund plus other concerns or is there a form somewhere that I have to complete? I certainly do not want their FCC which was as per their first email. 2. How long does it take for this cash credit to actually come thru. I presume it all has to go thru the TA, which in itself is a bit scary in these times. Just not sure of the process. Cunard should not have said they would be in contact on Saturday evening. We fortunately could look after ourselves, but I am sure there were many waiting for phone calls. Any help would be appreciated.
  8. My sailing is today and still haven’t heard from Cunard as per their email! April is just around the corner and I would be very concerned too!
  9. We are on the same cruise that was supposed to sail tomorrow and I don’t think you will hear tonight. I think up to the TA’s to do that at some stage.
  10. I realise that as we have cruised with Cunard a few times. Yes, we did pay a cheap price on this one, but you are quite correct next year could be a different. I didn’t cancel, they did and I do hope a change of heart might happen and we get a full refund.
  11. Ok QE cancelled tomorrow. Official letter received. No refund just 125% FCC. Not happy with this as we don’t have ships based here a great deal.
  12. Will keep you updated, Just cannot understand why we have received no communication here in Australia.
  13. Still no news on QE current sailings. I guess we are sailing tomorrow !
  14. We leave on QE on Sunday......wonder if that will happen🙈 we have taken all precautions, but after over 45 cruises, I am a bit nervous about this one though.
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