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  1. Is this so? I thought the margin was even thinner than that. - Joel
  2. I have sailed both lines and have liked both, prefer Celebrity but liked HAL too. On my first HAL cruise, I wrote a live trip report, and ended with these comments to explicitly compare and contrast HAL and Celebrity: - Joel
  3. Thanks! Your post gave me the excuse to re-read the whole thread. Was like being back on the trip. Interesting how much has changed now in our every day lives that we can't do but that we could do then, just months ago. Hoping to have that kind of access, freedom,and travel-ability again soon. - Joel
  4. Strongly agree. We will figure out how to move on, as we have these past weeks / months with the challenges of these weeks / months. One day at a time, handling each day, we make the best decisions we can, and advance. String enough days together and its next month. Next season. Next year. We have so many possibilities. There are so many variables we can tweak and adjust. We humans are a resilient species. We have loved cruising because there is a lot to love about it. Even if it is cruising 2.0, when the day comes, it will still have a lot to love. And, we will love it. Until that day, - Joel
  5. Wow. This will devastate Ketchikan, Sitka, etc. Will there be anything left of these towns in 2021? - Joel
  6. I'll sit on the bar on the aft of the ship, pull up a chair facing the wake, and chill watching the water trail behind me. I'll read or sit or sip and just chill. - Joel
  7. I kinda agree with this. You have to make the best call you can with the information you have at that moment. We need not to be beating ourselves up over what we each have done about all this up till now. We are here, and this is now. So, how do we manage today, and how do we move forward as best we can, with what we have to work with, to plan for tomorrow. - Joel
  8. A few years ago, the formula was changed to the current one. The change took effect at a specific date and time. The night before I went to bed svelte, then woke up the next morning obese. Very depressing day. - Joel
  9. It is. Hang on everyone ... - Joel
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