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  1. Izena Glad you had a good time. So sorry you fell and hurt yourself. Hope it heals quickly. The dog sledding sounds like it was so much fun. Sorry the flying was so full. Glad you had your 1st shot and everyone wore masks. If you did gain, think not with all that exercise, it came on fast will go off fast. Bet your dog is happy your back too. Where is everyone today? Cold? Tired? Busy? Lazy? Staying off computer? Don't want to talk? Eating? Sleeping? Or ALL of the above?😄
  2. Hello on this Monday Morning. Have a great week Everyone. Hope you all had a good weekend. Thanks Diana is was nice to spend time with my kids. Seen them more the last few months which is nice but doing it safely. Taxes already? Seems like we just did them. Which we did because we were able to wait till July. I don't have all my papers yet. They have till end of Feb. to send to you.
  3. Hello Mel How long did you Ballroom dance? Bet your dresses were pretty. I didn't mind wearing dresses on cruises all the years but now I'm fine not wearing them now. Someone can buy them now at a cheaper price at Goodwill. In fact a few are just like brand new. Only wore once or twice. Had a nice lunch and good day with the kids. Went thru a few more papers and things today. Still doesn't feel right I can't give them a hug or kiss. Safe is the key word for now. Hope your all having a good weekend.
  4. Jan I remember my 1st cruise. I would buy dresses, keep tags on because I was losing weight. Have to take them back (unworn just hanging in closet)) because to big. Had a dress for every night. Husband had a Tux and a suit. Those were the days, dressing up every night and then the formal. It was exciting, all the extra things they had on the ships then. but cruises cost more then too. Think it started to fade the dressier part when more people started to cruise, then went to anytime dining. Then airlines started charging for the 2nd bag. Plus as we got older (l
  5. Hello All Happy to say I lost the pound I gained. Thought I might. Diana me too just don't wear the dresses anymore. I notice usually the ones that cruise a lot have mostly gone to pants and tops and the new cruisers are wearing the dresses. Doesn't matter to me what anyone is wearing. It's a cruise--Enjoy! My question when will WE cruise again? Don't work to hard today.🙂
  6. Hello All--Was going to post earlier today but got sidetracked and never came back in here. Sadly I'm up a pound. That's for 2 weeks since didn't weigh last week. But think I just gained it yesterday. To many carbs! Came on fast maybe go off fast too. Thank you all for the kind words about the post. Jan---Glad you didn't gain. Now don't have to lose any gains again like me. Jo---Good loss! Seems like Fitness Pal is helping you Diana---Glad you didn't gain either. Not finish with cleanout yet. Going though the clothes, the ones you sa
  7. I feel we all have less stress today Now if we could only make the virus go away Hope the holiday eating pattern has left us too Now back on track to lose a pound or two I know cold weather we think of comfort food Just have to make it less calories but still good We know what we have to do-- don't have to guess Exercise often and each day try eating less Sounds so easy I know but it is hard sometimes I know We tell ourselves we can do it but some days we say no All we can do is try our best and keep trying if
  8. Thanks Jan, Diana and Mel Was reading my post, what I want to say -- my house isn't a mess--just have to Much Stuff! ( gee I was thinking what do they think my house looks like) I made it really sound bad. It's not!😄 The USA has a new start today, new good changes. Now to get the virus down, then out! Hope everyone gets the vaccine when available.
  9. Hello All. I'm find, thanks for the concern. Sorry if I worried you. Your all so nice and caring.❤️ I decided to take some time off the computer, you all weren't talking much so thought it was a good time to take a break. Didn't think you would miss me. Checking on cruising info and everything else was to much. Stuff with the virus and the election, to much...thought a good time to get off for awhile. But miss you all and the computer so here I am but was nice for a short break. Trouble is nothing has changed but it will. Ho
  10. T--Today H--Healthy U--Up or Down R--Ready for S--Scale D--Diet A--Always Y--You----Be good to yourself W--Water E--Exercise I--Inches G--Getting it Done at H--Home I--Ideal N--Numbers...They Will Come
  11. Hello All Sorry didn't write today. Had a trying day. Some days dealing with people on the phone or computer.......... is to MUCH! Just didn't feel like talking anymore with anyone or even typing words. . New Day Now. Everyone have a good Wed. and a better day Thursday with what I hope is a loss for everyone. Take care
  12. You know I was thinking tonight how hard it is for awhile to get back on track after all the holiday food and sweets. Made me think of this saying... It's Not What You Eat Between Christmas And New Year's It's what You Eat Between New Year's and Christmas Ombud glad you got the coffee down to one. You mention ice cream maker, made me think I've got one plus other things in the cubboards in the garage. Another area to go though. Yikes! Thanks a lot for mentioning it!😄
  13. Good to see you Mel and Diana--- that your ok and talking. Mel I just couldn't live in snow. This Ca girl likes warmth. Don't like winter, cold here now but know to others probably be warm. Yes making progress with the paper but more to do. Wish it was just papers but it's all the other stuff too. Hope your dog is fine and the inspection goes well. Diana I always said probably my house wouldn't get cleaned out unless I move. But not moving, so cleaning is now. Why not? Not going anywhere. Just take my time. Glad your the same wi
  14. Where's Everyone? I like "seeing" your voices on paper and know how your doing. I had a lazy day yesterday. Didn't eat to bad I thought but up a little today. That's the trouble if we weigh everyday, our weight goes up and down each day. Whether it be water weight, hormones, ate to much but it is what it is. What counts is our Thursdays weight. Hope your all having a good day and it continues all week.
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