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  1. Do you work for the CDC? LOL https://www.royalcaribbean.com/faq/questions/how-many-cruise-points-will-i-earn
  2. I have already sailed on Royal so I could go to Diamond as I described. 🙂
  3. So technically having only a single 3 day cruise under your belt would still classify you as a newbie. 😉
  4. So you might have to take a 3 day cruise beforehand but still pretty quick. Does the MGM partnership allow you get in C&A before any sailings? Also, if you sign up with the Loyalty Ambassador once you get on the ship are all the multipliers then active?
  5. A virus that the last CDC director believes escaped from a lab in Wuhan China. A virus that was then allowed to spread all over the world because of decisions made by several parties. A virus that has virtually no chance of causing mortality in people under 65 with no comorbidities. A virus that we know how to prevent ourselves from getting. So yeah, this IS on the CDC/HHS and the politicians. Did you see those clowns on TV last night sitting 6-10 feet away from each other and wearing masks when they are all fully vaccinated too. Political Theater by idiots.
  6. One 14 day cruise is 84 points (or 1 7 day B2B) 🙂
  7. Don't Diamonds still get that $300 balcony discount on future cruises? (or whatever that discount was) Don't they also get daily drink vouchers too?
  8. I looked at a 14 day transatlantic for $5300 for the solo suite. (that includes taxes, etc too) Very doable.
  9. With this current C&A point doubling promo going on it is technically possible to go from a newbie to a Diamond in the C&A in just ONE 14-day cruise in a suite as a solo. (or B2B 7 day cruises) Diamond Plus in just 5 7-day cruises or 4 7-day and 1 3-Day. So pretty quick Pinnacle possible in under 6 months That seems like it would add a lot more to the roster and dilute the exclusiveness
  10. Key West: A big long strip of bars and shops that end up at a marker claiming to be the Southern most point in the United States but it is actually not I miss anything?
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