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  1. I don't think we've been on a line without for more than 10-12 days, so no problems... we'd hand wash or use the laundry for emergencies (such as the chocolate sauce down OH'S dress shirt!) 😮
  2. I use the launderettes a lot on long cruises, as we probably pack for 10 to 12 days. If it's a winter Atlantic crossing, I wash the winter clothes around Madeira, and pack them away until we return, then wash the summer things around the Azores. 😄 We always hope for a dry, blowy day on our return, for the washing line to go out. Not a fan of dryers, but unfortunately they're needed in the UK's climate.
  3. I too think of a ferry as transport, usually including vehicles. But some lines, such as P&O Ferries (not P&O Cruise Line); Brittany Ferries etc advertise mini cruises... . for instance, sailing from Hull UK to Amsterdam overnight; an option for an excursion in Holland and then return to the ship in time for dinner and the sail out. Food is included, as is the cabin. I think many people would count these as cruising.
  4. Princess, Louis, P&O, NCL, Thomson/Marella, RCI, Fred Olsen. Lots of over night ferries from the UK to different ports on the Continent. But the best was 2 organised tours by coach, sleeping on board different Macbraynes ferries around the Scottish Islands... memories mainly of haggis, fresh salmon and the great choice of whisky on board. 😜
  5. "We Are Sailing" by Rod Stewart. We first sang this in Ventura's choir, 2011, on our return from Venice into the Atlantic, so the verse which said "Home again, across the sea" was quite poignant! And the Sailor's Hymn, "Eternal Father, Strong to Save", which always ends the Sunday worship on the cruise ships we use.
  6. As well as P&O, Marella and Fred Olsen are planning Caribbean cruises next winter, all being well. Marella seems that they might be using Jamaica for their home port; Fred O looks like Havana. The UK managed ships don't usually touch any part of the USA, including the islands, because of the visa regulations and immigration checks, for their weekly/fortnightly Caribbean cruises.
  7. All my life, in the UK, the usual tipping for a coach journey has been that someone will pass round a hat for tips- I still see this on local history or sightseeing journeys. I think that many Brits don't like tipping face to face, so passing the hat is a way out- and also for those who don't agree with tipping.
  8. I read on the news that a Fred Olsen ship has just finished the first UK sailing outside the British Isles , to Iceland and back again. I saw the ship moored in Akureyri on the web cams... today there were 2 in that port, Viking Venus and a Silvesea, which are doing seasons there.
  9. Friends brought a pet from Australia to the UK, and another friend brought one from an African country... in both cases they said that the paper work involved was enormous, and they couldn't have managed without specialist help.
  10. There are regulations for taking pets into European countries, including rabies inoculations if from a country where that exists. Friends have used specialist carriers to move animals by air, which included all checks and inoculations, plus kennelling before and after. Whilst expensive, it means the pet is looked after and passes immigration at the other end. I understand that this will take a few days, but will probably be less time than a Cunard crossing.
  11. We met an artist who paints pictures to be used in TV programmes- the actor adds a few brush strokes on camera. He painted a picture of the ship we were on, and added some cartoon characters of incidents we'd laughed over on board. It's now framed and on my sideboard.
  12. This is how we feel,... and if we cruise on Fred Olsen's old ship Balmoral, there's a bathtub included if you have a window in your cabin... What more could anyone want? 😄
  13. My relative was seated at a large table on Cunard's Queen Elizabeth, where there was a nervous young couple who were on their first cruise, and who were always afraid of getting something wrong. One night they were invited to the Captain's table, and afterwards they appeared to have grown an inch and were full of confidence about cruising! 🙂 And, of course, they booked their next Cunard cruise whilst they were on board...
  14. The 2 lines where we've been given assigned check-in times (RCI and P&O ) did it according to decks, eg Independence OT Seas, deck 8 check in was at 12.15; Ventura was 13.30 for deck 10, but 15.30 for deck 14. This might help with planning, if other lines use decks.
  15. I had no idea they were doing the return... I've found some repeats at 2.30am and booked the rest- thanks for that!
  16. An advert in the paper offered a door to ship cruise to the Caribbean. That meant no worries about transport, as the TA's staff picked us up and took us to the coach for Manchester airport. The line was Princess, which we'd not heard of... and then we remembered ... When we lived in Yorkshire, a local mill discovered a way of screen printing on fire-retardant linen. We all used to buy their seconds of fabrics from the mill. One day we read that the firm had landed a contract with a US cruise line called Princess, to refurbish all the fabrics on their ships. When we stepped on board Sea Princess, I recognised many of the curtains and bedspreads... Over the years the firm added more of Carnival's fleets to its books. I still have their blinds, and some curtains, one from the QE2, each with a slight slip from the screen printing.
  17. Then you're very welcome to a tot of rum in Whitehaven any time! 🙂
  18. True... there wasn't enough fuel to set the fleet alight, so they went to the local pub.... We have statues of J P J spiking the cannons around the harbour... Also in Whitehaven is the grave of George Washington's grandmother, and her slave Jane is buried with her... she married a local trader.
  19. I haven't read about any problems on the growing number of ships sailing from the UK, in fact everyone I read about on social media and elsewhere are full of praise for the staff and the cleanliness of the ships. The latest ship arriving in Southampton is Anthem OTS, due out later this week. I think that the small numbers being allowed on board will have helped; the numbers are to be increased shortly.
  20. No- we all have a murky history... My local town, Whitehaven, gave a pardon to the US Navy for attacking it in 1778, led by former Whitehaven sailor John Paul Jones. HM The Queen came and met with high ranking sailors, and the US Navy had the Freedom of the Town granted to it- I think the only ever recipient! We have an official - and welcome- visit by the Navy each year. No grudges.
  21. You'll have a good view of the Isle of Wight as you sail out of Southampton, and perhaps Cap Finistere when you've crossed the Bay of Biscay, then the far off coast of Spain. Lisbon is best viewed from on top of the ship, where you can watch everyone ducking their heads as you go under the bridge.... 😄
  22. The series was in 1998. I am wrong about the launch date- the maiden voyage shown was in 1996- they celebrate the New Year of 1997 in Wednesday's show.
  23. Oh, thank you for this- I wondered what had happened to the ship... and also Amanda Reid... she said she was a dancer on QE2 for years... so she's returned to Cunard. Very interesting. x
  24. The maiden voyage of Celebrity Galaxy, a massive ship with 2,000 pax in 1998... And the majority in evening dress- on the first night! 😮
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