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  1. On our last Princess cruise we were in Club Class. Just a few guests would show up for breakfast. We were seated at the same window table and were served by our favorite waiter every morning. It was a delightful way to start the day.
  2. I had issues for four days staying on CC. I would sign in and then it would immediately sign me out. I couldn't check notifications either. I sent an e-mail to the CC help desk and received this reply. I clered my browser's cache and now it works! I appreciated the prompt response from CC. Hi There My tech team is aware and investigating these issues. In the meantime, some members have found relief clearing their browsers cache and cruise critic cookies that are stored on their browser (or device) For help with how to clear a browser’s cache: https://www.pcmag.com/how-to/how-to-clear-your-cache-on-any-browser For help clearing just Cruise Critic cookies, and not all, I have included a link that explains the process for various browsers: https://www.lifewire.com/clear-cookies-for-one-site-4587347 and also for different mobile devices: https://lexisnexis.custhelp.com/app/answers/answer_view/a_id/1080838/~/clear-cache-and-cookies-on-most-common-mobile-browsers Thank you for your patience while my team addresses these issues Jennifer Senior Community Support Specialist
  3. This is good news. We are doing a b2b from Celebrity to Princess in January. Hopefully, the testing procedures will all be in place by then.
  4. We are going to be traveling for 18 days. The first leg of our journey is on Celebrity and their ships do not have self-serve laundry facilities. I will definately need to do laundry on our 10-day Princess cruise.
  5. Now that premium beverage companies are offering non-alcoholic spirts such as gin, vodka and whiskey, is it acceptable to bring them onboard? I totally understand that Celebrity might not be able to offer them as onboard selections. However, could a passenger bring them on to consume? How about non-alcoholic wines?
  6. I did find a reference to Pool cabanas in the Retreat area on Enchantment. I know that on previous sailings they were a first come/first served reservation. If I recall, the charges on the Royal were $50.00 per day on port days and $100.00 on sea days. We booked all of the sea days on the sailing.
  7. I have been searching in vain for information on renting a cabana in the adult-only Retreat area. We reserved a cabana as soon as we boarded The Royal about four years ago and found it to be delightful. We are really not looking for alot of extras. We just want a pleasent spot to spend sea days where we don't need to resort to playing the towel game. Does anyone know if this option will be available on Enchanted?
  8. That is truly memorable. We were in the Club Mini Suite with the huge corner balcony over the bridge on Princess four years ago. We had a late departure from St. Thomas and were able to have the entire meal on the balcony with the twinkling lights of the port all around us. It was magical. We are in the same stateroom for our January 2022 sailing. We have confirmed reservations for the UBD. I hope it happens.
  9. When I just checked my sailing, the only offering is breakfast. The dinner option is no longer being offered. However, my reservation still shows the following: Culinary Delights Item Type Delivery Date Price Package Purchased By Cancel Ultimate Balcony Dinner For Two Message: "WISHING YOU A WONDERFUL CRUISE!" Feb 04, 2022 $100.00 WISHING YOU A WONDERFUL CRUISE! for: Cancel Paid Cancellation Policy: You may cancel 72 hours before your cruise for full refund. Specialty Dining
  10. I booked it online before we switched to the Medallion a week ago.
  11. I just booked this on our January 29th sailing. We have totally enjoyed the UBD on a previous cruise. It was the highlight of the cruise. On our 10-night cruise, there is only one night where we are at port until 8:00pm. We made sure to book it early to secure one of the limited spaces. I hope it can happen.
  12. I would appreciate hearing what issues could be caused by establishing a separate roll call for the majority of passengers on the 18-day holiday segment who will not be ATW passengers. After perusing 527 posts on this roll call, it is apparent that ATW cruisers have issues and interests that do not pertain to passengers sailing on shorter cruises. I can totally understand separate roll call issues when the segment is in the middle of a RTW sailing. However, this segment is at the start of the RTW cruise and very few RTW passengers have chosen to sail on this portion.
  13. We just made the deposit for our first Oceania cruise. I was excited to discover that there was an existing Roll call until I realized that our 18-day cruise from Miami to San Francisco in December 2022 was the first portion of a RTW cruise. December 28, 2022 ATW 2023 MIA-SF / SF-SF and All Other Versions & Segments I look forward to participating in the roll calls for our sailings. Understandably, 99 percent of the 537 posts on this roll call are referring to the RTW aspect of cruise. Currently, just the very top suites are sold out for this sailing as well as one other category so it looks like most RTW cruisers will not even be on this sailing and will join the RTW on the SFO segment. Since it appears that the vast majority of cruisers on this segment will not be on the RTW cruise, Is it possible to start a new roll call for just the 18-day sailing?
  14. Now that non-alcoholic spirts are being offered at many fine establishments, I wonder if Celebriy offers non-alcoholic wine or spirits on their sailings. Has anyone seen non-alcoholic gin and tonics or alcohol free wines onboard Celebrity or any other cruise lines?
  15. Nashna

    Elite ?

    Good to know. We won't count on customized service. Our next sailing on the B2B is on Princess since they offer self-laundry service, I'll plan on doing my own laundry when we board as I don't want to take the risk of having a favorite piece ruined. However, DH's can go in the freebie bags.
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