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  1. Hey no one talking again! Is everyone alright? I did something good today. I upgraded two of my cruises to a balcony, so now 5 cruises in a balcony and one inside. Inside only for 5 days, 1st cruise. Same cabin for 4 of the cruises, last one next door. Someone had to take my room for the last cruise.😀 So nice have to move only twice now. Got a good price (casino discount and OBC left). Happy. Daughter came by and help me put Patio stuff away. Suppose to be having rain each day this week starting tonight. Glad she had the day off to help. Winter is coming to soon for me. Wish you all would talk more. So few of us. Seems like I'm just talking to myself .Our cruises are getting closer. Susan gone already on her 2nd I think. Jo your next. Jan then you, then me. Do I have that right? Have I missed anyone? Take care everyone.
  2. Hope everyone is having a good day. Expecting rain here for a few days. Eating right so far today but it's only 12:42. pm
  3. Hello this Tuesday if anyone reading besides Izena. Yes Izena getting colder and yes as we get older have to watch the things we do. One day we wake up and not being able to do something as easy as before----that we just did only a month ago. Like it happen overnight. Getting older is not for the young as they say!😊
  4. It's Monday. Rise and Shine! Touch your toes, take a deep breath, visit the bathroom then start your day--- by getting back in bed. It's to early to get up!😀
  5. Jan---Glad you had a good time. So sorry for your sister, happy it wasn't worse sounds bad enough already. See they say walking is the best exercise you proved it. Lots of steps each day! Great Loss! Was wonderful you all could get together and have all the pictures and memories of your family. Hope everyone is or did enjoyed your Sunday. Was your eating good? Did you follow your plan?
  6. Good evening if up or good morning if reading this Sunday morning. Planned to get on earlier today but things got in the way and then I did a stupid thing. Had something in microwave took it out and open the top to soon...yep the HOT steam burn my hand, really two fingers, one the whole length. Really hurt, put cold water ice on them for quite awhile. Why o why do things we know we shouldn't do. Don't think at times. Jo---Happy you had a loss. Sounds like you had a good day watching how they band birds. Do they do this everyday or just certain times of the year? Jan---Welcome back. Hope you had a good vacation with your family. Hope the scale is good to you when you step on it. Izena---Didn't know this was your 1st solo cruise. Thought you had done them before. Since my husband has been gone most of my cruises have been solo, a few with my daughter or a friend. One benefit sailing with someone is they pay their share and you don't have to pay double. Sailing with someone is nice but sailing solo has it's points. . What's nice about solo is you can do what you want when you want and not have to think of the other person. End of November doing my 61st to 66th cruise. I've been so lucky that some of them are free cruises during the years because as said before solo's pay double when cruising solo. Had problems with my eating tonight. Wasn't hungry to much and then----I just wanted to eat. A little bit of this and a little bit of that. Drank water to try to get rid of urge. Why some days don't want to eat and then some days you want everything in sight!😕 Everyone have a good Sunday.
  7. Hope everyone is having a good afternoon. Izena---Yes it's been a rough 18 months or more for everyone. I to hope our old friends and new ones will come in to get though the Holidays without gains but at least small gains. Your doing very good on your weight and walking. NCL---Welcome, nice your joining us. Yes weighing in each week will help you to lose towards your goal of 23 lb loss. Ombud---So happy you made your goal of wearing your blue dress on your cruise. You did good on losing weight and maintaining. Hope you all enjoy your weekend and you each come in during it to keep you and remind us to stay on our plans to lose weight this week.
  8. Come on ladies and guys---Where are you? If you don't post, others won't post either. If nothing to read or learn from---nobody will be here and this section of cruise critic will be over after all these years.
  9. Afternoon All--Where is everyone else? Hope to see you soon. Mtn--Good loss. A pound a week is good. Slow and steady. Any plan is had. We just have fine what works best for us. Izena--Your doing good staying the same. Nice things coming up. Sounds like fun. Good job saving on the cruise.
  10. Is that extra to your dues at the gym, as because you said our gym. If you belong already I would just keep going there. do my own thing exercising and take the free classes. To me that seems a high price. $960 to $1260 for three months. Hope someone that has a trainer now will answer you about what they pay.
  11. Always hoping more good days then bad each week Hope you got some weight off that you seek Day after day we try our best Always it's seems it's a test Know we're all losing weight in your own way Your all doing good to come in on Thursday Can't give up even if we gain at times we know Just try harder, have more good days so we can say to some foods No PS Izena---Saw your picture from last week.--Great Job! Looking Good!
  12. Sunday here but sure your reading Monday---So Hope your having a Good morning and had a nice weekend. Ombud the Majestic leaves out of LA and gets here Monday (today) I believe for a visit. That means the SF port is opening and up and running. Good to have another U S port opening this year. Yes snacking is hard to do with dieting sometimes--All Times! Izena---Good to see you. Did you have a new surgery or talking about the one you had a while back Not sure what f/u means. Glad your good. Mnt.---Good job getting your triglycerides down. Sure you will get your weight down We just have to do day by day. Jo--Hope you had a good Thanksgiving. Jan---Hope you had a good birthday with grandson and had a good day driving to SC. Wishing you all a good week and that we all can eat healthy and lose weight on Thursday.
