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  1. Cruise Critic News mentions today that a 2nd MSC ship, Magnifica, has started an 11 day cruise, and that Grandiosa has completed 9 cruises so far.
  2. Carnival Co. does have 2 lines cruising already- Costa and Aida.
  3. gerryuk- this was dealt with by Cruise Critic, when RCI approached the UK admin. to see whether it would be possible for 18 year olds to have a waiver signed by a guardian. The reply was that an 18 year old was a full adult, so they didn't have a guardian. This was the beginning of all lines allowing 18 yrs to drink alcohol, except on cruises out of North America, which has different rules.
  4. Marine traffic AIS will show you the ships you're interested in; at present there are clusters in bays along the south coast of England, including HAL, RCI, Cunard, NCL, P&O and Marella. The ships are so popular that local boats are taking people out for a trip round the bay to see the cruise ships. There's also 5 ships in Rosyth, near Edinburgh- 3 Fred Olsen and the two HAL ships Fred has just bought. In Tilbury, near London, the ships of Cruise and Maritime are waiting to hear what their future is, also the 2 new ships owned by Saga.
  5. jocap

    TV Programme

    When I tried to film this, it said 10pm... anyway, the record button for the series has appeared! We were on Oceana in Barcelona when S OTS went out on her first cruise- and the weather was awful- terrible gales, which lasted for days. We kept catching up with Symphony in different ports, and wondered how many of those magnificent outside attractions were able to take place in those winds. We were more than happy to be inside for much of the sailing. It was that week when Azura broke her moorings in Civitavecchia.
  6. We've often noticed that there's two prices for ship's own tours, regardless of where they're visiting- I seem to remember that P&O's were £50 something for the full day, and £32 for a half day. It's difficult discovering what each line charges, but I've always wondered, since reading a review- perhaps on here- by a passenger on the budget line, Thomson (now Marella), who went from Aqaba to Petra with the ship's tour. A more up-market ship was also running that tour; all used similar coaches, had the same tour, guides etc... and the same hotel lunch. As he chatted to someone from the more expensive ship over lunch, he discovered that that ship charged £10 more for the identical trip. Maybe there was free champagne on the way home...
  7. I didn't forget that, especially as Hurtigruten had 4 cruises planned after the failed one, for UK/Irish people along the Irish Sea. I'm sure lessons were learnt, and I'm also sure that cruise line managers are closely watching every ship cruising right now, for hints- and lessons learnt.
  8. I noticed a headline somewhere today about Costa's 3rd ship sailing from Savona, and wondered how many ships are out there now? I think there's still the MSC and Mein Schiff 6, but am not sure whether Aida has started yet. It must mean that thousands of people have cruised now- I haven't heard of any illness on these ships. Has anyone more up to date news?
  9. I heard this on the radio headlines, but they didn't mention she was still in Germany- I suppose there's not enough room at Southampton yet- but I looked at several sites in case she'd had a water fountain procession up the Hamble... 😄
  10. I noticed her on AIS, when I was looking at the sad CVM ships tucked away at Tilbury.
  11. Lenny, we help to look after 2 small, old village churches (in England, most villages have a Church of England/Episcopal church ), which have small congregations. The rules are huge- no unnecessary talking, no singing, pews roped off etc. We have to provide a full box of masks and one of gloves, along with sanitiser and paper for names and addresses for tracing. So far, only one mask has been used, but we still have had to produce another completely full box...
  12. Not from my school days, but from when I was a Reception/Year 1 teacher. We shared equipment and sometimes children, with the school nursery next door, and the person who recognised me on board ship had been one of the nursery nurses there. It was around 20 years after I'd left, so we had a lot of catching up to do!
  13. We've bought some small nose guard sort of things from Amazon, which hold the mask just a fraction of a distance from your nose, and are supposed to help stop your glasses misting... I wore one for at least an hour, and it made a difference; OH said it didn't work for him. I don't know if they're worth you trying?
  14. We bought a fridge magnet of the ship we were on; remembered the conversations on cc about magnets and walls, so used it to keep tickets/special offers in view. That magnet has been on several cruises now, which can be embarrassing on different lines, but I doubt the steward is interested.
  15. It depends, Lenny... in winter, my husband who was raised in Africa, so loves the heat and swimming in warm water, wants to go to either the Caribbean or the Red Sea (where he learnt to dive). I'm ginger, hate heat and am not keen on sea swimming, so I enjoy the long cruise out from the UK and back again... We were going to cruise back in the Red Sea, but the UK had problems with one of the nations there, and as our ship had a massive Union Jack painted across her nose... 😮... that cruise didn't happen. We do look for different itineraries for summer and autumn, although we're happy to visit old favourites such as Lisbon or Malta on the way there.
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