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  1. This will be our first river cruise. We are booked on a Viking River cruise in June, Amsterdam to Basel. If a lot of people take up Viking's offer to cancel their cruise (for future cruise credit), would they operate the ship at half capacity?
  2. I'm not one to complain or comment on CC. I use this site to get information and feedback from other cruisers. I use Trip Advisor also for the same reason but I rarely post anything. Usually a question if I do.
  3. I stand by that number. I've never been on a tender that accommodated any where near what this one did. It took forever to load and offload.
  4. We had 4 perks including the dining package. She was insistent that only one app, entree and desert.
  5. Thanks to everyone for the feedback. I appreciate the comments and information. I did not know about the dock problem at Harvest Caye. As far as the drink package, we had the beverage package included but my beef was that with the $99 quoted value that at minimum it should include water and specialty coffees. The beverage package is less on RCCL and includes those items and you are also allowed to bring water onboard as well as 2 bottles of wine per stateroom at no charge. I'm not saying that we will never cruise NCL again but we will definitely be looking at other options. We enjoyed our cruise but there are options. Thanks again for your feedback.
  6. Just got off the NCL Getaway on a 9 day cruise. My wife and I have done 30+ cruises on multiple cruise lines but more NCL cruises recently. Here are a few beefs regarding NCL: -very disappointed with food quality in main dining room -the $99 (plus gratuity) Beverage Package doesn't include water or cappuccino -no longer allowed to bring water on board or wine (corkage fee) -they chose to tender to their private island in Harvest Caye that offers no food or do not allow you to use your beverage package (if they docked, most people would go back to ship for lunch and drinks, so your stuck paying on their property) -they tell you it's a 5 minute tender to the island then load you on a tender that holds 500 people, so by the time you board and disembark, you've wasted half hour or more (and once on the tender the first thing you hear is a request for a tip) -the specialty restaurants were excellent but the up charges were excessive (it was emphasized by our waitress at Le Bistro that you only get one appetizer, one entree and one desert. So when I asked about ordering the soup and a salad, she told me their would be an up charge) We enjoyed the entertainment on the cruise and the ports but we will probably be looking at Royal Caribbean or Celebrity in the future. Would like to hear if others feel like we do or are we being too critical. Thanks!
  7. That's too bad. Thanks for the quick response.
  8. We are looking at booking a 9 night cruise out of New Orleans in February. It includes 4 specialty restaurants in the Free at Sea package. Has anyone ever looked into buying an additional specialty dining night (5 in total)? I see the price difference if you bought the dining package separately is only $15 to go from 4 to 5. Any help would be appreciated.
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