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  1. stjude95

    Dailies for Spirit

    Does anyone have currect "dailies" they can post for the Norwegian Spirit?
  2. stjude95

    Can SODA be carried onboard?

    Should I just put a luggage take on a 12 pack?
  3. Can you carry soda on NCL Spirit?
  4. [quote name='akcattani']We just got back from that cruise 3 days ago. Others on our ship did the tour your talking about. The Resort was said to be absolutely beautiful. The Trolly ride was originally part of our excursion but we canceled it after others told us it wasnt worth it. Hope this helps.[/quote] Thanks for the info!
  5. [B][/B]I'm leaving on NCL in less than a month. Has anyone been on either of these excursions? Are they worth it? How's the beach at the Amatique Resort? THANKS!
  6. [B][/B]Has anyone been on these? We're leaving on NCL in less than a month and I'm trying to figure out the excursions. Do you think it would be possible to even take both, as one is 1 hour and one if for 4 hours? THANKS!
  7. stjude95

    Belize "Beach Break"

    [quote name='jcjky']You might be thinking of Guatemala where the port is in a bay. In Belize the beaches are out on the islands and the water is clear.[/quote] True. Have you been to Santo Tomas De Castilla? I'm trying to decide between the NCL excursion of BEACH AT AMATIQUE BAY RESORT and LAS ESCOBAS WATERFALL VOYAGE. I've posted the following questions on both Belize and Guatemala website, but haven't received any hits. Just curious how much walking on waterfall voyage and how much time you get to swim and how the beach is at the resort?
  8. stjude95

    Belize "Beach Break"

    Most of the messages I have seen regarding the water at Belize beaches is that it is murky and dirty looking. How did this water look?
  9. stjude95

    Belize "Beach Break"

    Most of the messages I have seen regarding the water at Belize beaches is that it is murky and dirty looking. How did this water look?
  10. stjude95

    Las Escobas Waterfall Voyage excursion

    What cruise ship were you on? Exactly what "Tour with Gus" did you take - just the waterfall tour or the waterfall and city voyage tour? How long did you have to walk to get to the falls? How long did you get to stay and swim there? Were there mosquitos? How long did you get to stay at the Green Bay Resort? What time did the tour leave the port? Was there a place to purchase food? I couldn't find any of this info on their website. I would be greatful if you could furnish these details.
  11. stjude95

    NCL Spirit

    Going on March '09 cruise out of New Orleans. Went on the NCL Sun out of New Orleans Jan. '07 for my 1st cruise and really enjoyed it. Going to 2 ports I've never been to this time Belize City and Santo Tomas De Castilla, in addition to Cozumel and Costa Maya. Just wondering about the following excursions booked through NCL and if you have any info - Belize - Altun Ha and the Olde Belize River (worth it, rough, etc.) River Safari & Caves & Beach (worth it, rough, etc.) Land Rover Jungle Tour (worth it, rough, etc.) Beach Break (worth it, rough, etc.) Santo Tomas De Castilla - Beach at Amatique Bay Resort (how was the water, etc.) Las Escobas Waterfall Voyage (worth it, how long did you get to swim, etc.) THANKS!
  12. Going on NCL cruise in March '09. Has anyone been on the above excursion in Santo Tomas De Castilla and booked it from the ship? Just wondering how long you get to swim at the falls, is it worth it, etc. Details please. THANKS!
  13. Going on a NCL cruise March '09. Has anyone been on this $64 excursion? How's the beach, water, food, etc. Thanks for any and all details you can provide.
  14. stjude95

    Amatique Bay

    Did you find a waterfall/Amatique Bay excursion anywhere other than through your ship? If so, who, where, how much? I would like to go to the beach, but also see the waterfalls. How long did you stay at the falls? I'm going on NCL cruise in March '09.
  15. stjude95

    norwegian cruise lines spirit

    Was the Amatique Bay Resort worth going on an excursion to?