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  1. Sounds like you are on top of this with the proper attitude and quest for information. Sorry you have to deal with this but please ignore the negative Nellies here who suggest you should not post here. You are getting exactly what you need from the others who are trying to be helpful. You obviously did not come here asking for medical advice but rather what others have experienced. Those experiences will help shape what you need to ask your nutritionist. Just remember not all nutritionists are created equal. Read....Read....Read. I work in diabetes research and it is true that not all patients react the same.
  2. On that sailing for a wedding of my nephew. Bringing some first timers along.
  3. My CFAR insurance will not pay if the entire cost of the trip is not covered. And it may only pay 75%. However, you might be able to prove the kids paid less. I increase my coverage (if I want it) as I pay off the cruise or add to the cost. You should get the gratuities and port fees returned for them either way.
  4. I think you need to check again. Makes no sense.
  5. Again--it's not for the bartender. Parents understand the point.
  6. Online check in needs to also be completed for each passenger in order to view the boarding pass.
  7. Ahem! “If you are planning to let the kids drink in ports I would have written permission from the parents that they are ok with it.“ Have a nice day.
  8. It’s not for the bars. For the chaperones protection when the parents say they didn’t expect their angels to be drinking.
  9. I was thinking it might look awkward to carry the empty glass from the MDR. But then I read the above comment and realize some may look more “awkward”. Ship glassware is fine for me.
  10. Nope. Don’t think I have seen that complaint here.
  11. When we were in FLL a couple years ago, we called for Uber from hotel to PE. When he arrived and asked which terminal, I told him Carnival and he said “oh, I thought you were going to the AIR port. I am not licensed to enter PE. We’ll have to call another car.” I would think that if there are still limitations on which drivers can enter PE, they would need to know before committing or people would get upset having to call another car. Also took a shared ride from airport to hotel and I would think that would be difficult if one party wanted to go 40 miles in one direction and the other wanted to go the other direction. Since you put your destination in the app, they should know where you are going. Haven’t used it in a while so maybe things changed.
  12. Question for those who pour a glass in the cabin and take it to dinner (Or anywhere else). Does anyone take the empty glass back or do you just keep asking for more either at bars or from room steward?
  13. There are apparently good TAs but I know there are bad TAs so I think 99% is a pretty optimistic figure. Don’t normally use one but have interviewed a few. Never found one who offers any perks for my once a year cruising schedule. Currently working with a TA because of a group booking which was initiated by someone else. She has a minimum of 15 cabins booked, several with 3 or 4 people, mostly balconies and is giving NOT ONE THING for perks. I even noticed online that my reservation was offered an upsell which she did not notify us about at all. I don’t dispute that you are a good TA but it gets very frustrating to continuously read on here about all the OBC etc offered by a TA and not be able to find any of it in spite of interviewing several. Many here in the Midwest even charge for their service. No way I need them.
  14. About 5 minutes after they call zone B05. 😉
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