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  1. I’ve intentionally stayed off of cruise Critic since I didn’t see the point to the endless speculation I guess! No one knows what the future of cruising holds and the situation is always changing. Plus, I actually started a new job just when the pandemic was declared, and have been very busy! One of the lucky ones I guess, the time has passed very quickly for me! hope things will get back to some kind of normal soon.
  2. Thanks everyone, hope to be back on her next year!
  3. Hi all, been away from Cruise Critic since the pandemic was declared so apologies if this has been discussed. I did do a search but couldn’t find any recent comments. We were supposed to be on Equinox tomorrow 😢 leaving from FLL for 12 day cruise. Feeling sad, I looked up where Equinox is positioned right now. It shows she spent 5 days this week in Freeport. Just curious whether anyone knows, was she getting any upgrades during this time? I think I read some time back she had only been partly “revolutionized”? Just curious. TIA 😊
  4. **I am speculating only**. I would think it is more difficult for HAL to cancel a large group that has been, perhaps, heavily promoted to a particular target market by the organizers, special on-board events planned for that group, special guests, speakers, and entertainers perhaps booked by the organizers for that particular week. These cruisers may have paid a premium over what others have paid for the same cruise, although it may not all have been paid to HAL (some would have perhaps gone to the organizers to defray costs like booking the entertainment). It may be difficult for organizers
  5. First of all - Fatcat, it sounds like you are off to a great start in 4166 and enjoying that big balcony! We enjoyed it back in December! Having said that, I would like to indulge in a bit of speculation. If you don’t want to read that sort of thing, stop reading now.... Another thread mentioned that there is a large group sailing with them on the NA on the Jan 11 cruise. So I popped over to the CC thread that lists charters, groups and dry docks. Looks like NA is chartered for the Jan 18 and 25 cruises, as well as the Mar 7 cruise. Also, there are large groups sailing on Jan 11, Fe
  6. Posted December 30, 2019 Hi venice07, I already posted this to the other thread that you posted in December about the same topic. There was no code given at the demos in December on NA, you just go to the link below and can sign up for two months free access. They do ask for a credit card so they can start billing you after 60 days. You need to cancel it before the 60 days are up or you will be billed. “We were on the NIeuw Amsterdam Dec 7-14 cruise, and I went to several of the America’s Test Kitc
  7. Well that is disappointing. Can you update us after your cruise? have a wonderful time!
  8. Hi venice07, We were on the NIeuw Amsterdam Dec 7-14 cruise, and I went to several of the America’s Test Kitchen cooking demos. I think they were held on each sea day and also on an unexpected sea day when we couldn’t dock at Grand Turk. I found them entertaining and informative. They were held in the BB King club, but it seemed to be a full kitchen set up on the stage. The chef was quite good and they also played short video snippets from the show to supplement the talk. The chef did explain there would be no sampling of the dishes since it wasn’t a proper cooking facility. There
  9. I would not get too concerned at this point; I’m sure it will be fine. Keep in mind, our experience was on the morning when it first happened. I believe the captain may have been “holding the ship in place” somehow while we waiting on the tugs to help us into Port Everglades. It seemed like we spent some time just sitting with Port Everglades in view. No repairs had been done yet and perhaps they didn’t yet know the exact cause. Just speculating but they must have done something as far as repairs when the ship was in Freeport (besides just inspections?). It is a great cabin otherwise with a
  10. Wesport, how was your night? Did you get any sleep? Will they move you to another cabin? We also were on the Dec 7-14 sailing, in 4166, which is on the port side near the back of the ship. We experienced a LOT of vibration on the last night. It felt like driving on a washboard surface. We did not get much sleep and it did make me feel nauseous, sort of like you were in a paint shaker! so we were glad to disembark. I feel for you if you are experiencing that all the time. Hopefully they can find you a better cabin, or figure out a fix that will work for you.
  11. Thanks everyone! All packed, mani/pedi done, and ready to fly down tomorrow for a couple of days in the sun before boarding! Can’t wait!
  12. We have sailed the Panama Canal cruise on Zuiderdam, and we had booked on the Caribbean Princess (also Panama Canal) but ultimately cancelled due to changes to the itinerary caused by the ship’s then propulsion problems. I would assume that is fixed by now, but for me, the biggest difference is - do you want to see the old locks or the new ones? Caribbean Princess transits the new locks to Gatun Lake (she can’t fit through the old locks). Zuiderdam transits the old locks as far as I know, and to me would be the more interesting cruise. If you can, get one of the aft wrap balconies on deck 5 fo
  13. Hey Jeff and Patti, I’ve been lurking all along and following this great review - another great review Bravo! Your writing and Patti’s pictures make for a great read. I’ve been dealing with a health issue the past few weeks so it was great to look forward to your posts. We were supposed to be taking a Danube river cruise next week but unfortunately had to cancel. We are booked on a Caribbean cruise on the Nieuw Amsterdam leaving in 4 weeks so hope I am better by then. Paul says we’re going because the sea air will do me good, and I can recuperate at sea as well as at home! s
  14. Hi Jacqui, We will be on Dec 7/19 sailing of Nieuw Amsterdam 7 day Caribbean. Celebrating our 23rd anniversary, my birthday and our 25th cruise! Can’t wait to be back on HAL. Where do you live in NB? Hubby’s family hails from Saint John but also lived for some time in Richibucto. Beautiful country and started his addiction to the ocean going out on the lobster boats as a kid. thanks for posting this! Sharon
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