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  1. This is a photo book that Celebrity offers, for my cruise date it was on sale for $100.00. When I called Celebrity they said you get to choose 34 pictures that have been taken during your time on the ship. You pick them out on the last day of the cruise and then they mail the photo Album with the pictures you have chosen in approximately 6 weeks. What they can't tell me is what size the pictures will be.
  2. Thank you Jim_lain, I did call Celebrity and ask the size of the photo book, she couldn't tell me, she did say you get to choose 34 pictures and it takes 6 to 8 weeks to de delivered. When I said you must have some way of telling what size they are, she said well maybe 6 by 9. That didn't seem right to me, that is why I asked. Again thank you, hope the pictures are 8 by 10!!!
  3. If you have purchased the photo book, please tell me what size are the pictures. It says you get to choose 34 pictures but it doesn't say what size they are. Thank You, Carlotta
  4. Would very much appreciate recommendations on what you have done in Alicante. Thank you, Carlotta
  5. Thank you, that was very helpful!!!!!
  6. Thank you, I understand now what you mean!!!
  7. Of the four dinning rooms on the Edge and {soon on the Apex} which is your favorite and why. Will be sailing on the Apex and want to start making dinner reservations. Thank you for the help. Carlotta
  8. Wondering if anyone has used City Wonders Tour Company in Paris? Have never been to Paris and looking at so many options. Would value any recommendations. Thank you, Carlotta
  9. Would love to hear your thoughts on the Crown Princess, sailed on her many years ago. Looking at another one I would like to take, but have read some very negative reviews. Thank you for any help!!!
  10. Thank you so much for your answer, we have been on the Crown but many years ago. Have not been on Princess for a long time. Lot of Holland America, Celebrity and Royal Caribbean. And most of the time on the New ships. But really liked some of the iteniaries Princess had out of Southampton. Just wondering what had changed.
  11. Would love to know your thoughts on the Crown Princess, some of the reviews sound so negative. Thank you for any insight, Carlotta
  12. Does International Friends do a 4 day pre-cruise tour in November? I thought I read somewhere they only did it through October. Hoping that is not true. If so can you recommend a company that does that? Many thanks, Carlotta
  13. Many thanks, for helping me make a decision!!!!!
  14. Thank you, that was what I was looking for, someone who could recommend them!!!! Anything else you could share about them, I would love to hear!!!!
  15. Thank you so much for your replies!! We are coming in the day before and have an 8 hour tour with Barcelona Day tours. So hoping and praying we can sleep on the plane. Don't know when we would be able to come back to Barcelona, so trying to pack as much as we can into the time we have. The next day we have earlier entrance into Sagrada Familia, so looking for for someone to take us to the church, come back to the hotel get our luggage and take us to the port. Welcome pick-up said they would do this for 195 euros. Which is a lot, but trying to make it as easy as possible at our age. So I just wanted to know if any fellow cruisers has used them before, and if they were pleased.
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