  13. Hello Everyone--Hope you all are having a good start to the weekend. Jo---Happy Thanksgiving to you. Your gain is small. You had a nice dinner after a good with your sister. Glad you can say you have a loss for the year so far. Ombud---Good job. Down 1/2 inch. Yes winter is coming. Hate it's getting darker earlier and colder. Not a winter person. Jan---Nice your having great dinners and visits with your children. Have a great trip and visit with your siblings. You didn't come on today. Did you have to much fun? Mtn---Good to see you. Yes diets are hard no matter which ones we do. Hope the fasting works for you. Do you mean after breakfast or early am when can't sleep. They say drink water, have planned snacks, planned meals on hand. So won't grab just anything. Then "they" say cravings will go away. I know easier said then done. That's why we keep trying day by day. Izena---Hope everything is alright with you. Usually your here early on Thursday. Me---Same as usual. I'm going though some things good and bad. Bad is winning at the moment. But one good thing. Booked the two cruises for the canceled ones. So have all my b2b's. Everyone have a good weekend. Stay warm and take care.
  14. October is here --November and December are coming behind Do you think you'll get though the rest of the year fine Each month has Holidays that have plenty of temptations for us we know We can enjoy our selves these months but sometimes we have to say No Also many of us have cruise coming up with lots of drinks, sweets and food So before, after and during the cruises (we hope) we really have to be good With weather changing might not be easy to exercise each day So we really have watch our eating portions and weigh every Thursday
  15. Hello on this Monday Oct. 4th. Oct. already--funny it's like the days are so slow but the year is going by so fast! Ombud-- yes the test is good to be safe but the two day time frame is hard. For me what's offered here have get the home test. They stopped the rapid tests here don't know why. Izena--Good luck on finding what's the amount to eat not to gain or lose to much. You've done a great job so far. Saggy skin is a problem with losing weight and growing older. Most of us just have to put up with it unless you can afford and/or want surgery. How is everyone doing this 1st week of Oct.? Getting ready for the last months of the year? Getting ready for cruises, different Holidays or whatever? Are you finding it harder to diet now that fall is here and winter is coming?
  16. Hello Everyone! Jan---Congrats on the loss. Yes be happy at least the same and not up from Aug. You had the loss even with family eating that's good. Nice to have a cruise to look foward to and yes "the men" lose faster then women sorry to say. Jo---That's such a small gain, our weight changes day to day bet it's gone now. Sorry about your car. I'm just going to take the home test and hope I do it right. Like Izena think will ask my son to help he's cruising on Oct. 8th. Haven't ordered it yet waiting till Nov. in case cruise lines change it which I doubt. I leave Nov. 22th. Izena---Good loss. Thought you were at goal. Did you want more loss's? See you leave before me the 8th of Nov. Tell how the test went. Least I'll get two how their sent so if make a mistake. One person drop theirs so they wouldn't it but he had another to use. Ombud---I think there's only one cruise line in US that will test at port. Other wise you get it some where and hope back in time. (2days isn't good) or take home test which seems to be the best. The cruises lines will test you when taking B2b's. They will have to test me five times. When you went on your cruise you didn't have to test. That was nice. Hope your blouse fits you like you want soon. Susan---Welcome back. Glad you had a good time. Hope your gain is water weight and will come off fast. Not bad for two weeks. Did you have to take the test before you left. If so how did it go? Have fun with your grandson. Can tell we all love cruising here. Ombud has been already and has other one coming, I think. Susan just came back and going again. Jan, Jo, Izena and I have cruises coming up. The Cruising __________Fill in the blank didn't want to say something that wasn't correct!😎 Where are you Opti? Where are you Rose? Where are all of YOU that are Missing?
  17. I know but if just want to have a glass in hand on NYE for a sip to to bring in the NY.. It's fine. If I win a bottle I always give it away. You know some people like it.
  18. There's a chance since it's NYE they may pass out champagne by the glass. They have done this in the pass. Guess it depends on what rules they are going by at that date. (3 months away)
  19. I'm really surprised at the 1 or 2 day delay in testing. One question did you have get off the ship? If so was it for a quick passport check or a longer wait. Be nice if they did the check on the ship while in the Vista. Glad your having a good cruise. I love the Old Grand. One thing that's been nice before is the crew loved working on her. Hope it's the same now.
  20. Fall in the air for most of us here these days Does it make you want to cruise to some of the Island Cays We really want to be on cruises this year or next you know Also want to be thinner that's why we're here to tell ourselves NO NO to the unhealthy food, some drinks, snacks and sweets everyday YES to eating right, exercise and we can be thinner in our own way Coming up are the three months with Holiday Food that could be wrong WE can do it, exercise, eat less and be strong C---Counting Calories R---Running or Walking U---Upping Your Exercise I---Ice for Water or Sore Muscles S---Smiling when Stepping on the Scale E---Excited when you See a Loss D---Delightful A---Around the Ship We Go Y---Your Happy S---Sleeping on the SEA----Smile!
  21. Don't understand the cruiser. Says he's Platinum and he doesn't know you need a coffee card at IC. Free coffee at Lido and DR's. Was all this just to get a free coffee card? Who knows?
  22. Welcome Julie As you read you know we weigh-in every Thursday but you can come in everyday and talk. We of course talk about how we're trying to lose weight, give tips and ask questions but also talk about how are days are going. Your allowed to vent in here about anything. Venting helps the stress and helps in losing. Main plus makes you feel better. Mainly weighing in each week keeps us accountable. You can do it, lose more weight for Italy and your cruise. Congrats on your weight loss so far. Please give us tips on how you lost your weight so far.
  23. Hello on this Sunday Afternoon. Hope everyone is doing well.
  24. Hello to you quiet people today. What's going on? No Good mornings or afternoons wishes from any one. Everyone busy. How's your eating going? I'm doing good so far. Wishing you are too. Ombud right now just want to cruise and not fly to far or not at all. Still working on what I want to do. Hope I get some free or good offers posted for me soon for Dec. Got 1 would like 2 more. Not greedy am I? Take care all
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