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  1. My favourite guide & bathroom moment came in front of the Kremlin... Our guide informed us that there would be a Shakespeare stop once we got inside.... You know, to wee - or not to wee!! Fran
  2. And, apparently the EU has now been closed to Canadians... After doing so well for so long, our numbers are rising... Fran
  3. Yes... Boy - that didn't take long!! Thought this might last at least a few hours. We saw this when we did a WWI themed cruise with Avalon... We went to Flanders Fields - the area where the poem was written, as well as the museum, Ypres (attended the Menin Gate ceremony), Passchendaele - as well as a bit of WWII history with a trip to Bastogne War museum. We had a few hours in Rotterdam - and happened upon the market hall. Over to you, Ritabob... Fran
  4. Name what is in the photo. First guess the river. After that name the town/city/place. The person one who first guesses correctly gets to post the next photo! Please, DO NOT POST any PHOTOS unless it is your turn. *********************************** Me!! Fran
  5. We did China with Viking a number of years ago... a wonderful trip. We started in Beijing in mid-October (left the 14th, if memory serves...) - and the weather was absolutely perfect. Hopefully you can make the trip in the future - and stick with October if possible!! Fran
  6. I remember standing and watching the amazing movement on the buildings across the river... Fran
  7. Is that the Bund in Shanghai? Which would be, I guess, the Huangpu River. Fran
  8. If it is Prague, the "jumping off point" could be for the Danube or the Elbe... Prague is actually, I believe, on the Vltava River. If it is in Prague, this would be something I would like to see... if I get back there again. Fran
  9. Yes... the Cave Church in Cairo. It was quite a surprise to find a Christian church in Cairo - and, to find it such a large place of worship. There are quite a number of beautiful carvings - but, I didn't want to include a picture where the language might give the country away... Not that this stumped many people!! Maybe I should have gone with my other (somewhat) "obscure" picture... To get to the church, you need to enter Garbage City. Quite the eye opener... Close to 90% of the garbage produced in Cairo comes to this area for recycling. It is probably one of the poorest areas in Cairo, but I was struck by how friendly the people were as we drove by. Waving - smiling... We visited a co-op centre where they teach the women to weave, make paper etc. from items they have recycled. The proceeds from what they sell goes towards education and health care for people in the area. We did a cruise on the Nile earlier this year... we got home just as Covid was rearing it's ugly head. So glad we were able to go. Mitina - tag, you're it!! Fran
  10. Thanks!! Again, from my Blackberry... If you know this, it isn't as obscure as I thought!! But, such a wonderful place - a total surprise when we went. Fran
  11. Ok - I tried hard to choose a picture that wasn't going to make this really easy. (I have another fun one - but thought it might be easy for some who have travelled quite a bit in Europe....) This is from a city that is more of a jumping off spot for a river cruise. Although you can cruise from here, it is rarely done. Fran
  12. I have a rather unique/obscure one to post if I may... Fran
  13. By any chance, is this the Charles Bridge in Prague?? Fran
  14. There is actually one cruise - forget which line now - which cruises... yes CRUISES - between Prague and Berlin. We did the Elbe with Viking - so had land portions before and after the cruise. We ended in Berlin (disembarked in Wittenberg) - and made it to the Reischtag. Would love to go back to Berlin - only had a few days there after the cruise - and there is so much more to see!! Fran
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