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  1. From the Sea to You from Me Get on the Scale and think of me at Sea While you'll have Loss's not like Me Because I'm Eating to much on the Sea You'll All will have your time on the Sea Then the Loss's will be for Me Someday hope it will be You and Me All together on the Sea Blue Sky's and Good Weather for ALL
  2. Hello All! Haven't been able to use internet. Belated Happy Valentine's Day! Doing pretty good eating wise but not so good casino wise! Sounds like you all are doing pretty good. Hope you all are having a good week. Wishing all a good weigh-in.
  3. Hello Good-Bye Everyone! I'm leaving tomorrow for my cruises. Be back on March 7th. As you know I will try to check in if the internet is working. So will someone please start the weigh-ins the next 4 Thursdays. Thank You. Hope you all have great weigh-ins. I promise I will try my best not to have a gain when I come back.
  4. Good afternoon or evening depending where you are. That is if anyone reading........ no one talking! I know you have a life and I have none! To much time on my hands or I could just not be doing what I should be doing and being on the computer instead. Take care
  5. Good Morning this Sat..Hope you all enjoy your weekend. Been busy getting ready for my cruises Had lunch and some shopping with my daughter today.. Had a salad and bought a blouse. Had a good day. Today ( Sat.) not so good..have to clean the house some. Nails on Sunday, packing on Monday. Didn't lose this week but didn't gain either. Which is good. Hope to come back without any gains. Seems like we had a pretty good week We did all three things. Loss's, stay the same and tiny gains.. We just have to keep at it. Don't let the Valentine candy get to you this week and next.
  6. THIS YEAR Athens $34. ....Rome $89 Barcelona was there end of 2018 but don't remember how much. Think in the $20+ range, not sure. Call Princess or your TA and they can tell you the price for this year. A little wait in the airport because of not having enough shuttles.
  7. One more day in the year to lose weight Isn't that nice Some months we will need ice to drink other days streets covered in ice But no matter what all the Thursdays are weigh-in days Hope we have lots of weight loss's to say Also this month the day of flowers, candy and smiles You can say I Love You..No candy..Let's walk a mile Hope you have lots of cruises planned One of the desserts might be a flan So 2020 is a Leap Year for us to get Healthy and Thinner To get both will make us Winners
  8. Good Morning Everyone! Rise and Shine. No .... A question...Do you eat Breakfast? Yes or no? Early or late? A lot or just a small bite? Just drink something? What ever you do...do you think it helps with your weight loss?
  9. Jen..That has to be hard..cheesecake and chocolate in the office staring at you all day! Hang tough!
  10. Good Afternoon to All Mel... Bon Voyage! Jenny... Have fun with your Honey! Diana...Woman after my own heart..A six week cruise coming up. Lucky! Now where is everyone else? Not talking?
  11. Jenny you had a busy day and did great in your...exercise, eating and calories. How is everyone else doing?
  12. Hello All..Super Bowl Sunday...You watching?..Snacking?...Drinking?....Good Snacks?...Bad? Have Fun but be Careful. Diana....Nice loss. 5 lbs since Dec. Good! Robin....Your doing great on inches lost. Jan....Just a blip. You can do it. Jenny....Good Luck on giving up the foods you want. Happy you have a new guy in your life but yes hard on the diet. Pac....It's always good when you don't have a gain. Like...Some weeks are harder than others. You'll get it off.. Mel....Good Loss. Bon Voyage! Cheri....Same as I said before. Some weeks better than others You'll get it off. Jen....Glad your foot is better and stayed the same. You married a smart man..he likes my poems ForMy....Welcome. Glad this forum can help along with your clinic help. Good loss so far. Everyone have a good Sunday and the three days before weigh-in.
  13. Thanks for the welcome backs. Plus still glad you like my poem after all this time. Sorry I haven't been on much since I got back. Don't think will be on much before I leave again. To many things going on. You know..When It Rains It Pours! Am glad to see you all on here and that some that just joined us are still here! Company here..got to go.
  14. Here we are again to lose Depends on the food we choose So many ways to do it in here WW, Count calories, keto or low carb you hear Pick what ever is best for you to lose your weight Should write it down and and keep it straight Exercise helps us we know Some days harder say yes easier to say no But we will never give up we say Will get on the scale and be here every Thursday Happy to see "New Losers" in here with us "Old Losers"
  15. Great loss's this week! Good Job Everyone, Mel thanks for starting the thread. I don't mind you paid Homage to me! Sorry haven't come in sooner but know how it is on cruises. TY Gail am having a good time. Going to most traveled cocktail party tonight. Since I changed date on cruises see three of us will be leaving on cruises in 2 weeks. Yes Jo I think is was a good deal. I'm happy even if to come Monday and wait 2 weeks. Gen Hope your foot is better. Robin great on the inches lost. Will weigh next Thursday and hope at least it says..Stayed the same! Take care everyone. Wishing for pounds and inches off for everyone next week.
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