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  1. Just a quick post for now. @StLouis Cruiser, glad you see the need for concern for your MIL for the 85 O2 reading. I cared for my DH for 3 years under Hospice guidance, and I knew if he was even at 87-88, that I had to "up" the O2 flow! Glad they got her back into the higher 90;s! She will be in my prayers for sure. Off to the Health Department shortly for my "jab" and when I get back will be on Standby for Red Cross. Have a great day.
  2. @durangoscots, yes,Mesa seems to have things together. I only registered my interest in the vaccine on 12/31! Confirmation email last week, and email for scheduling came today. Second dose will be scheduled when I go in for 1st shot. Hope La Plata gets it figured out soon. Ouray County is already doing 3 days a week.
  3. I just got the email from the county health department and am scheduled for my first shot on Friday morning. They will schedule 2nd shot at 1st appointment! And that is in rural Colorado.
  4. I guess I am celebrating "Dreams Come True" as I just finished the on-line scheduling for "the jab." I will be getting it on Friday morning. Giving myself a break, as I had a Dermatologist appointment today. Tomorrow is the lawyer to sign a re-written will! I was definitely a skeptic about ever getting the vaccine! I was in the liquor store today buying some wine. Didn't "spring" for any of the $$$ wines, but just went with my regular! Saw several that have been mentioned, so I am going to have to start making a list of some I would like to try. Can't decide between a tar an
  5. Good news, Father! Sending prayers for all new lockdowns (or semi-lockdowns). Heard a term the other day that seems appropriate—“COVID Fatigue.” Think people in some places are getting lax in behavior due to it.
  6. Good morning! Going to try posting in the a.m., and then reading throughout the day. Evening posting isn't working, as I never manage to get it done late in the day! @kazusending good thoughts for you and your Marley. Our beloved pets can cause so much worry. I am loving all the good news about "the jab." I got an email last night that I would be contacted for my appointment time for the first go round, so feel that is some progress. Travel shopping is where we all would like to indulge--either shopping FOR travel, or shopping WHILE traveling! That day will come
  7. I have done the partial transit twice, and loved it both times. Someday I will do the whole Canal. Seeing the workings is most fascinating. I would do it again in a heartbeat.
  8. I have been "missing" as a poster for about 2-3 days, and today's discussions finally got me to sign onto the laptop to post. Posting on the iPad is just too hard! I Love, Love, Love SB wine from NZ, and just got another name of a brand to try. Thank you! I really can't say what I have been doing, because I just don't know! For sure, it wasn't cleaning my oven--one of my cleaning girls does it once a month! LOL! And I won't comment on TV watching, or people traveling. So how is that for keeping opinions to myself! (Which is unusual for me, I might add.) Still wa
  9. Good Evening! Late to the party, and I really don't know why. Will miss the penguin pictures, but now Antartica is on my wish list for a cruise. And, I agree, none of us are on any sort of cruise at the moment. I should have been in Hawaii today! Copper, your pictures brought a tear to my eyes! I decided when I took my Christmas tree down that I would leave the Nativity sets up till Epiphany, so guess I have a job in store for tomorrow. Been continuing to work on the "facts and figures" that are at my disposal for anticipating getting my taxes done. Need all the forms to arr
  10. Happy Epiphany Sunday. Was a beautiful celebration today at Mass. I consider myself so fortunate that we are able to attend church services in our County, as the various denominations adhere to certain standards for cleaning after services, etc. My lost luggage story is not one of Lost, but stolen! We arrived in Skyharbor in Phoenix to absolutely zero of the 3 bags that my DH and I had for a three week trip to Hawaii. Two weeks in a hotel, and one on the inter-island cruise throughout the state. Turns out there was a "ring" (actually a couple), who were stealing luggage from t
  11. I am one of the arrivals, it, thankfully, the ship has t left yet! I spent today clearing the filing cabinet and organizing in preparation for getting the taxes done. This has been my routine for years because we always spent about 3 weeks of January in Hawaii. Of course that trip is not happening in 2021. Such beautiful pictures of beloved cats. Know they are loved so much. I also am enjoying the travel and ship photos. Thanks. Continued prayers for those in need, and hooray for those celebrating. Have a great evening
  12. I am so late, that my only comments HAPPY NEW YEAR and Welcome to all our new friends!
  13. Many thanks to all for making this a “Go To” place. I think all the beautiful sunrises, sunsets, flowers, travel, and pet pictures bring smiles to all! I have learned about new places to visit, wines, drinks, and menus that have made me want to experience many in person. For all of the messiness of 2020, I feel we should all be happy for The Daily. 2021 should hopefully bring “The Jab” so that we can hopefully meet on a blue hulled beauty. HAPPY NEW YEAR.
  14. I am now registered for the vaccine! Don’t know the timeline for the call from the County, but it is a relief to get the first step done.
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