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  1. And Fred Olsen- like C&M, they use small ships, so it probably wouldn't work well to have anytime dining.
  2. It depends on the itinerary- if the ports are complicated, eg Northern Iceland, then it's excursions. Otherwise it's wine.
  3. We've been upgraded for free from inside to outside and obstructed outside... but we've never accepted a paid upgrade.
  4. I know people who have rung the line the day before, or who have a tame TA who's keeping an eye open for last minute offers, but the nearest we've been is one week before. Strangely enough, that cruise is the one we remember the least- normally I can remember the exact route we've taken, and the state of the sea/weather... but that last minute one I have to look up. Perhaps anticipation has a part to play in this? (Although I know that we went to Casablanca- again- and a crane ran into the aft cabins...)
  5. My OH, a Londoner, has shown many people round London, and says that it depends on their interests- he's always taken them to the Tower, but some prefer the "lived in" castle of Windsor; Westminster Abbey, but some prefer Wren's architecture of St Paul's cathedral. His delight is Kew Gardens, with all the collections of plants from round the world- but that's not for everyone. And I have spent two days in the National Gallery, and not seen enough... A trip on a HoHo bus might help people decide to which areas they wish to return.
  6. Sailing out of the UK, we've been to most of the Atlantic ports several times, except for Porto- and also the ones in the Med... are you wanting to know about the ports? Are you heading out of Barcelona, then into the Atlantic? Gibraltar (OK, NBT!), is UK, and usually around the half time port from Barca to the rest of the UK, or vice versa... weather in the Atlantic can be cooler or windier than the Med, but not too noticeable in September; there's some of our favourite ports on there, especially Cadiz, Lisbon and La Coruna.
  7. We've been on her sister ship, Ventura, a couple of times in January, but there and back again, after visiting 8 islands in the Caribbean. We've not had many problems with the weather, except for one storm, but we took a different route so missed the worst. The sea days were full of activities and entertainment- usually 2 lectures a day, plus all the usual art& crafts, choir etc. Plus new film releases! Never been bored; in Jan it's chilly until Madeira, but in Oct it should be fine once you are opposite Spain.
  8. Yes, Herdwicks. The legend was that they came with the Vikings, and now they've been genetically tested- it's true, they come from the Texel Isles, north Netherlands. They are born black, and slowly their face becomes white, and as they age, their wool lightens to grey. They are "hefted" sheep- that is, they live freely on the mountains, and return with their young after lambing, to their own place. That is why, if a farm is sold, the sheep must be sold with it.
  9. Beautiful. x Also Lakeland Terriers, and then the most popular around here- Border Collies and Border Terriers, both originating along the Cumbria- Northumberland Border with Scotland
  10. Spare spectacles and a spec. repair kit, which has come in very handy!
  11. Reading the UK Gov page carefully, I see that I'm OK... "if the UK leaves the EU without a deal you'll need a passport that's less than 10 years old (even if it has 6 months or more left) ". So I'm OK for now, but come January.... Anyway, the wheels are now in motion!πŸš΄β€β™€οΈπŸ›΄
  12. The Lake District is both a National Park and a World Heritage Site... I live inside the park, and our only means of transport, other than driving, is the Barrow to Carlisle railway. It's slow- not electrified- and stops at every village, sometimes only two minutes apart. There are sea views much of the way, looking across to the Isle of Man and across the Border into Scotland. Once in the ancient city of Carlisle, built on Hadrian's wall, it's very simple to cross to a train on the opposite platform and continue the journey along the wall into Northumberland. We're at the wrong side-west- of the main attractions of the L D- it's much wilder and mainly populated by sheep. Many of our roads are single track, or over high passes. There is an excellent coach company called The Mountain Goat, based in Keswick and Windermere, which takes tiny buses into our region, stopping at many places of interest such as Roman or Viking monuments. Our main tourists are walkers and climbers- or people who really, really want to get away from it all! ☺️
  13. There was a glass viewing room on NCL Jade, too- an interesting room in any case, because there was a radar monitor and other devices; all the ports coats of arms, given on the ship's first visit, were on display.
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