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  1. I agree that an outlet strip or multi-tap adapter is essential, but ones with surge protectors are prohibited for safety reasons. Please bring one without a surge protector to be safe. There is a fairly long technical explanation at the link below.
  2. All good ideas, except the surge protector. Surge protectors are not safe on the ship because of the way the electrical system works and can actually cause a fire. They are on the list off things that Carnival (and other cruiser lines) prohibit. https://help.carnival.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/2822/~/electric-outlets
  3. Thanks for the info and pictures! We are on the same itinerary on the Horizon in December. What night was the white party?
  4. We'll be there on the same day on the Carnival Horizon! Still not sure what we are planning.
  5. Good to hear, Mike! We'll be in 2306 on the Horizon in December!
  6. How crowded was it when you booked through Royal, Alexmom? We're on the Horizon (Dec 1st) and I am still thinking about what we want to do, but we've only done two ship excursions and both were way over crowded.
  7. Yep. I set a reminder on my phone for 6am on the day when we were 90 days out (I get up at 6) so I wouldn't forget. We ended up with an 11am arrival time.
  8. Has anyone been to GT recently and can confirm that the rental shack is still there? We bring our own masks and snorkels, but typically rent fins or use the ones provided on an excursion.
  9. We loved ours on the Breeze and have another one booked on the Horizon in December!
  10. We loved Ropa Vieja Grill and plan on going back in December!
  11. It's been a few years since we were there, but we went to a bar right at the pier entrance that had $1 Carib beers :D:D
  12. Has anyone gone recently? Tabprincess? PA247? Buehler? :-D
  13. We went with them in 2013 and had a great day, but things may have changed since then!
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