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  1. Yes, I'll wish you luck.. we're almost at the end of our 3rd week of lock down, and it's not all been bad. Even our daily walk reveals a village much as it was 70 years or more back, without a vehicle in sight ( except for the police); people are falling over themselves to volunteer to help the elderly/underlying illnesses; the whole nation gathers outside their doors or hangs from the window of their flats on Thursday evening to clap the NHS and other carers; there's a general air of friendliness and care around. I hope the atmosphere is similar in Barbados. xx
  2. Oh, I don't know- even 60/70 years back, we had a house with an inside bathroom, and lots of local fun- especially when Wakefield Trinity had a match with Wigan! My working class parents made sure 2 sisters trained as nurses, then I went off to college at Scarborough to train as a teacher- and it was free!- I even had 2 grants a year for living expenses. I remember those years as being happy most of the time... apart from the odd ❤️ break, I was so contented with my lot.
  3. Ben Shaw's dandelion and burdock for us- was that Halifax? And dad liked his Tetley bitter... And Sheffield stout!... that was black "beer" mixed with lemonade- the miners drank it, because it looked like real beer in the glass.
  4. I'm not sure from Australia, but QM2 left East Africa- Durban - a couple of days ago and is due back in Southampton on April 16th. When some of my family emigrated to Oz on P&O's Canberra, in the 70s, it took 6 weeks.
  5. Yes- a mile as the seagull flies; bit longer by footpath. Sheep- Herdwicks, brought over by the Vikings- are down in the fields- they don't lamb for another 2 weeks because of living in the mountains... and are black when they're born. Local bobbies have been stopping cars containing 2 people... 🙄 ... so we go out on foot. Keep safe! x
  6. Maybe not the ship you're thinking of, but Queen Mary 2's passengers flew home from Australia from her World cruise, except for those unable to fly. She's been allowed to refuel in Durban, SA, and is heading home to the UK.
  7. If that's Viking Sea, she was heading to Gibraltar, but then I noticed she was anchored outside for a couple of days. I've just found her on marinetraffic, out of the Med, heading to Lisbon.
  8. John Bull- in the third week of lock down, it will be enough for us BOTH to be in the car together... and perhaps visit the nearest beach!
  9. I presume all passengers have left? So the crew are still on board... are the ships moving around for water reasons, like the Southampton ones? Tonight, Aurora, which was safely tucked up in Dover, is roaming the Channel...
  10. Kalos- we had a range like that- it was called a Yorkshire Range... and yes, parents did the same- a horrible tiled fireplace and the house never felt warm after that... no central heating for years. Visited a house in the 90s, where a trendy colleague lived, to see her latest find- they'd just installed a Yorkshire Range! 🤣
  11. Found Allure of the Seas... she's in the Bristol Channel, south west of Pembroke Dock. Her destination is still logged as Southampton, so perhaps she's disposing of grey water.
  12. The S'ton docks look pretty full, and Azura's coming along the Channel ready to dock there… I cannot find Allure OTS anywhere, because marinetraffic seems to break down when I ask. No room for both Britannia and Allure unless the Fred O ship moves out from Ocean Terminal.
  13. After the war, when rationing was tight, I remember my mum coming home, waving a tin and laughing: "I've got a tin of corned beef!". I was remembering this when I tried filling in my Tesco delivery in our first self-distancing week, and there was little to buy... then I shouted: "Yes! I've got a tin of corned beef!". 😁
  14. Plus Fred Olsen's Boudicca is due to dock in the UK ( no passengers) tomorrow; Viking Sea anchored off Gibraltar- I don't know whether there are passengers on board, or whether it's her anchorage for the season.
  15. I was watching Viking Sea heading north to Gibraltar last week, but I've spotted her anchored outside now for a couple of days. Does anyone know if she's not allowed to dock, or is just waiting for a slot? I see QM2 and MSC Orchestra are still waiting outside Durban. QM2 is on her world cruise; I'm not sure about Orchestra, because she used to overwinter in SA. Interesting shuffle around of ships in Southampton- Ventura and Queen Elizabeth went around the English Channel for a couple of days, but now are back in their original docks; Allure OTS and Britannia are now having a wander down the Channel. Is this for grey water reasons? Little Boudicca, which was allowed to dock in Cuba, and then passengers flew back to the UK in separate planes for sick/well, is now due to arrive in Southampton tomorrow.
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