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  1. pacruiser...Bon Voyage! Enjoy the drink! Bye All....Take care.
  2. Need to finish post..They said on....your profile 2 credits but you should get 2 for each cruise. I booked a cruise as one, but could of been bought as two. I got credit for both. If any cruise sold as more than one cruise should get credit for all but if say a 28 day cruise sold as only one then only get credit for one. I would talk to Princess and get it right.
  3. You booked it as One cruise you only get the 2 credits. If you had booked it as three cruises would of got credits for each cruise. If you were an Elite and booked as only One cruise you would get a bar set up on each cruise.
  4. Thank you all for wishing me a good time on my cruises. What's nice my daughter joining me on the first one to Alaska. Packing has been harder today, first a heat wave, high 90's, 100 tomorrow. So house is warm. No AC just a fan. Then have to pack for cold weather and rain and then hot weather in Mexico for 20 days. I know "woe" is me and you would trade places! Hope you all have good weeks ahead of you with good loss's. Like I said will try to check in time to time. So be good. Hope I can be. Know I'll have a lot of walking and that's just on the ship! Jan Happy Birthday. Just forget the cake and dance with the men for me! Enjoy your day.
  5. Cruises are coming for some of us soon Others sailing under the winter moon Loss's are our goal to meet Eating veggies and meat No sweets would help us lose EEK! Sorry I've been missing but have been busy and been gone all day yesterday and today. Now tomorrow have to get things together and pack. Wouldn't it be nice if could leave the house clean too? Please don't hold your breath! Leaving Friday the 13th, will be back Oct. 13th. Should be having internet so will try to check in. But you know how that goes, either busy or internet not working at times. Also will try to come in for this Thursday weigh-in.🚢 So will someone please start this post/thread (whatever you call it) on Thursday Please. Thank You! So those leaving on cruises soon. Bon Voyage! Everyone on or off cruises enjoy your weeks and hope you have great loss's. Me too. No gains for my 30 days cruise where food is all around 24 hours a day!
  6. Diana..Have Fun! Can't say WIN because you don't gamble. Oh that cruise sounds nice. Yes flying home from San Diego is better.
  7. Jasonmom..Hope your weight loss is right and you have more to add on Thursday. I'm glad is enjoying you visiting her. Yes to bad her scale wasn't right...100 lb loss! Remember any cruise no matter how many days is a GOOD Cruise! So glad your all happy your brother is going. Sounds like your going to have a great time.
  8. I keep checking to see where your going and when. Can't wait to start reading about your wonderful cruises your taking.
  9. Good Afternoon Andrea. I'm glad you like this sight and come in often. Your doing a good job planning your food ahead. Getting it ready and having it there to fix/eat. That's the way to good loss's.
  10. Early morning Hello. Can't sleep so will say...Have a Good Day! Wishing more people would come in and talk more. Missing everyone who hasn't come in for awhile. Is this thread getting old? Is it helping you to weigh-in each week? Do we need to give more hints that we each do to lose weight? What exercise we do or don't do? We do have a challenge to see what we pledge to do by Dec. 26th. what we want .to lose, stay the same during the 16 weeks started this weigh-in that include Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and whatever Holidays you celebrate during this time plus the cruises you take. (of course we don't want to gain but if do we pledge to get right back on track) So everyone enjoy your Sunday.
  11. He was on the Grand Princess in May and has been performing on the Grand Princess this summer.
  12. Diana..You don't gamble? (I would have to gamble some, in my dna) Well Tahoe is pretty, nice drives and hikes. Places to eat. See a show. Swimming in the lake? Brrrr Really it might still be nice in lake or pool. Just be nice to get away and spend time with "sweet husband". I thought you had a long cruise coming up. We will be gone at the same time. Know you'll have good time. Will they miss us in here in Nov.?
  13. Afternoon Everyone. Hope your having a good weekend. Yes Andrea/Andy (which name do you like to be called?) I'm lucky to have the time to do it. Not working plus getting some free cruises (well pay the port tax and insurance) You seem busy a cruise in Dec. and then India in Nov. That should be a different trip with all the sights and sounds. Diana..Nice trip your husband planned. Where are you staying? Win Big! You have a cruise in Nov. too ..don't you? Think a longer one. Can't remember where. Thank you for the wishes for a good time. I should have internet and will try to check in once in awhile if it's working.
  14. Hello All...Small group so far. Think I let my birthday go on to long..up a pound! Jan..It's a loss..take it! Jan your doing good, aren't you close to goal? Diana..You did great on your birthday..A Loss! Glad you enjoyed your day. Pacruise..Like I said it's a loss! Take it! Your doing good with your walking/running. Jenny..Great loss! You did good! Your crazy plan and gym is working Bolt..Sometimes we don't know where the gains come from, sometimes even the loss's! By plan for the 16 weeks till Christmas is to stay the same..No Gains! Why no loss's you ask? First because I'm a lucky person and have some free and discounted cruises coming up. 1st..Leaving next Friday Sept. 13th for a 30 day cruises to Alaska and Mexico. Home on Oct. 13th. Home for three weeks then.... 2nd..Leaving Wed, Nov. 6th to the Caribbean for 28 days. Home on Dec. 4th. Home three weeks before Christmas. So with all that cruising and Christmas my goal is not to gain on the Thursday 26th. Weigh-In. Now trying to see what I'm taking, have to pack cold and summer clothes. Will need both So doing some washing and ironing (yes I still iron, like the look of the clothes) Got my hair cut yesterday. Nails Tues.. Have a thing on Wed. Still need to go to the bank, do bills ect. So like to get all clothes done this weekend and I've been so lazy lately. Must be the BIRTHDAY! I'm older!!!! So what are your goals for Dec.26th? Know some of you have cruises these last few months too. Everyone have a good weekend. Stay in touch this weekend. Say how your doing.
  15. How much will you lose till Christmas Day Actually 16 weeks is Dec. 26th our weigh-in day We all have a few things going on during those weeks Cruises, Holidays, Birthdays and our eating can get weak That will be 112 days to lose weight or try to stay the same We would LIKE to not play the UP and Down game You know what I mean gain one week and then try to lose those pounds Makes us just go in circles and not gain any ground But then the best thing to do is lose the pounds we did gain But going up and down is a pain This time of the year with three main holidays it's hard not to eat things that taste good Would be fine if Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas only lasted the one day with the food (sometimes we make it last weeks) We are human and live life to enjoy with family and friends during these special times So that's why we come in here to remind ourselves to eat less and drink water with lemon or limes WE will weigh and hope the scale says a loss or stay the same to each and everyone every Thursday YOU all have really been doing Good each week..more loss's and staying the same then gains on weigh-in day Wouldn't it be nice on New Year's Day that WE wouldn't have to SAY....I have to lose what I gained during the 112 days. Better to say I lost or stayed the same during the 112 days. ***But Please don't stay away if you have gained any Thursday during the 112 days. WE all are here for a reason because it's hard to lose and we're here to be accountable and we're also here to help each other.
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