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  1. I plan to do a LIVE FROM THE ROTTERDAM THREAD, starting Oct. 20th.
  2. Yes, one of our friends we were traveling with was Mrs. Amsterdam. We were about 5 days into our cruise and it was mentioned during the evening entertainment that Mrs. Amsterdam had not been found yet. The 6 of us talked about it at breakfast the next morning and I finally - on the 6th day - I said "are you Mrs. Amsterdam"? We all laughed in disbelief when she said "YES!". I probably had asked 50+ women that question prior to asking our friend, Carole. I also would like to see the "game" return.
  3. Hi Tioga Cruiser. It's been awhile since our path's crossed. Wondering what your next cruise is. We are hoping to be on the Rotterdam in October for the TA.
  4. Perish that thought! We trust the CDC rules will change for TA arriving 11/3 or later.
  5. Thank you. We will look into it for next year as we start traveling again.
  6. Thank you for this helpful information. We are 73 and 74, living in Florida. Med jet covers us until 74. Geo Trekker sounds great but does Geo Blue Trekker Choice plan have an age cut-off?
  7. Ahhhh, the pins. I was hoping for something a little different. Well congratulations to all 4 of you. Are you playing all 3 trivia games - a.m., 4:00 and 6:30?
  8. Regarding flower arrangements, Lisa's recent arrangement is spectacular, nicer than most. With flowers we have received and with flowers I've purchased in port that are still looking good, I find someone to give them to. Often I give them to a steward. If they don't want them, they seem to know someone to give them to. I've also taken them up to the girl who did my pedicure, or my hair. One time I gave them to a girl who was cleaning the elevator door; she was delighted.
  9. Despite a few disappointments, everything looks and sounds wonderful to me. How I wish we were on your cruise with you! I saw a post or two about groups getting together for trivia and I've also seen trivia scheduled most days (maybe not on port days) three times a day. Are all three general trivia? Are there any prizes/awards for winning (I expect there aren't)?
  10. We plan on using them in October. I can tell you more in November. But from the reviews, it sounds good. There is also a tram (or rail service?) but it doesn't go to the center of town like Martin's taxi does. And with a group of 4 Martin's is less expensive.
  11. Yes, perhaps it is about $40 worth of internet for 5 star, not 100 minutes (I posted 100 days, sorry - meant minutes!). I normally use mine up in two days, then use DH's and then purchase the middle package for the rest of the cruise. It's a bit of a nuisance, but saves some money. We have been able to prebook and get full credit, but sometimes you can get the 50% discount back. I agree the biggest benefit is 4* (free laundry).
  12. Many of those PC rewards are given at the 5 star level. We achieved 5 stars several years ago and are well on our way to PC. But there are no additional amenities until then unless a 6 star level is created. Perhaps one more Pinnacle Dinner? Or a bottle of wine? I believe we get 100 days of internet; why not double the minutes? It's a long time between 500 days sailed and 1400 days sailed!
  13. One of the earlier posters mentioned insurance covered a large percentage. Is that common on many policies? and will it apply to these smaller, fold-up versions too?
  14. 5 star is how many days? 500 days? President's Club is 1400 days Wouldn't it make sense to have something in between? It doesn't have to be 600, 700, 800. Make it 1000 days. That would be wonderful!
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