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  1. Chris and Dawn, Well, we will off tomorrow, Saturday and should arrive at the Sheration around 3:00. On Sunday, we will wander Memphis and should be back in the afternoon to check in with American Queen. Our names are Susan Kaplan and Les Weinberg and I wrote your names down so I will try to leave a message to room so we can meet in the lobby later Sunday afternoon. Hope you are enjoying your travels so far and we looking forward to meeting you. Best, Sue
  2. I did make the reservation for the extra with the hotel. My travel agent told me to do so because AQ doesn't book the extra but I should call direct. I have the reservation which wasn't too expensive and checked that AQ reservation is there but I have to check with the front desk about linking them to the same. Oh, well. Thanks so much for your suggestions.
  3. I really thank you for the suggestion of checking after day two. I thought the travvel agent was wrong about getting the main dining room menu up at the buffet. Really annoyed at this. Also annoyed about booking a pre night at the hotel with them. I was told to call the hotel and they will link me to the AQ reservation but they couldn't do it. I have to wait till I get to the hotel. Hoping we will enjoy the trip. I am sure we will but the dining thing threw me off.
  4. I just told by my travel agent that we did not get the lst seating because of glitch but we could go to the Front Porch and ask for the main dining menu and have what is being served in the main dining room. Is that True?
  5. Chris and Dawn Come to think it of it. We can meet in the lobby on Sunday either late afternoon or dinner time. I just know one thing: On Saturday, I have to go to the Rendezous rib resturant. They are closed on Sunday. I am told they have the best ribs in Memphis. Best, sue
  6. Hi Chris and Dawn: We received our tickets last week too and finally getting excited. I really need this trip. Lots of anxiety and family problems so I need this trip to look forward to. Les and I are couple for 15 years now. Les Weinberg and Susan Kaplan from NYC area (Brooklyn and Stony Brook Long Island). Our cabin is 218. No balcony but a window which is fine with us. We will arrive in Memphis Saturday night and have Sunday to do some stuff. Monday, we plan on taking the Elvis tour and their bus to the dock. I am sure we can catch up with each other on Monday. We have early dining so perhaps we can connect in the main lobby at specific time so we meet. Best and safe travels, Sue
  7. Thanks so much for this blog. Love it because we are going to do our first Mississippi river cruise come September. How is the food? Can you get breakfast as room service? Does the dining room doors open at 5:15, can you get there at 5:20 and still get seated? Just curious since we have only done big cruise ships.
  8. Hi Chris: Just booked our air and we will flying out of St. Louis at 12:35 also so perhaps we could share a cab. Will connect with you somehow. Best and enjoy your tour. Sue
  9. I think you have seen more of the U.S. than I have! It is a great country. I was in England twice. In London for a few days on business and another time a few days in London and then, Dover for a cruise to Sweden, Norway, St. Petersburg, Germany. A wonderful cruise. I live in Brooklyn Heights which is just across the East River. I use to be a Big Apple Greeter which is a group of New Yorkers who volunteer their time and give walks to tourists all over NYC. This is a free organization and I always enjoyed taking Brits on a walk over the Brooklyn Bridge and then through the historic neighborhood of Brooklyn Heights. It would be nice together. As of yet,we haven't a cabin assigned since we booked an E guarantee but I am sure we will be on the boat. If not, oooops! Les will be very annoyed. We haven't booked our air yet but intend to catch a 10:00AM or later. So, there will be a good chance we can catch a car or taxi to share if you wish.
  10. We, too, are taking an ocean cruise this years. Various reasons mainly the changes of extra charges all over the place. We usually travel out NYC port because my guy hates to fly so this is a big adventure for us. I know there is a shuttle from the hotel to the dock. We will probably take the Graceland Tour which gives you 5 hours in tacky Graceland and then, down to the dock. I am told we will totally enjoy the experience. Excellent food, good side trips included, etc. We will be leaving from the St. Louis airport, too. I don't know if the American Queen provides a bus to the airport so we will probably take a cab when we hit port. We can share a cab with you if you wish. We should get together on board for a drink or something. We are both retired and in our early seventies. I also love the Brits. Best people in the world! I didn't see a roll call but we could connect some how. My name is Susan and significant other is Les. Keep in touch so we can get together.
  11. We are on this trip too. Coming from NYC Sept 10. The hotel is Shearaton Downtown Memphis and we were told to book the extra directly with the hotel which we did but they couldn't find the block booking from the American queen yet. I will check back next week. I suggest you book the extra night now because it may get booked up. Hope to see you on the boat.
  12. Now I am really pleased we booked the trip! Decent coffee! We have been cruising over the last 12 years on line out of NYC. Done all the routes and recently disappointed with all the changes and not feeling a valued customer anymore. We don't want to travel to Europe so I starting looking at the USA and this cruise sounded so great. A bit expensive but we haven't gone away for 2 years so it is doable now. Really looking forward to it.
  13. Thank you so much for your reply. You answered all my questions and we are really looking forward to a lovely, relaxing time. Hope it meets my expectations. One last question, how is the coffee? Love my coffee.
  14. Our first time on a river cruise leaving from Memphis in September. Many questions, booked a bay window guarantee. Does that mean we can get a higher category . How big is a bay window canin ? Dinner time at 5:15. Is that set? Can you come in later? What time do the Hip Hop usually start in the AM? what is the weather like 2nd week in September? Getting excited about the trip. Thanks,
  15. Question because I am totally confused. If I am platinum, do I get the standard free dinner at a specialty resturant or will it be al a carte?
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