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  1. Definitely a lack of clear info on the website. I just took a look at one of the sailings with the 'Free Ocean Voyage' offer, and this paragraph is tucked away between the route map and cabin descriptions: Free ocean Voyage before or after your cruise For any cruise bought in combination with an Ocean Voyage, your package (Cruise + Ocean Voyage) becomes non-refundable and non-changeable. The combined offer (Cruise + free Ocean Voyage) is non-retroactive for bookings made before the offer. Safety port taxes and fees are not included. This offer is subject to availability, and applies exclusively to a cabin category equivalent to the cabin already booked. So it seems pretty much in line with my previous post, with the added 'bonus' of ultra-restrictive T&Cs re: cancellation, etc. Still, for those of us who love sea days it would be a no-brainer to take advantage of this extra time on board 🙂
  2. My understanding is that these segments can be combined with an adjacent 'regular' sailing as a 'Free Ocean Voyage', thus extending the full-priced cruise at no extra charge. They're also available for sale as standalone repositioning cruises, at the prices you listed 🙂
  3. Tomorrow I hope to be visiting Le Champlain during her stay in Bergen to tour the ship and her facilities. If anyone has any specific questions or photo requests then let me know and I'll do my best to answer them. Either way, I will be completing a full detailed photo tour for my hobby blog, and will post a link here in due course for those interested :).
  4. I checked this out when I was on the phone with Ship Services and sadly no wait list, so lesson learnt on my part...no Cabana for me this time ;p
  5. Thanks everyone for the replies :) It's definitely convinced me that the Lido cabana is the way to go...only trouble is now I've left it too late and the last ones have been booked for my sailing! Guess I can try to call them again in a few weeks on the off-chance there's been a cancellation, but I won't hold my breath. Otherwise that money seems destined to go towards a thermal suite pass and a couple of nice dinners on board :D
  6. Hi All, Next month I'll be taking my first HAL cruise on NA. As a solo cruiser I have a few specific questions about the Lido cabanas... The cabanas include a glass of fizz each day...is it cheeky to assume that as a solo I could have two glasses since I'd be paying the full cabana rate? Sounds daft but I'm not on the drinks package so this little extra could swing the decision to make more sense financially ;p Is it possible to invite a guest into the cabana to join for lunch every now and then? Since I've booked an inside cabin it's really tempting to have a private outdoor space, and somewhere to leave my things whilst I take a dip in the pool or hot tubs or just a stroll around deck. Plus those big double sunbeds look wonderful for afternoon naps! Just want to make sure I wouldn't be throwing $200 down the drain (that is if there are still any cabanas available).
  7. Glad you had a good trip, and very happy to hear you enjoyed seeing Bergen on 17th May - It can be crazy but it's great fun :D
  8. Hi :) To add to the good advice already given, I would suggest a Taxi is the best option if there is a group of four. The fare should be around 600nok, and of course will take you directly to the terminal to board your ship. There is a taxi stand at the airport which is clearly signed. I use the airport regularly and there are always taxis available (plus I've never seen a queue for them). The majority will be from 'Bergen Taxi' with the phone number 07000 on the side. All taxis in this rank will be okay to use though; there are no 'cowboys' to watch out for here :) Have a great trip!
  9. Hi! Sorry for the very late response to this...I've been travelling myself, and then life got in the way a little! If you're still looking for info on outdoor clothing and are planning to purchase it in Bergen then you can make a judgement as to what you require based on the weather and forecast conditions when you arrive. There are a couple of good outdoor stores in the centre. One is called 'Ute' which is located very centrally on Nedre Korskirkeallmenningen. The one time I went in there the staff were very knowledgeable, and should be able to help you out :Dwhatever you go for.
  10. Just to jump in on this thread with a quick question... I'm a first time HAL cruiser but have sailed with other Carnival brands (Princess, Costa, Cunard, P&O). Comments on here suggest that makes me a 1-star mariner? How would I go about registering for the HAL loyalty scheme and linking those past cruises?
  11. It's also strange that they decided to go with red wine on the grounds of stains; I assume that most passengers will consume this bottle in-cabin, and there are bound to be a few accidental spills. No biggy, but if I was a member of the hotel dept. I'd certainly pick white instead...
  12. Thanks OP for the nicely written viewpoint/comparison. The thing about the whole discussion of people being loyal to one cruise line that gets me is...why does anyone care :confused:?! Personally I like trying out different lines and seem to enjoy them all. But if someone really loves the product offered by one line, and choses to enjoy all their cruises with that one line, what impact does that have on anyone else? Why try to convince them otherwise? I guess I just don't see the problem that gets people so defensive/riled up :halo: Happy cruising to the OP and everyone else :)
  13. Thanks for this great info! That looks like just the ticket. I'm not really looking for a cost saving per ml (though a bargain is always nice); really just the convenience of making a single order and purchase and then enjoying dinner without the hassle of looking for a wine waiter throughout, etc. Hopefully there will be something on that list that slips down nicely with dinner in the MDR :) Thanks also to others for your input and advice. It's all building the excitement for my first HAL cruise!
  14. Whatever you choose to pack for your time on-ship, be sure to bring a waterproof jacket and comfy shoes so you can make the most of the beautiful Norwegian scenery whatever the weather. Flexibility/layers are definitely the key; here in Bergen it really can throw all four seasons at you in a single day! Have a great cruise :D
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