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  1. Thanks for the link to that post. I noticed that it referred to breakfast and I'm wondering if it's the same for dinner? I'm thinking that they might allow it at breakfast because there's only one dining room that's open at that time and there isn't enough space to separate everyone.
  2. I would be happy to wait 40 days or however long it takes to get solo information. Are your cruises on Princess and another cruise line, or are they both on Princess?
  3. I haven't tried booking anything lately. I've been sailing with Princess for my last three cruises, but I don't relish the idea of having to eat all my meals by myself (I believe they will seat you by yourself in the dining room, but no table sharing with strangers) or not being able to join a trivia team. Does anyone know the dining and social distancing policies for the mainstream and "premium" cruise lines? (Luxury isn't in my budget.)
  4. I wasn't aware that there was an outlet behind the bed. Is this on all the Princess ships, or just the newer ones? And would I need an adapter because the outlet is for European plugs?
  5. What do you do if your machine is too big to fit on the bedside table due to the positioning of the lamp and the vanity is too far away? For my first Princess cruise on the Royal I had a deluxe balcony and the cabin steward had to bridge the gap between the bed and the loveseat with a book and I was able to place it there and use my machine that way, and my two subsequent cruises were in standard balcony cabins where I could just put it on the vanity, but I was wondering what to do if I ever wanted to book and inside cabin where everything else was nowhere near the bed? Has anyone else run into this and found another workaround?
  6. I've only sailed on standard balcony rooms on both lines. Definitely roomier on HAL. Tiny showers on Princess. On Princess I like that the closet is set off from the cabin itself and you don't have to worry about getting whacked by a closet door on your way to the bathroom. (I do hang a lot of clothes, so I appreciate not having to squeeze them into two fairly narrow "wardrobes" (for lack of a better word). Anyway, there are tradeoffs all around!
  7. Either 1:00 or 3:00 right at tea time! 🙄 I've been on Princess for my last three cruises. There was definitely more to do, both daytime and evening, and I do like that they give solo cruisers double cruise credits since we have to pay double. The availability and variety of food is also slightly better than HAL. However, HAL's cabins (except for the closets -- Princess has one long hanging bar) are definitely roomier and the food quality is just a bit better. I'm going to pay attention to feedback once cruising starts up again to see if activities have improved enough for me to give HAL another shot.
  8. LOL, I didn't think it was! I was just saying that that's the only way my particular circumstances could improve on such a large scale. I did see those two particular Ohioans. And to think -- Many of us didn't need additional incentives other than "I don't want to catch Covid and die"! (Or "I want to travel".)
  9. Maybe I'll start playing the lottery. That's the only monetary life changing event I could ever imagine happening to me! 🤑
  10. Good that you're able to do so! 😃 I would probably love it too ... My finances, not so much! (That is, unless I found an incredible bargain.)
  11. Just curious -- Have you ever gone back to the mainstream lines, or have you permanently "moved on up"? I know you used to sail Celebrity quite a bit.
  12. I used to hang out in the old piano bar at night after the early mainstage show ended. You could usually count on lots of singing along and other fun interaction, which was ideal for me as a solo cruiser. Now it seems like it's limited to choosing which music you want to just sit and listen to night after night ("lather, rinse, repeat"). Is that pretty accurate? (I also used to hate that daytime trivia was scheduled smack dab in the middle of lunch at 1:00, but that's another story.)
  13. Thanks again. Westerdam was my first HAL ship!
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