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  1. We always cruise at Christmas/NY due to me being a teacher. We find the weather warm in the caribbean at that time. We have never had a day we would consider less than warm, always shorts and t-shirts for us.
  2. Just curious as to where one might find discounted GC online?
  3. Personally, I would just buy the drinks I wanted each day. Unless you are a big drinker, I do not personally think you will come out ahead with buying Cheers. As other shave said, you would need to buy 10+ drink every day, even on port days. But that being said, it is your vacation and do what ever you think will make your vacation the most enjoyable!
  4. We did a 3 day once out of Long Beach. Because we fly in from Canada the dates did not jive right to do a longer cruise, so we decided we would do the 3 day and then spend a few days in Long Beach and LA too. For me, it is too short and the cruise is over before it feels like it has started.
  5. Looking forward to seeing pictures of the Panorama. We will be sailing her in March 2020 for our 25 wedding anniversary! Have a great time! Would love to see pictures of the Havana area if you can get them!
  6. No the greatest Black Friday discounts, but better than nothing I guess??
  7. We do this too. To consume in our room, obviously 😉
  8. Exactly. We were not at a particular table as we were signed up for 'anytime dining'.
  9. We were not given the option(not to say it was not an option) to take them back to our room, but they would keep them for us in the MD to enjoy when we had dinner. But it seems that everyone has had different options given to them??
  10. Well, for us the point is enjoying a dinner at the SH, on the first night, so we can also take advantage of the 50% off bottle(s). For us, it is a nice way to start our cruise enjoying a delicious dinner and good service and to take advantage of a promotion that Carnival offers.
  11. We bought 3 bottles, which I would not consider 'loading' up for the entire cruise. One bottle can easily be consumed in one dinner between two people. So we bought wine for three dinners on a 7 night cruise.
  12. I never wanted both. I want the 50% off wine. Last time it was not limited to only one bottle(we bought 3) at 50% off. But if it is now I will still take the 50% off bottle over the house wine which IMO is terrible.
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