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  1. Thanks for the replies. Such great information to be found here!
  2. Using train/metro and bus 25 or 27 to get to port for cruise and return to airport after cruise. Any issue with taking luggage on the bus?
  3. Any internet package discounts on the first day on board? If so, can OBC be used for this?
  4. Thanks for the replies, GradUT and Danish Viking! Just checked, and prices for May have really gone up since we booked at the Wakeup Bernstorffsgade. Can this hotel be reached by Metro system or is it best to take the train?
  5. Yes it opened in early november.  According to TripAdvisor they have a 3,5 rating, the same as the hotel on Carsten Niebuhrs gade.  The hotel on Borgergade gets 4 or 4,1 so that one is a little bit better.  The reviews seems to be okay, there is a few bad but it seems like they just had a bad experience. 
  6. We are booked for one night pre-cruise at the Wakeup Bernstorffsgade in May. Price was right, and it looks to be a good location. Is that the one you refer to in your post? We think it just opened this fall. Is that correct? Any reviews from those that have stayed there would be appreciated. Would also appreciate detailed directions for public transportation from airport to hotel, and also from hotel to cruise port.
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