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  1. I bid a little over $100 over the min per person for Aqua 2 Bed and Sky (Star) Loft from existing Crown Loft L1 on the Allure 2/16 and didn't get it. Mainly bid it for Star benefits as we are happy with the CL and location on 17th Floor.
  2. We are just going with the free options for the kids and head on over to cococay beach club. I don't see myself paying 100 per person just to stand in lines. This is basically Disney prices without the fasspass.
  3. They might as well say this based on their rule #3.
  4. I feel for those that flew out here for this. Good luck and be safe on the way home.
  5. I did. Was actually on it over 6 months. Didn't notice anything different.
  6. Believe it or not, nothing stops my sneezing. I went to over 10 allergy and ent and tried different medications, nothing do other than getting away from Northeast for a few weeks.
  7. Yes. It will be telling over the next few days how they go about doing this.
  8. I don't think so too but just make me nervous as that combined with the fact I am asian may or may not get some overreaction out of these people. I think their original response is appropriate just not their modified version.
  9. If you have a credit card that cover trip delay or interruption? Try them.
  10. Walk around them? Seriously? Good luck trying that.
  11. Oops. Tried to edit but looks like posted at bottom. I have a sneeze due to allergy to dust and mites year round. My family, friends and colleagues know this. Obviously, RCL won't know this. My son is similar but less serious.
  12. Wow. Get these people a refund already..... What's the point?
  13. This is a legit question. Just wondering how strict will it be.
  14. People have multiple banks and even traveled for work. Those charges won't show up.
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