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  1. Summer is going so fast And our vacations didn't last We try to lose weight for cruises and holidays None were to be had.. so we had to find reasons to diet in our own way Some weeks we really do good Other weeks we're taken over by food How was this week for you....did you do good or did food win Hope good won and you feel thin Know this time in the world we have our up and down days But coming in here on Thursday you will get smiles no matter what you say Let's say this month..On August 26th last weigh-in of the month in here That we all will try to have a loss's for the 8th month of the year M...Move O...Overeat N...NOT T...Think H...Health L..Like O...Ourselves S...Speak up..( if you need help on anything in your life) S...Smile
  2. Couldn't get on today. Read now and yes my birthday is Sept. 1st. Lot of Birthdays in Sept. Good to see you all. Glad you still want to be here. Will write tomorrow it's late now. Have a good Wed. everyone.
  3. Good Afternoon Everyone. Are you playing "Hide and Seek?" No one around. Miss the talking. I know a few of you come in more often, Thank You. Know it's a Thursday weigh in thread but liked it that everyone use to come in and talk everyday. Plus use to be more of us. No one coming in because of the virus? Nothing to say? Just don't like coming in anymore? To busy with family? Sometimes feels like I'm talking to my self. Let me know if still want this thread and/or am I being to pushy wanting people to talk? Did alright eating during the weekend. Didn't lose but stayed the same. Time to lose. Should exercise more, I know. Probably need to move more because not eating much. Should be coming off. That's Life..as they say. Take Care ALL.
  4. Ombud glad to see you. Yes the main thing we have to fine out what ever diet/food plan works the best for us. Everyone is different. That's alot if have to pay mortgages and rent for family. Hope they will be able to pay you back, You might need late on when you get older. Diana I was around the house to but did some washing but didn't have a nice drink like you. Diana MASKS should be the word for the day, weeks, months and maybe a year. Now if ALL people would WEAR them. Have a good Monday Ombud , Diana and everyone else.
  5. Ombud you can still come on Thursday even if you don't have a scale. Just tell us how your feeling. If think eating right, clothes looser, things like that. Hope to see you.
  6. Good Afternoon this Sunday. Everyone doing well? Eating right? Exercising? Watching movies? Napping? Playing/talking with the kids whatever the ages are? Whatever your doing hope your having a nice day.
  7. One reason hard to get someone on the phone. They let some people go and cut the hours for others. So not as many people working each day. Don't think it will go back to normal till princess sails again. The princess planners (if you have one) had their hours cut too but Monday they get to go back to their 40 hours.
  8. Ombud...It might be your eating to many carbs, Fruits and veggies are good for us but have lots of carbs. (sugar) Some are better than others. Carrots, peas and corn have the most carbs. Oatmeal has lots of carbs too.. Granola bars are full of sugar. Best fruits to eat are strawberries and other berries. Can eat fruits and veggies but less of them to lose weight. Just an idea stick to eggs for breakfast or snacks for awhile, don't eat as many veggies and see if that helps. Hope we see you on Thursdays again.
  9. Afternoon All Diana, Pac and Mel hope your all having a good day. Diana...Your dinner sounded really good Hope your weather cools for you. Pac...As you say mask should just be a daily thing like putting on seat belts. Why they won't is beyond me. Both save lives. Mel...Glad your getting some work and taking precautions. Hope you get orders from the wedding event. Nothing new here just tried to get more weeding done. Why do weeds grow so fast? If I could lose weight as fast as weeds grow I would really be skinny!
  10. Good Afternoon or Evening or Morning if don't read till Sat. Jo glad your got the ring off with the DH. Soap and cold water help when my finger swells because of heat. Jo that is a good word but can think of some others to and some not so nice. Hope people wise up soon. Did you all have a good Friday? Sat plans? Just siting home here. Exciting!...Not! Bored! YES!
  11. Rose...Sorry you had a gain, know you will get it off. Your doing good staying around your goal. Know it's hard. Everyone have a good weekend. Stay safe in what ever you do.
  12. Hello All I stayed the same...thought I was going to lose this week. BIG QUESTION...Why does our weight go up and down everyday of the week? Don't really need an answer..it's what it is. (I know all have read why but still "bugs" me/us) Jan...Heat can make us gain, when cools tour lose the water. Enjoy who ever's Birthday it is tonight. Pac...Congrats on your loss. Yes taking 2 lbs at at time is good. Pretty soon will get to reward yourself. Mel...Sorry you had so much humidity and hope you'll lose water weight soon. Robin...Glad you had a loss. Yes enjoy your hot weather will be winter soon as the months are going by so fast. Diana...Staying the same be happy not a gain, I am. Read all about your garden. Glad your enjoying. Jo...You mean the haircut didn't balance out the chocolate and chips? Soap and cold water could help on the ring. Nice you booked another cruise. The weekend is almost here again. How can the week be so slow and then go by so fast? Another Big Question..How can people be so ...................................(fill in the blanks) not to wear masks, stay their distance, not to go in groups to parties, parks wherever. The virus counts and deaths are .... UP IN MOST STATES.
  13. Time to step on the scale It will tell the tale If there's a loss Then we're the boss If there's a gain Might feel a little pain If stayed the same Not bad in this game Day by day Is the only way Week by week Loss's we seek This is the day of the week we get on the scale Then we come on here and tell our tale
  14. So quiet in here. I miss when when we talked more and had more people in here. I know the world has changed around us at this time and some have other things to think about and deal with lots of emotions. Some more than others. I thank you here that still come in and talk. I hope others will find us again and new people will join us. I did really good on eating this week and the number on the scale won't move. Hate that. Hope all of you have your numbers going down and your eating well. Take Care.
  15. All of your dinners sound good. I just had a salad and a turkey burger, no bun. Daughter came over today and we worked on the lawn/reeds.. She did more then me. Didn't eat together today. She had things to do I took a lot of her day off hours. Mel and Pac I use the bag salads to. So easy and different kinds out there. Plain or mixed does the job. Mel..Thank you for the cruise wishes. Just hope I can take them. Good Luck on your pool that it will be on budget. Diana..Nice you have a cruise on hold. You had a small dinner bet no gain. Everyone have a good Wed. Take care.
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