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  1. Perhaps they're hoping to get round the insurance problem by always being close to a UK/Irish port? Perhaps you could get some sort of travel insurance for missing the cruise, lost luggage, accidents. I did meet a family on a round Britain Isles cruise once, where the mother was in the last stages of cancer, and wasn't insured... they were relying on being close to an NHS hospital in the ports. Luckily she remained well.
  2. There's to be 4 cruises- Sept 2nd from Portsmouth Sept 7th- Liverpool Sept 12th- Glasgow. Sept 17th-Liverpool. Guests may book continuous cruises. Guests will be at 65%, which is 350. Starting from £999.
  3. Cruise Critic's News page talks about Hurtigruten having a cruise from Portsmouth this September 3rd. A TA wrote about these cruises on social media... one is Liverpool, Wales, Ireland, Scilly Isles and Cornwall, for £1100, on Sept 7th, so I assume that the first cruise is just a short break to reach Liverpool. I will be very interested in how this cruise goes....
  4. I see that CC's news page is talking about the new Hurtigruten cruises from the UK starting this September. A TA was telling us about this on social media. The first one is from Portsmouth on September 3rd. The one the TA was offering was Liverpool to Wales, Ireland, Scilly Isles and Cornwall and back to Portsmouth for £1100, on Sept 7th. Perhaps Viking and Saga will follow suit?
  5. And they quoted the Cruise Critic poll towards the end, about future cruising. I agree that it was so fast moving in March, and no-one had the answers... I felt that the captain and crew on board every ship did the very best they could at the time.
  6. We had a 7 night stay in an AI 5* hotel in Sharm, Egypt, followed by a 7 night cruise out of the port, and the main difference was that the other people in the hotel were not as eager to talk as were the passengers on the ship- even if you were sitting at the same table in the bars, or next to someone on the beach. Within minutes of embarking on the ship, people were chatting away...we've noticed this on every ship in every country. Even staying the night before a cruise in, say, Southampton, when it's been very obvious that most of the guests were going on a ship next morning, conversation is more muted and infrequent.
  7. Thank you- yes, many lines sailing from the UK cruise round the isles... CMV is a popular one out of Newcastle which we hope to take one day... But Viking and Saga were hoping to make special cruises now, whilst the virus is still rampant, which would only touch UK ports, and only have UK cruisers on board. They were supposed to be in discussions with the Gov... And Hurtigruten's cruise will probably be watched by all the world- it will sail from Hamburg, as the Germans are coping with the virus so well, and may just sail along the fjords with no stops. We're all hoping it will be a success. 🙂
  8. I see that Hurtigruten is soon going to start cruises from Hamburg to the Norwegian fjords- probably cruise only, but at least there will be plenty to see. Perhaps Viking could be looking at something similar with Scottish Forths, or glimpses of islands...
  9. May to September is too hot for me in the Med, but not for my husband, nor the millions of Brits who flock there in the half term school holiday in May. It depends on your tolerance for heat- mine is extremely low, and red hair/pale skin is a burden.
  10. Both Viking and Saga were looking at having summer cruises out of the UK around the British Isles- has anyone heard what progress has been made?
  11. If the itinerary was one we wanted, then the ship hardly matters to us. Thus saying- if it had a large amount of sea days, then we might opt for a mega ship with plenty of activities on board. Otherwise, the ship is secondary.
  12. Usually a long-ish one in winter, and a short one of 10 to 14 days in autumn.
  13. Those are stunning pictures... I would have done that tour, even knowing how dangerous it could be. I'm glad you got to see it, but sad for those who lost loved ones.
  14. Oh, that would be my dream... the class I taught studied the eruption, many years ago, and I have books about it and even watched the movie several times... 😄
  15. I've always been interested in volcanoes, so not much can beat our stay-cations on Hawaii and Lanzarote, but OH persuaded me to go on a Caribbean cruise because there was a day on Martinique which included a boat trip to see Mount Pelee and visit the small museum of the 1902 eruption. On that same cruise we passed Montserrat at night and saw three eruptions. But the tours round Iceland have been the most fascinating for me... not so sure they were for my husband... 🙁
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