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  1. Right. In my state, number of positive tests has increased while hospitalizations and ICU use and deaths have decreased. (Even after allowing for lag time from increased positives). In spite of this my city just mandated mask wearing in all public buildings regardless of social distancing. Employees of a business may remove masks in private areas if distancing is observed but anyone in the public area must wear a mask. This applies even if you are the only person in say, a church or arena etc. So that means you cannot read on the second floor of the library if the only other person in the building is on the first floor. This is why people object to masks—ridiculous interpretation of recommendations.
  2. I’ve been saying that for years. My kids and I had almost perfect school attendance and I never saw a doctor (except to get stitched up once) until I had my first job physical. I’m in my 70s and take no medications. And to the inevitable argument “that won’t stop Covid”——yeah maybe. But it could with heightened immune systems.
  3. Congratulations on your new plan. I love the term next egg even though it was a typo. Lol check out Dave Ramsey for living/saving plans. My 40 year old son with a family of four and mid wage job is entirely debt free. Own their house and two kids in college. Kids are helping with jobs for their expenses.
  4. Your information is incorrect. The CDC does not consider you immune if you have antibody. You probably are but no one has proven o e way or the other. You would still need to wear a mask where they are required. The Mayo Clinic blood bank does not routinely check donor blood for antibodies. Even if you have an antibody test and are positive, you need to have had a positive COVID swab test to donate for treatment. Of the large number of people who swear they had COVID in Jan/Feb, not one has reported a positive ab test. This is based on the results of thousands of employees who have been tested
  5. And you are traveling through how many states at that speed? Lol. Should take care of the fall and winter.
  6. Sorry, I don’t have a link. I searched back through my emails and could not find the notice. It may have been proprietary since it was on work mail too. It is initially a dry spot test to determine reactivity and if positive will want a blood draw serology test to confirm. That is all I know at this point as I am also on furlough and do not have my normal access to publications. You may want to try google and Mayo Clinic. And I was wrong on the numbers. It will be offered to all 65000 employees who want it.
  7. Highly accurate serology tests have been developed at my institution and are being offered to all 30000 employees.
  8. Not yet but last year would you have predicted travel insurance would not include a viral infection?
  9. This is a primary concern, that one would be detained, possibly in a foreign country to complete the waiting period—14 days—for symptoms or adequate testing to prove negative. People who recently participated in protests with 10000 of their closest friends went the following day and were happy to test negative. Total waste of a test and false security. To the person who included DNA testing as a non worry, how will you feel when your insurance company refuses coverage for your half million dollar or more cancer treatment because it was in your DNA?
  10. We probably should arrange for a pandemic every ten years to really cure that “problem”.
  11. Well, we weren’t planning to let anyone out were we?? 🤣😂 I have always said kids don’t eat enough dirt these days. Same thing for all these food allergies because babies aren’t fed certain foods when young.
  12. But now with high volume testing, we have sample sizes of thousands. Testing has been expanded to people with no symptoms and many are positive. What is not know is how infective they are to others.
  13. Or we could put everyone in one of those plastic balls. Would be much safer for everyone. Lol
  14. That’s my point that everyone wearing a mask is silly.
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